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Assignment 1 – Understanding Retail

M1) Compare the function of formats and locations in retailing

|Retail format and location |Function performed |Reason for choice of location |Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Shopping village: |They are a shopping centre|A shopping village receives a |Shopping villages such as |Shopping village such as bichester |
|Bicester Village |that has a range of |lot of customers due to the |bichester villages have a |village has a big weakness as it is |
| |designer stores. |different variety of branded |great advantage as they a |located in a far place rather then a |
| | |stores with an affordable price|village full of branded |local area which means customers will|
| | |compared to other areas. |stores with a good discount |need to travel in order to get to the|
| | | |rate This makes customers |shopping village. Also it is more |
| | | |feel more happy and is |difficult to find good service as all|
| | | |willing to spend more money |employers will be busy serving other |
| | | |in a shopping village rather |customers as shopping villages are |
| | | |then a normal branded shop |mainly a busy area....

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