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With the advances in technology and increasing popularity in computers and global connects just about anything a person can image can be found on the internet. There are some things that have been popular in the last couple of years on the internet.

Social media has become increasing popular over the last couple of years. These sites allow a person to stay connected with their friends and family. They can even meet new people from all around the world. Social media sites allow a person to share their thoughts on topics, post their personal pictures, and stay connected with others. Businesses are even finding these sites useful to share information with their customers and as a new means of advertising.

The internet allows a person that is busy to continue their information from their home computer. There are many college programs that allow a student to study from home. A professor develops the requirements for the course and the student submits their work. All communication is done over email or discussion boards. Schools are even being set up where high school or primary grade students can receive their education over the internet.

Shopping over the internet has become a popular activity. All of the large retailers have website where a person can buy their merchandise. There are many stores that have become popular just be selling over the internet. Auctions sites have gained popularity for people looking for their products at a discount. Paying for items over the internet has become secure. A person can use their credit or debt card to make the...

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