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5 Question Assessments

Chronological Life Events

• Ms. Shelly Skelton DOB 10/26/1985 Mother (PARAN) • Anthony Flores DOB 07/16/2002 Son (PIR) • Madison Flores DOB 07/17/2008 Daughter (PIR) • Family does not have any prior history with JCDHR, or any other county. • A report can in concerning the safety and well being of the children. The report stated that there is no working power, and the home is dirty. Also stated that there is a pit bull that use for fighting, and the dog poops all over the porch, and it’s rarely cleaned up. The report stated that Anthony is known for wearing dirty clothes to school, the mother Ms. Skelton is a “pill head” that abuses loratabs, opiates, and methadone. The report stated that Ms. Skelton allows her sister to smoke meth in the back room of the home, and that Ms. Skelton slaps and yells at Madison. The report also stated that there is never any food in the home for the children.

Area of Concern

• The safety of the children. • The potential for future maltreatment as it relates to no food in the home, no working power, and the house being excessively dirty. • The children not having food. • Anthony going to school dirty. • Ms. Skelton not performing parental duties and responsibilities. • Living arrangements seriously endanger a child’s physical health.

Potential Team Members/Projected Outcome

• Social worker • Social worker supervisor • Ms. Shelly Skelton • Anthony Flores • Madison Flores • Remain in the home.

Strengths/protective Capacities

• Family support • Protective capacity by mother and Father


• Is the power on, are has it been off recently. • Does Anthony go to school with dirty clothing? • Observed to see if the house appears to be dirty. • Ask about the drug use with mother and…...

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