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52 Things I Love About You

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52 things I love about you

1. You make me happy
2. You always say what's on your mind. That's your personality basically.
3. The way you look at me.
4. The way you kiss me.
5. The way you smile at me.
6. The way you please me. That happy face knowing you enjoy yourself.
7. The way you respect me.
8. The way you look when I please you.
9. The pictures of you.
10. The videos of you.
**11. The effort you make to keep us together
12. the effort you make to come see me.
13. The effort you reply my texts.
14. The effort in making those videos and posing in pictures :)
15. The way you treasure me.
16. Our little adventures around Vancouver hehe
17. Our makeout sessions
18. Our time in your car :)
19. Your texts before we met.
20. Your texts after we met.
21. Our first meet up to metrotown.
22. Our second meet up to downtown
23. Our third meet up to Granville island and the beach!
24. Our pictures together even though it was only a few!
25. Our Skype cam sessions.
26. Our tumblr messages when we first started talking hehe
27. Bubble tea at dragon ball
28. The first time you held my hand at toysrus while I tried the mini skateboard
29. Our kitty talk.
30. Our hashtag conversations
31. Being a hashtag couple with you and making it our thing
32. Our first kiss
33. The crazy things we do...
34. Our first's
35. You accidentally hitting me on the head with a hockey stick at the store, sportchek, but love you for kissing it better!
36. Being my babe
37. Your midnight texts heheh we just night owls
38. ***your love
39. . Even though it might not be because of me, Seeing you happy is already something I love about you.
40. Your sweetness and generosity for a hobo at city square. You bought him beer! Babe I'm just thankful to be by your side even tho I think buying him a doughnut is better.
41. You taking stalker pictures of me eating at cafe copa on our first me. Although i don't like people taking those eating pics,,,, lol you already secretly took it haha.
$&$$$$42. Your hugs/cuddles
43. The way you make me get butterflies. ... I know you're someone special if you can always give butterflies like a first love :) I'll always treasure that.
**44. You wanting me
***45. You wanting a future for us
$$$&$$46. You giving me everything I want and everything you want us to be
47. Your respect for me and our future .... If one day we are not together, we both promise to still stay good friends and yeah... I can def do that and glad you are so caring about us. I'll keep you in my heart as Winnie the pooh once said... Because you are one hella awesome guy I don't ever want to lose in my life. I bet everything on it.
48. Your naughtiness :)

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