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5th Grade Bites

“Treat others the way you want to be treated.” exclaimed Dr. McCammon our school principal. “Don’t be mean to somebody unless you want them to treat you like that.” “The school-wide no bullying assembly didn’t last much longer than that.” I said to my mom as we were preparing to eat dinner. As we bustled around the kitchen singing and laughing, my mother said, “Listen to what they tell you. Be the good little daughter that I raised you to be. If someone is mean to you, turn the other cheek, be the bigger person. Please try not to get into fights at school, you don’t need those kinds of problems.” “I won’t I promise.” I reassured her as we sat down to eat. Tomorrow was my second day of school, I guess you can say first because today was a half day. I was really nervous, we had only introduced ourselves to our homeroom class and I didn’t know anybody. Sure the occasional familiar face from the past years but none of my friends were here with me. Last year was truly awful and I was praying, hoping, and wishing that my year would turn out to be good. As I lie down in my bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about how truly terrible 4th grade was. So many lies and betrayals. “This year will be different,” I reassure myself. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” kept floating through my mind. “Be good my little darling, be good.” My mothers words swarmed through my head like flies darting to the nearest source of water. The last thing I remember is be good.... As I drift off into pure nothingness. Riiiiiinnnggg!!!!! Bzzzzzz!!!! Ugh! That terrible noise must mean only one thing, school. As I reluctantly got dressed and did my hair, my mother dashes into my room like she just won a marathon screaming at the top of her lungs, “Wake up! Wake up! School is today! School is today!!” The rest of the morning was a total blur, I can’t even remember putting on my backpack. Next June wasn’t going to come soon enough... “Good morning! Welcome to my fabulous class! I’m Mrs. Provencher and I’m totally thrilled to see all of your beautiful faces on the wonderful Tuesday morning! 6th graders, I’m pleased to see your sun-shiny faces again, and new 5th graders, welcome welcome! Don’t worry we don’t bite. Take a seat and we’ll get started.” Mrs. Provencher sing-songed. Although I’d rather be anywhere but school, I think I might like this teacher. Social Studies came after that. We actually switched rooms this time! I met my teacher Mrs. Dunlevy and instantly knew I was going to love her. She made American History really come alive and made it exciting to learn. After that was language arts. There was nothing exciting, but then there was math. The worst subject in the world. I only knew a few kids, some I’ve known since 2nd grade. Suddenly this girl plops down next to me and starts talking to me. “Hello there.” she exclaims. “I’m Skylar.” “I’m Alex.” I say nervously. “I think we could be great friends.” She says with a mischievous grin. What did that grin mean?? Was she just joking around? Was she not? Nah, she was probably just kidding. I have nothing to worry about. As I walked through the hallway on my way to lunch the next day, Skylar comes and follows me. “Where are you going?!” She demanded. “To lunch,” I say nonchalantly. What was her problem today? Did she fall off her bed and hit her head? Did she get an F in Language? Whatever it was, she was taking it out on me. “No you’re not! You’re staying inside and doing MY job of the week for me so I don’t have to do it.” She insisted. “That’s your responsibility Skylar, I shouldn’t have to do that for you.” I explain. “Well whatever, consider us DONE!! You are no longer aloud to talk or call or hang out with me EVER AGAIN!!!” She wailed and slammed the door with such ferocity that I thought I heard the door cry and yelp out in pain. What had just happened? I replay the whole situation in my head and realize I merely told her that I shouldn’t have to do her job for her. I mean, we weren’t even in the same class. Should I have have just done the job? No, I shouldn’t have to do that for her. My stomach churns and does flips inside of me letting me know that I’m scared. Oh she’ll get over soon enough. Boy was I way way way wrong. The constant ignoring, calling me names, and making me look dumb starts. In every class we have together, especially math, she says mean comments about me to her friends and kicks me under the table. Boy I wanted to lunge at her like a wild hyena and knock some sense into her, but of course, I remember what I learned at the beginning of the school year and turn the other cheek. It gets worse. Every time she sees or even looks in my direction, she mocks me or makes a face. When she sees me in the halls. She ‘ll kick me or punch me until she is completely satisfied. I was afraid to go to lunch, recess or even go to school for fear of what she’d do to me. I hid in the bathroom and cried until lunch and recess was over. “See you in math.” She gives me a wicked grin and parades off into the building. Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. What am I going to do? I can’t take another day of this torture. I wonder if I go to the bathroom and fake being, sick, I can go home to my loving mother and father. I for sure cannot under any circumstances tell my teacher. I would be killed for sure. That’s how my afternoons went, day after day after day. Until finally, something happened. “Alex, I have seen your grades in math, and they are quite amazing. 100% on every test, that’s truly remarkable. I am very proud of your grades, although I do feel like you’re not being challenged enough. Do you think you would be better suited in 7th grade math instead of 6th?” “Yes yes yes yes yes!!” I wail. Finally, the one thing I wished would happen, happened! I wrap my arms around my teacher, “Thank you so much!” I say hysterically. Math will be good on Monday. My weekend was truly wonderful after that. I couldn’t wait for math! But as I walk into the door and hear that creepily familiar voice. I tense up and I cant move. I’m frozen. I had just walked into the perfect trap. “Oh ALLLLLEEEEXXXXXX!!” Skylar screeches like a crazy person. “Come sit by me.” “I think I’ll sit right over here.” I say in a barely audible whisper. So what does she do? She comes and sits right next to me. Then, I notice something in her hand, it was a stapler. She held it like a soldier holds his perfect stance. She was in for the kill today. I look around frantically trying to catch anyone’s attention but the 6th graders were too busy talking about crushes and how our teachers smell like cigarettes. I look around for the teacher but she is no where to be seen. Where had she gone? Why isn’t she here?!!?! As Skylar goes in for my face, I freeze, totally freaking out. “NOOOOOOO!!” I scream at the top of my lungs. Everybody froze, even Skylar. She had no idea what had just happened just like I did. I backed away and darted out the door. I found Mrs. Provencher talking to our principal right outside our door. She had seen the whole thing go down through our tiny window. “Class, take a seat, NOW and Skylar, get out here this minute!” I have never seen Mrs. Provencher yell like that before. She had smoke coming out of her ears. After that, Skylar got into really big trouble with Mrs. Provencher and our principal. She was moved out of my class and couldn’t be anywhere near me. She never picked on me again. The rest of my year was truly fun. I was really sad when it was over.

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