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5 Performence Objective of Toyota

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Operation Management Assignment

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Table of contents:||||| 1.0| Introduction||||| 2.0| Operations Management||||| 3.0| Toyota Production System (TPS c ) |||| | 4.0| Just in Time Inventory Management||||| 5.0| Lean Manufacturing||||| 6.0| Supply Chain Management||||| 7.0| Conclusion||||| References|||||

1.0 Introduction

The success of Toyota Motor Company is due to the unique reduction systems that focus on continuous improvement and just in time management. Toyota has created a decentralised structure that encourages employee participation and team working. Toyota incorporated concepts just as supply chain management and inventory management to create high quality automobiles and gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive global automobile market. Toyota’s success and its lean manufacturing philosophy have been widely studied. The Toyota manufacturing system is centred on achieving a high level of productivity. The company has a unique approach to problem solving and it continuously trains its employees.

The Toyota Production Systems is based on the lean manufacturing philosophy that seeks to minimize wastages and centres on cost reduction. The Toyota manufacturing philosophy emphasises on quality management through a process of continuous improvement. This report looks at how Toyota created its manufacturing system and the role of operation management techniques to enhance efficiency. This report examines the production processes and philosophy and Toyota to assess how the company has achieved a competitive advantage globally. The lean manufacturing philosophy pioneered by Toyota has become a benchmark for all manufacturing companies around the world. The lean manufacturing philosophy includes concepts such as customer relations, product design,…...

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