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* It all starts with a girl named Jane. She’s a 18 year old girl who’s sweet, nice, shy, fun, and smart. She lives in Napa, California. She’s always wanted to go to Australia and this summer she is. Jane has had her suit case packed for weeks and the day has finally come for her to go to Australia. “Janie! It’s time to go c’mon!” Jane’s mom called from downstairs. “Coming mom!” She replied running down with her suit case. “You ready to go sweetie?” Her father asked her. Jane nodded and they headed out to the car. Her father started the car and they drove to the airport. Once they all carried their luggage out of the car and headed towards the gate, they found their seats and sat down. Jane fell asleep for the 14 hour flight to Australia. * * “Jane, wake up sweetie we’re here” Her mother shook her awake. “I’m up, I’m up.” Jane said rubbing her eyes and blinking them open. She looked up at her parents and smiled, “Alright, let’s go explore Australia!” She jumped out of her seat and grabbed her luggage. Her parents laughed and followed behind her as Jane skipped off the plane. * * When they got to the hotel Jane rushed towards the door and said, “I’m going to go explore for a little while. I’ll call if I need you.”, “Alright just be safe!” Her mother called out as she walked out the door. “I will!” She yelled back. When Jane got into the elevator and finally got down into the lobby she accidently bumped into someone. “Oh gosh I’m so s-“ She looked up at the person she had bumped into. It was Ashton Irwin from her favorite band 5 Seconds Of Summer. “It’s alright, I wasn’t paying attention anyway.” He said smiling. “Y-You’re Ashton… Ashton Irwin…” She said trying to stay cool. He nodded and said, “Yup, last time I checked I was.” He chuckled. She laughed and said, “Sorry I’m just a big fan.”, “It’s fine. Really. So, what’s your name?”, “The name is Jane.” She replied. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Jane.” Then someone jumped on Ashton. “Oi! Get off me mate!” He said. Luke got off him and started laughing. He looked over at Jane then Ashton, “Who’s the girl?” He asked. “The girls name is Jane and she’s a fan.” * * Jane smiled and waved at Luke. “Well don’t just stand there give me a hug silly.” He laughed and brought Jane into a hug. Then Ashton joined in. Apparently Calum and Michael were watching, because they ran over joining in on the group hug. “Someone pinch me this is a wonderful dream.” She said, and the guys laughed. “Well it’s not a dream love, it’s the real thing.” Ashton said. “Hey, I’ll race you guys to the pool.” Luke said. “You sure? I’m a pretty fast runner.” Jane said. “It’s on.” Luke and Jane ran to the pool with the guys following closely behind.

Luke jumped into the pool and Jane stopped at the edge laughing. Ashton accidentally bumped into Jane causing her to follow in the pool. She swam up to the surface

"Darn you Ashton Irwin." She says laughing.

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