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PREFACE I CAPITULATE 1. "To act as if". IF YOU ACT AS A THINKER YOU BECOME O N E I capitulate 2. Putting a hat. VERY DELIBERATE PROCESS CHAPTER 3. Intention and performance I CAPITULATE 4. To represent a paper. VACATIONS OF THE E G O I capitulate 5. The melancholy and other fluids I CAPITULATE 6. The intention of thinking with six hats I CAPITULATE 7. Six hats, six colors CHAPTER 8. The white hat. FACTS And NUMBERS I capitulate 9. Thought of white hat. OF THAT FACT SPEAKS TO ME? I CAPITULATE 10. Thought of white hat. INFORMATION OF STYLE JAPONES I CAPITULATE 11. Thought of white hat. FACTS, TRUTH And PHILOSOPHERS I CAPITULATE 12. Thought of white hat. WHO IS PUT THE HAT? I CAPITULATE 13. Summary of the thought of white hat I CAPITULATE 14.. The red hat. EMOTIONS And FEELINGS I CAPITULATE 15. Thought of red hat. PLACE OF THE EMOTIONS IN THE THOUGHT I CAPITULATE 16. Thought of red hat. INTUITION And PRESENTIMIENTOS I CAPITULATE 17. Thought of red hat. MOMENT At MOMENT I CAPITULATE 18. Thought of red hat. USE OF THE EMOTIONS I CAPITULATE 19. Thought of red hat. LANGUAGE OF THE EMOTIONS I CAPITULATE 20. Summary of the thought of red hat I CAPITULATE 21. The black hat. WHAT IT HAS OF BAD I CAPITULATE 22. Thought of black hat. SUBSTANCE And METHOD I CAPITULATE 23. Thought of black hat. SUBSTANCE Of the PAST And the FUTURE I CAPITULATE 24. Thought black hat. COMPLACENCIA REFUSAL I CAPITULATE 25. Thought of black hat. FIRST The NEGATIVE Or The POSITIVE I CAPITULATE 26. Summary of the thought of black hat I CAPITULATE 27. The yellow hat. ESPECULATIVO-POSITIVO I CAPITULATE 28. Thought of yellow hat. VARIETY OF THE POSITIVE I CAPITULATE 29. Thought of yellow hat. REASONS And LOGICAL ENDORSEMENT I CAPITULATE 30. Thought of yellow hat. THOUGHT CONSTRUCTIVE I CAPITULATE 31. Thought of yellow hat. SPECULATION I CAPITULATE 32. Thought of yellow hat. THE RELATION WITH THE CREATIVITY I CAPITULATE 33. Summary of the thought of yellow hat I CAPITULATE 34. Thought of green hat. THOUGHT CREATIVE And LATERAL I CAPITULATE 35. Thought of green hat. THOUGHT LATERAL I CAPITULATE 36. Thought of green hat. MOVEMENT INSTEAD OF JUDGMENT I CAPITULATE 37. Thought of green hat. NECESSITY TO CAUSE I CAPITULATE 38. Thought of green hat. ALTERNATIVES I CAPITULATE 39. Thought of green hat. PERSONALITY And ABILITY CHAPTER 40. Thought of green hat. THAT IT HAPPENS To The IDEAS? I CAPITULATE 41. Summary of the thought of green hat I CAPITULATE 42. The blue hat. CONTROL OF THE THOUGHT I CAPITULATE 43. Thought of Blue hat. CENTER. I CAPITULATE 44. Thought of blue hat. DESIGN OF PROGRAMS I CAPITULATE 45. Thought of Blue Hat. SYNTHESIS And CONCLUSIONS I CAPITULATE 46. Thought of Blue Hat. CONTROL And PURSUIT I CAPITULATE 47. Summary of the Thought of Blue Hat


It is really possible to change the effectiveness, of the thought? In January of 1985, the magazine Time it consecrated "Man of the Year" to that was last person in charge of the full success of the Olympic Games of the Angels: Peter Ueberroth. In these Games hundreds of million are lost generally of dollars. Although the city of the Angels had been against to spend municipal bottoms in the games, the Olympic Games of 1984 gave an excess of 250 million dollars. The extraordinary success had a fundamentally new concepts and new ideas, implemented with leadership and effectiveness. What class of thought generated these new concepts? Peter Ueberroth, in one interviews granted to Washington Post the 30 of September of 1984 explains how I use the lateral thought stops general new concepts. lateral thought is a technique that I developed many years ago. I have written many books on the matter. Peter Ueberroth had attended char it of one hour which I gave in the Organization of Young Presidents, nine years before. There are many other examples of the way as a deliberate technique has great effect. My task it consists of inventing the techniques and presenting/displaying them. Soon a corresponds individuals, like for example Mr. Ueberroth. To choose them and to put them in practice. thought is the maximum resource of the human being. Nevertheless, never we are satisfied with our more important capacity. It does not matter how good let us be, always we would want to be better. Generally, the only ones that is satisfied with its capacity with thought they are those thinking poor men who think that the objective to think is to prove that they are right -- for its own one satisfaction. Only if we have a vision limited of which it can thought, us can please our perfection in this land, but not of another way. The difficulty main for the thought it is the confusion. We tried to do too much to same time. The emotions, the information, the logic, the hope and creativity oppresses to us. It is like making juggling with too many balls. In this book I present/display a very simple concept that it allows the thinker to make a thing per time. It allows to separate the logic of the emotion, the creativity of the information and thus successively. This it is the concept of the six hats to think. To put itself one implies to define a certain type of thought. Here I will describe nature and the contribution of each one. The six "hats to think" allow us to lead our thought, as a director could direct his orchestra. We can show what we want. Of similar way, in any meeting he is very useful to make turn aside a the people of its habitual roll, and to take it to think of a different way on subject of the case.

The absolute one convenience of the six hats to think it constitutes the main value of this concept.


"To act as if"
I believe that one of both original of The Thinker of Rodin it is in Buenos Aires, in the seat in front of the legislative palace. At least that said the guide to me while it indicated this occupied thinking lasting bronze carving to me. In as much "done", this good can be erroneous in several aspect. It can not be an original one. It can not have had two origínales. The guide could have itself mistaken. It can not be in the seat in front of the legislative palace. It could to fail the memory to us. Therefore, why it would have to expose something that does not have verified of an absolute way like a fact? There are many reasons. One, that more it advanced in this book I will talk about of specific way the use of the facts. Another one to irritate to which they think that the facts are more important that their use. In third place, that I want that the reader visualizes that famous figure thinker, where she wants that she is the same one. The true reason, that this book it was written in an airplane, during a trip from London to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As it wants that it has been uses the word I believe that it indicates that my state is but of opinion that of dogmatic affirmation of a fact. Often we needed to indicate the way corno is exposing something. On this it treats this book. If you want to imagine so used -- excessively used -- image of The Thinker of Rodin, I want that you imagine that position of the hand in the chin, that supposedly it adopts any thinker who is not frivolous. I create, by the way, that the thinker would have active and energetic than to be grieved more and solemn. But, by this moment, the traditional image is useful. It adopts that position -- in physical form, nonmental -- and you will become a thinker. By what? Because if "you act as if" you were a thinker, you will become one. The tibetanos they say rotating molinillos on which they are recorded orations. The revolving molinillos make raise the orations in spiral towards the divine space. Actually, if they are properly in balance, an assistant can maintain turning a dozen of molinillos of oration like in the circus act in which they turn plates balances in the wood end long. It is possible that the tibetano thinks about the clothes list to wash while does to turn the wheel.

It concerns the intention to say and the vibrations not as much emotional or spiritual that many Christians demand themselves to themselves. It exists another Christian point of view much more next to the tibetano: to carry out own movements of the oration although are not emotionally it jeopardize. The emotions will agree with the movements to their due time. That is indeed, which I mean when I request to you that "you act as if you were a thinker Adopts the position of a thinker. Hazlos movements. Ten intention and manifiéstatela to same you and to those who surrounds to you. In a moment your brain carried out the roll that you are "acting". If you pretend to be thinker, in a moment, in effect, you will become one. This book exposes different rolls so that "you act as if".

I capitulate 2

Putting a hat
The characteristic more showy of any photography taken for more than forty years it has been that all they wear hat. The photographies of newspapers of the time films they show this great superiority of the hats. At the moment a hat is something rare, specially between the men. The hats they tend to define a roll. Hat is used as it leaves from a uniform, something that of by himself it defines a roll It can to say that an authoritarian husband that he issues orders to his family wears "hat of director school" or the "hat of executive". A woman of businesses will be able to both distinguish rolls that carry out saying a to him its hearing which hat has put "the executive hat" or "the hat of ama house". Mrs, Thatcher, Prime minister of England; in certain occasions it shows that the handling of the government forces a it practices it, the prudence and frugalidad of a housewife. Also the idea exists of hat to think. ...I will have to put the hat to think and to consider its new proposal to me. I am not surely to want to sell the building. ...Póngase hat to think and llámeme by telephone tomorrow. ...This is a dangerous company. We will have we put the hats to think and to see how we will be able to leave this jam. Always me I imagined the hat to think like a species of cap to sleep loose and with a hanging tassel. Almost like a cap for the idiots, but without the firm one arrogance that is the only real sign of the triviality.

People she offers to put his own hats to think or requests to which do. to put itself a hat of a deliberate way is something very precise. Formerly, the one that the niñera put hat constituted certain signal that she --y children -they were going to leave. There was no contradiction possibility. The signal was definitive. When a police puts itself its hat is indicating his clearly to have and its activity. A soldier without cap never pretends the same seriousness nor the same respect inspires that with the put cap. She is one pity that does not exist an authentic hat to think that it is possible to be acquired in the stores. In Germany and Denmark a hat for student exists that it is a species of wise person cap. But the erudition and the thought rarely they agree. The scholars usually are very occupied learning on thought of others like thinking by themselves. Consider utility of true hat to think. ...Not me bother. It does not see that I am thinking? ...I go a to interrupt this discussion so that all we pruned ourselves to put the hats stops to think and to dedicate to us to this subject. ...It wanted what thought on this about this precise moment. It would please to me that his was put hat to think. . ...It wanted that it continued thinking about this plan. Póngase again in the head the hat in order to think. ...You. me it pays to think. Therefore, I am seated here, thinking. Whichever better me pay better I will think. ...What him it seems if we thought intensely this question? Until now, you only gave me replaced impulsivas. Póngase the hat to think. ...To think no it is an excuse not to do, but a way to make the things better. So hands to the work. This image mental of that it uses a true hat to think could be used for to evoke necessary the calm state mental and carefree so that nobody thought implies something more than "meras reactions as opposed to one situation. Probably, the concientious thinkers can dedicate five minutes daily to the use intensive of the hat to think. Everything depends on if you consider that him they pay to think or to follow the thought of others. I want to concentrate to me in the subject of deliberate thought. So it is nonsense of the hat to think. One puts it of a deliberate way. It exists type of thought of walking - speak-to breathe, that we put in practice all the time. We answered the telephone. We crossed the street. We entered and we left the routines. We

did not need to be conscious of which leg it follows the other when we walked, or of how breathing. There is a permanent support in this type of automatic thought. But a class different from thought also exists that he is much more deliberate and it demands greater concentration. The thought automatic it serves to face routines; the deliberate thought, to do the things best, to face them and not only to solve them to the step. All we can run, but an athlete runs of deliberate way and she trains for this. There is no way easy so that we are indicated that we want to go out the routine way to think e to enter to the type of deliberate thought. Therefore the expression "hat to think" is one precise signal that we can be given and to give the others. Let us compare these two types of thought: the routinist and the deliberate one. When you lead an automobile you must choose the route, to follow it and mantenerte outside the way of the other automobiles. Great part of the activity that is occurred from a little while to another one depends on the previous moment and of the later one. You look for signals and you react. This is reactive thought. Thus then, the type of thought of walk-speak-breathing is very similar a to lead in a route. You read the signals of transit and takings decisions. But no plans the map. The other type of thought it is related to layout of maps. You investigate subject and plans the map. The plans from an objective and neutral position. It stops to do this you must watch of an ample, general way. Which is very different from mere to react to the transit signals as they are appearing. This contrast is pronounced in the following example: It imagines that you try to gain a discussion. You present/display your case and you expose all the points that they favor it. Listening to your opponent to attack it and only to leave in evidence its weak points. You are constantly attacking or defending. Each one of parts react the other as opposed to. It compares this with the way to draw up a map. I lead in the schools a program to teach to think. TIC is called (Task of Cognitiva Investigation). At the moment they use several million students of different countries. The first lesson is called PMI Instead of only to react before a certain situation, the young plan a simple map. In order to do it, it contemplates to the first direction "Extra" (positive) and writes down what it observes. The young person later directs his attention towards the direction "Minus" (negative) and finally towards the direction "Interesting" (interesting) (for all the things that the pain is worth to write down but they do not fit nor in "Extra" nor in "Minus"). The map is drawn up. The thinker he chooses his route. A youngster she expressed it with all clarity. It said: "I thought that to make a PMI he was idiot and artificial, since I knew what thought. But when I finished the PMI I discovered that what i myself had written down had made me change of opinion."

One is to direct the attention and gives to have a way to do it. In Sydney, Australia, a class of thirty youngsters voted in favor of which they occurred them five dollars per week to go to the school. After making the PIM, and without that the teacher suggested nothing different, twenty-nine changed of opinion and they decided that the idea was not good. An industralist that during months he had been discussing with an important company oil, he requested to all which made a PMI in the next meeting. It told me that the problem was solved in twenty minutes. Once layout "map", could be chosen a way. A woman who two years ago she was gliding to change itself from California to Arizona made a PMI with its two children. When finalizing this brief exercise, cancelled the change. One of greater inventors of the world. Paúl MacCready, was surrounded in bureaucratic problem. His son suggested to him made the PMI and from this he was the solution The type of to think that it draws up maps requires certain spacing. Not therefore the type automatic of thought (walk-speak-to breathe). In fact, this type of reactive thought only can work when there is something before what reacting. By this the notion of which the critical thought is the most complete form of thought can be very dangerous. There is an idiot belief, cradle in one defective interpretation of the great Greek thinkers, that maintains that the thought, is based on I engage in a dialog and the dialectic argumentation. This belief has made much damage to the western thought. The custom western of the argumentation and the dialectic one she is defective; it excludes creative and the generative thing. The critical thought bond to react before that it is put opposite but does not make anything to produce proposals. The students they worry much to react as opposed to which one appears to him: material bibliographical, commentaries of the teachers, series of TV, etc. But so soon as the young person finishes the school, she will have to do much more that to only react. It needs initiative, plans and action. And it will not obtain this from the thought reagent. I have coined term operabilidad in order to refer this "thinking to me operating". The thought is the ability to do --y that implies. The word operabilidad the capacity must be parallel to "literabilidad" (to read and to write) and to "numerábilidad" (the capacity to use numbers); I am firmly convinced that the operabilidad would have to be a basic ingredient of the education, in a foot of equality with the capacity to read, to write and to use the numbers. In effect the lessons thought TIC take care of operabilidad: establishment of objectives, evaluation of priorities generation of alternatives, etc. If not only we looked for to react as opposed to which one appears to us, we needed to have a way to direct the attention. The PMI is one of the forms to do it. In this book we focused another way. When print a map to all color, the colors are separated. First it is put color in the paper.

Soon another color is printed above. Soon the following one and following until a complete map is at sight. :In this book, the six hats to think correspond to the different colors that they are used to print a map. This it is the method that I will try to use for to direct the attention. One not only treats, therefore, to put a hat in order to think, but also to choose of what color it will be the hat that one is going away to use.


Intention and performance
I want to return to mark the difference between intention and performance because much people have an erroneous opinion on the matter I have already said that yes "you act as if"; you were a thinker -- for example, adopting a way to think finally you will become one. Your thought will follow a your movements. Your "to act as if" he will become real. It seems that I maintain that yes you have the intention of convertirte in thinker, your performance he will be indeed the one of thinker Many go away to hurry to indicate that this is absurd. I allow myself, therefore, to indicate it i myself. If you have the intention of convertirte in lifter of weights, is enough this intention; so that the East weights? If you have the intention of convertirte in chess player It will do this that you move the pieces of the board like an expert? answer is not because in these cases we are looking for an exceptional performance However, if you have the intention of convertirte in cook, and carry out the movements own of that activity, you will become in a tolerable cook. Not you you will turn maitre unless you have the necessary talent, but with security you will be a cook far better who whatever it has not had the intention nor carried out the movements. It warns, by favor, that the intention is not sufficient. You must carry out the movements. It is not enough that a tibetano has only the intention to pray: it must rotate molinillo of oration. It is not enough, by certain that the thinker or the thinker considers thinkers. This is almost exactly opposed to which I am saying. If already you you consider a thinker, probably you do not do nothing else on the matter -if you are satisfied with your supposed ability. Once him I requested to a group of very well educated Americans (withdrawn of the school secondary) that was described, from the one to the ten according to its ability it stops to

think. It astonished the result to me: the qualification average was eight on ten. In other words, their expectations with respect to which can do thought so was limited that each one considered that its thought was of best the possible thing. Being benevolent, I can suppose that great part of hearing included/understood bad the question. They knew that always they had inside been of the ten percent of the best ones in the school and the university, by that the eight were a modest recognition of their performances, Of course I it was looking for an absolute classification. Nevertheless, people are admirably tolerant with its thought; she does not conceive how she could to improve it. By being so little habitual, the intention to become thinker is very important. No memory to have never known which really it wanted to be it. Which no it had to surprise anybody in view of which I come saying. On the other hand, desire to become thinker implies that not yet it is. Humor, sex the thought is activities in which all are known competent. When the Dr.; Luis Alberto Machado requested that they named Minister of Development of Intelligence in the Venezuelan government, exploded outbursts of laughter to his around. But it insisted and possibly one trained to 106.000 teachers in the use of lessons TIC. Through law, all student in Venezuela must spend two hours per week developing specific abilities to think. There are lessons that are called "to think". The students know it, and the teachers, the educators and parents. They are important the real capacities that they acquire the students. But much more important it is the idea to develop abilities to think. The image that it generally has a young person of itself in the school is the following one: it is "intelligent" or "nonintelligent" according to one fixes them in the school and it pleases to the teacher. This concept of intelligence is value concept. Low or high, beautiful or ugly Escomo to be. It is not possible to be done much on the matter. To be thinker implies one autoimagen totally different. She is one ability operative. It is possible to be done rather on the matter. It is possible to be improved in thinking in the same way that in soccer or the kitchen. The Venezuelan young people know that they can begin to think on something about individual and know that them some ideas will happen. For this they use the reference marks TIC. The adoption of the "hats to think" that I describe in this book it is a way to reinforce intention of being a thinker, To be thinker does not imply to be the right constantly. In fact, who always create to be the right is very possible that she is a thinking poor man (arrogant, without interest by the investigation. incapable to see other alternatives, etc.). To be thinker does not imply to be intelligent. It does not imply either that it can solve all the ingenious problems that people present/display to me hoping that I solve them always. To be a thinker implies to consciously want to be it this is much more simple that to be a golfista, tenista or a musician., not it needs as much equipment.

Therefore, intention it is the first step. It is easy and difficult at the same time. Enough similarity to the Zen habits on which it is easy to write not so but easy to make. Therefore tangible structures make lack certain -- six hats to think. Now yes that we can observe the aspect of performance. The gathered frown and the hand in the chin they mark a true difference? The answer is affirmative if the position is deliberate, and refusal if he is natural. The surprising thing is that a physiological it could really work. There are tests of que if one smiles. smile infects all fisiología and one becomes but contented less and prone á to enlutar itself. People react to the artificial smile of the models advertising as if their smiles were true. The signs become reality. The mask it follows the substance. In a level more elementary, if you try to listen another person, of some way you will pass more time listening --y your to think will improve. If frunces the frown consciously to think, you will not be able to make no decision until as much smooth out. And this way the decision that you take will be better than one improvised on the march. The violent young people á that ' a was taught to think they became less violent because no longer they had to resort a immediately a violent reactive cliche. The six "hats to think" offer a form to translate the intention in effective performance.


To represent a paper
To people no it matters to him "to make the crazy person" provided it is clear that it is playing a role Even it is boasted of its good performance and to make the crazy person until true ends. This becomes then a success measurement and perfection. The represented paper is the main thing and now the ego is the director of scene. One of problems of the Zen buddhism are that at the most firmly it deals with the ego "no to be ", present there becomes in its" attempt ". It has actor style who loses the identity of his ego and assumes the one of the paper (performance of the method). Another style of actor directs its own performance. Both they are good actors. Both are taking vacations from ego. The one taking in the outside and the other in its house. It played to be another person allows that the ego extends the restrictive image that normally she has of itself. The actors usually are very timid in the life daily but a roll gives freedom. It can be difficult to see to us us like mistaken or deceived idiots but if a defined

affluent roll occurs us we can to represent it, to enjoy our capacity to act and not to damage the ego to us. It gives prestige to be considered a good actor. The ego runs risk if it does not protect a formal roll. Therefore, people habitually refusal assumes the role of devil's advocate when it wants to be negative. This it means supposition that habitually is not negative, but that is useful that somebody plays east role and that sets out to represent it well. The roll traditional of the devil's advocate he is very similar to the black hat stops to think that I will describe more ahead. But instead of only a thinking roll it will have six, each one defined by a different hat to think. To represent the paper of a thinker in the ample sense of the word is a valuable step in way to become a thinker. But we can advance still more if we disturb this ample roll in more specific parts. These become parts of personages, as those of good pantomima, good melodrama of TV or a traditional film of the west. Or it can be that they become one it forms very pure of Japanese theater kabuki, where the rolls are extremely streamlined. Everybody pantomima can recognize the witch in one. Parlotea, is malicious, enjoys when they whistle it and they boo the spectators. This it is its paper and it represents to the maximum. Also he is the noble prince who represents the forces of the good. The lady represents the simple humanity. Tradicionalmente a young person it represents the prince and a man to the lady. This has much sense if it considers that the intention of the papers of pantomima is to move away but possible of the reality to only illustrate ideas the rolls of the real life they would illustrate to themselves. One invented the papers of pantomima stops to represent great forces that become human for entertainment ours. Therefore, the roll will be as much more reconocible as so at the most deliberate and artificial it is. This it is the secret of the success of melodramas of the American TV; by this in "Scythes", JR is adorable. The ample roll of the hat to think it is disturbed in six different ones rolls of personages, represented by six hats to think of different colors. You choose what hat to think you adopt in a while certain. You put that hat and you represent the paper that defines that hat. You are observed carrying out that roll. You will represent the best thing than you can. Your ego is left thus prote'ge' by the roll. Your ego is committed to represent it well. When you you change of hat to think you must change of rolls. Each one must be different. As much as the witch and the prince of pantomima. You become a pile of different thinkers, -- all with the same head. All this it comprises of the type of construction thought of maps. Since there am saying, each color hat represents a different color that can be used in impression of a map. Finally the colors megre to give the map complete. In pages that follow describe each one of the six hats to think. They try to be so different one from another one as it is possible. It is as well as it must use. The red hat is totally

different from the white hat. yellow contrasts clearly with the black. The roll of the blue hat is different from the roll of the green one. It is not same to represent a comedy that a tragedy. If you have position the disguise of clown, represents the clown. When you wear the hat of the villain, beam of villain. Enorgullécete to act the diverse rolls. thought now begins to flow of the papers represented and not of your ego. This way the maps draw up. Thus, finally, the ego can to choose the route that it prefers.


The melancholy and other fluids
This chapter he is destined to that still they are not convinced. To that they continue believing that the notion of six "hats to think" is a frivolous game and without sense that nothing can add to our ability to think. These people would have to read this chapter. The others can ignore it if therefore they wish. Perhaps Ios Greek they guessed right with its belief in that the different ones flowed from the body they affected its moods If you were sad and melancholic, had that a "black bile" crossed all the body to you. In fact the word melancholy it means this exactly: "black bile". Thus pues the fluids or "humors" that invaded the body to you determined your psychic state. Those fluids affected the spirit to you and this one, as well, affected to you thought. Much people gotten depressed she has observed that what is able to think while lasts to him depression is completely different from the thoughts that when thinks it is of the good humor. Today we know on the brain and we can much explain better the subject of the Greek fluids. We know that the balance of the chemical agents (neurotransmitters) that they act on the hypothalamus can affect the behavior intensely. We know on the endomorfinas, similars to morphine, released in brain. Also we know that complex neuro-peptides that the gland releases pituitaria can travel by all the places of the brain and separate in specific chemical agents that affect different parts from the brain. We suspected that this way the primaveral fever of the animals takes place (the change of balance of light and the dark does that the pituitaria gland release chemical agents that activate the sexual interest). With time it is possible that we include/understand how chemical agents in the brain --y possibly in the sanguineous torrent in general -- they affect of intense way humor and the thought. Also it is had demonstrated accurately that the normal processes of agreement can to alter physiological answers, according to showed Pavlov to it. One has trained animals so that it

raises to them or lower the sanguineous pressure to them in answer a external signs. Possibly, with time, the six different hats to think can acquire status of signals conditioners that shoot and put into action a certain one chemical agent set in the brain and that this, as well, affects ours to think. We can to approach this subject from a completely diverse point of view and to obtain same result. If we considered that the brain is an information system assets, we observed that its behavior is absolutely different from the one of the information systems liabilities that are used in computers and other things (for example, in it presses). In Mechanism of the Mind I described, of preliminary way, the active systems. This book was published in 1969, and the scientists in computation of villa generation, that they have changed of accepted opinion and that the active systems autoorganizables are essential, just now are discovering it. That system is activated means that the information is organized by itself in structures and guidelines instead of remaining passively in a surface to it hopes that the external processor organizes it. A tray it contains sand. A steel ball that falls in the surface is in the place where it fell. If we threw the ball through a precise square of a grid it will remain directly underneath the square. This it is a passive system of information. The ball is where was left it. Another tray látex contains a rubber stock market flexible flood with a very viscous oil. first ball that is thrown in the surface begins to sink of a way gradual until the bottom, pushing the surface of rubber stock-market. When ball remains quiets, is a contour in the surface, a species of depression to the bottom of which the first ball rests. One second ball rolls by this declivity downwards and it is located supported in first. The second ball she is active. It does not remain where was put it, but that follows the gradient formed by first. In fact, all the following balls will roll towards first and it will form an accumulation. Therefore, we have a simple surface here it activates that it allows that the incoming information (the balls) is organized forming an accumulation. These examples are very primitive, but they serve to illustrate the great difference that there are between the passive systems and the assets. It is a pity that all ours thought has been based on the passive systems, because the world of active systems of information are completely different. It is possible to show how the nervous networks behave like active systems of information that is organized to if same. This is what I began to do in Mechanism of the Mind. And, by the way, the way which I proposed in that book has simulated now in computation and indeed it works in agreement with predicted. Who allows that the incoming information is organized to itself in structures is active

nature of the nervous system. What gives origin to perception it is the formation and the use of such structures. If not outside by the capacity of brain to allow that this incoming information car-is organized in happiness structures, even the simplest things, like crossing the street, would be virtually impossible. Ours brains are designed to be shiningly no creative. They are designed to form structured, fixed guidelines, and soon to use them in whichever occasion appears. But car-organization systems have a great disadvantage: they are imprisoned in the sequence of its experience (the history of the events) By this will be necessary "to equip to the fifth-generation computers with humor emotions or the capacity to commit errors. Otherwise never they will be able to think. chemical solutions alter to much the thresholds and sensitivities of the units nervous as a result of a change in these chemical agents one occurs stabilization of one structures different. In certain way we have brain different for each trasfondo chemical different. This will arise that the emotions are essential of our capacity to think and nonsingle part something extra that confuses the thought to us. The people who she has difficulties to make decisions would have to meditate the fact that different chemical agents from the brain already have taken determinations that are guessed right for each particular case. Therefore the options are correct - but for different brains. Of there the indecision. People in moments of panic or fury she tends to behave of a primitive way. One possible cause is following the brain rarely is in these special chemical conditions, and therefore have not had opportunity of to acquire structures of complex reaction. This would mean that it exists very good reason to train people under those emotional conditions (like always the military have done) importance of the chemical agent changes in the brain is then evident. This arises, on the one hand, of the knowledge every time greater than we go acquiring on the behavior of our brain on the other hand of theoretical reflections on the behavior of the information systems assets with car capacity organization What relation it exists between this and the six hats to think? I already said before that these ways to think could become facts conditioners that they could probably gatillar an alteration of chemical agents of brain. Also it is very important to unravel the different aspects from thought. If we began to think of the normal way, or we tried to exclude the emotions (that anyway continue playing, although in sly form very influential paper in background) or we advanced in zigzag between reason or emotion. If indeed there are different chemical surroundings associate with different ways to think, then motley east type of thought never it gives to the brain the possibility of establishing a certain conclusion.


The intention of thinking with six hats
The first one value of the six "hats to think" is the one of representation of a paper defined. The main restriction of the thought is defenses of the ego responsible for most of the practical errors of to think. The hats allow to think and to say things us that otherwise no we could think nor say without risking the ego. We disguised of clowns us it authorizes to act like such. The second value is the one of to direct the attention. If we try that ours thought is not only reactive, we must find a way to direct the attention to an aspect after another one. The six hats are an average one to direct attention to six aspects different from a subject. Third value is the one of convenience. The symbolism of the six different ones hats offer an advisable way to request to somebody (even to same you) that it changes of way. You can request to which is or that it stops being negative. You can request to which gives a purely emotional answer. The quarter value is possible base in cerebral chemistry, that I exposed to great characteristics in the previous chapter. I am arranged to maintain arguments that in certain way goes beyond the present state of the knowledge, since theoretical exigencies of the car-organized systems justify such extrapolation. Fifth value arises to establish rules of the game. People are very good in order to learn the rules of the game. One of average the most effective ones to teach to the children it is the learning of the rules of the Game. Therefore, to them they like so much to use computers. The six hats to think establish certain rules for the "Game" to think. And I think about a game of thought in individual: the one to draw up maps like opposite -- or different -- the one of to discuss.


Six hats, six colors
Each one of the six hats to think have a color: target, red, black, yellow, green, blue. The color gives name to the hat. It could have chosen ingenious Greek names to indicate he type of thought that it requires each hat. This would have been impressive and pleased more from somebody. But it would be little practical, since it would be difficult to remember the names.

I want that the readers visualize and the hats like true imagine hats. For this the color is important. Of what another way could to distinguish the hats? Different forms do not serian easy to learn and they would cause confusions. The color facilitates to imagine them. In addition, color of each hat is related to his fundón. Hat Target: The target is neutral and objective. The white hat takes care of objective facts and numbers Hat Red: The red one suggests wrath, (to see red), fury and emotions. red hat gives the emotional point of view. Hat Black: The black is sad and negative. The black hat covers negative aspects -- why something cannot be done. Hat Yellow: The yellow is glad and positive. The yellow hat is optimist and covers the hope y the positive thought Hat Green: The green one is turf, vegetation and fertile growth, abundant. The green hat indicates new creativity and ideas. Hat Blue: The blue one is cold, and is also the color of the sky, that is in favor of upon everything. The blue hat takes care of the control and the organization of process of the thought. Also of the use of the other hats. It is easy to remember the function of each one if one remembers the color and the associations. function of the hat is come off this. Also it is possible to be thought like three pairs: Red target and Black and yellow Green and blue In practice one talks about the hats always by its colors, never by its functions. And for a good reason. If you request that somebody expresses its reaction emotional before something, it is little probable that they respond to you honestly: one thinks that he is bad emotional being. But the expression red hat he is neutral. It is easier to request to him to which "takes off the hat for a moment black that to request to him that it stops being so negative. The neutrality of the colors it allows that the hats without impediment are used some. Thinking it turns a game with defined rules; it stops being subject of exhortations and condemnations. We spoke directly of hats: ...I want that you take off the black hat. ...Pongámonos all the red hat by awhile.

...That is well for the yellow hat. Now pongámonos the target. When you treat with people who have not read this book and does not know the symbolism the six hats to think, the explanation of each color can clarify quickly the meaning of each one. Next you can give these people unit of this book so that they read it. At the most east way extends of to say, more effective will be its use. Possibly, the day will arrive that you can sentarte in any meeting and to change of hats with all facility.


The white hat
You can to represent the paper of a computer? Single it exposes, the facts of neutral and objective way. It does not interpret: only the facts, please. Which are cough facts in this subject? computers still do not have emotions (although probably we will have to cause that they have them if we want that they think with intelligence). We hoped that a computer shows to the facts and the numbers to us when we requested them. But no we hoped that it discusses with us nor that only uses the facts and the numbers in order to maintain its position. The facts and the numbers are fitted, too much often, in an argumentation. It is used them with an intention and it does not stop to present/display them like such. It is never possible to be treated to facts and the numbers in objective form if one appears to them like part of one argumentation. Therefore, we urgently needed a "selector" who says: "Only the facts, please -- without the arguments." Unfortunately, the western thought, with its argumentativos habits, prefers to give first a conclusion and later to present/display facts to defend it. However, in type of thought that draws up maps, the one that I maintain, first we must draw up map and soon to choose the route. This means that we must have before nothing the facts and the numbers. Therefore, thought of the white hat is an advisable way to request that numbers and the facts are exposed objectively and neutrally. In certain occasion, brought a gigantic suit anti trust against Intemational Business Machines (IBM) in the United States. The case possibly was left, probably because the United States noticed that they needed the force of IBM to defy the Japanese electronic

competition, highly organized. Also it was suggested was another reason to leave the case. IBM it provided so many documents, (around seven million, I create) that none court could face resemblance volume. If the judge dies while she transacts case, this one must begin again to fojas zero. As one does not name to judges until as much have sufficient age so that it is possible to be supposed to them relatively wise, there were many probabilities that before the judge died of which the case finished. Therefore it was impossible to follow with the demand, a less than a judge named the enough young person to turn the case his complete race. The sense of to count this is to show that it is possible to be responded to a request of facts and numbers with as much information that the applicant is crushed with the amount. ...If it wants the facts and the numbers (erased insult) can obtain them. All. This class of proposal is comprehensible because any attempt to simplify the facts it could consider a selection of such defending a certain position. The person that she requests the thought of white hat, to avoid that is flooded it with information, can need its order in order to extract the information that it needs. ...Déme his more general thought of white hat with respect to unemployment. ...Now déme the numbers of scholastic desertion, but with respect to those who already for six months they left the school. The formation of questions suitably focused it is part of the normal process of order of information. The expert lawyers in against-you ask make this whole time. Ideally, the witness would have to be using the white hat stops to think and then to respond the questions that way objective. The expression "white hat" could be very advisable for judges and lawyers of courts. ...Like it said, it returned to its six department to and average in the morning because there was spent all the night playing ...Mr Jones, you really saw the defendant playing the night of the 30 of June, or was he who said to him that there was been playing? ...No. His Señoría. But salea he to play almost all the nights. ...Mr. Jones, what would have said if there were been using the white hat to think? ...I saw what defendant returned in the morning to his department to six from 1ro of Julio.: ...Thanks. It can retire. It must be said that the lawyers of a court always are trying to manipulate situation. Therefore, they formulate its questions to defend its own one argumentation or to attack the one of the opposite part. This is, by the way. Exactly opposed the thought of white hat. The roll of the judge is quite peculiar.

In the system legal Dutch jury does not exist. The three judges or advisers try to only use thought of white hat to find out the facts of the case. Its task the "map" consists of trazar and soon to dictate sentence does not happen same in England or the United States, where the judge must protect relative norms upon presentment of test and soon to respond to the tests offered by Ios learned or in direct form or by means of un sworn. Therefore, nobody persona that is formulating questions to obtain data it needs to make sure that she herself or he himself this using white thought Truely these trying to obtain the facts or you please construct an argument in an idea that is forming to you in head? ...The year past, in the United States, the sale of turkey meat increased twenty-five percent, due to the interest in making diet and to the preoccupation by the health. One thinks that this meat is "light more". ...Mr. Fitzier, I have requested to him that is put white hat. The fact is increase of the twenty-five percent. The rest is interpretation hers. ...No. Sir. The market study shows in clear form that people buy turkey meat because it thinks that it has less cholesterol. ...Good, then there are two facts. Fact number one: the last year the sales of meat of turkey increased a twenty-five percent. Fact number two: a study of market sample that people maintain that she buys turkey meat because him the cholesterol worries. The hat target gives a species of direction towards which to go to treat information. We can propose to us to play papel of the white hat the best thing possible. This means we propose to obtain the pure facts. It is evident that to carry out the roll of white hat probably requires something of ability -- more than for other hats. ... tendency of the women to smoke cigarettes is every greater time. ...This is not a fact. ....If it is it here I have the numbers ..What they show the last numbers is that each one of Ios three years the amount of women that they smoke cigarettes has increased over the level of the previous year ...That is not a tendency? ...It could to be. But it is an interpretation. For me, a tendency suggests something is happening and it will continue happening. The numbers form the fact. It can be that the women are smoking more cigarettes because of any way they are smoking more -probably due to a greater anxiety. Or it can be, simply, that during the three last years the manufacturers of cigarettes have spent one unusual sum of money in will induce the women to smoke cigarettes. First tendency could offer opportunities. Second it is much less than one opportunity.

...I have used the word tendency simply to refer to me to numbers in increase. ...This it can to be a good use of the word tendency, but there is another use that implies a process in course. Therefore serious mejor to use pure thought of white hat and to say "During the three last years the numbers shows an increase of the amount of women who smoke ". Later we can speak on which this means and which can be the reason. In this sense, thinking of white hat becomes a discipline that animates to the thinker to separate in its mind with all clarity the fact of extrapolation or of the interpretation. He is comprehensible that the politicians have great difficulty with the thought of white hat.


Thought of white hat
This it is fact or a probability? This is fact or a belief? There is some fact? Now we can to retake the exhibition that I did at the beginning of the book on The Thinker of Rodin in that seat of Buenos Aires. It is a fact that I was in Good Airs. It is a fact that a guide indicated the statue of Rodin. It is a fact that apparently it showed that he was an original one Seems to be a fact that was located in the seat of the legislative palace. Both last points are subjects to the falibilidad of the memory. Although this one is perfect, the guide can to have mistaken. For that reason I introduced my commentary with "I create". I chose to believe to the memory and the guide to him. Much of that it happens through fact is simply a commentary of good faith or a question of personal belief of the moment. The life must continue. It is impossible to verify everything with the rigor that demands a scientific experiment. Therefore, in practice we establish a species of double system: believed and done facts verified. Certainly, with the thought of white hat it is allowed us to expose believed facts, but we must clarify, without leaving place to doubt, that one is facts of second class. ...I believe that I am not mistaken when saying that the Russian merchant fleet transports a significant part of the world-wide commerce. ...Once I read that the reason by which the account of expenses of representation of Japanese executives are so extensive, is that they give all his remuneration his spouses. ...I believe that I am not mistaken when affirming that the new Boeing 757 is much more quiet that those of the previous generation of airships. The reader irritated he could indicate that these phrases virtually "ambiguous" they allow

that somebody says any thing and leaves with hers. ...Somebody me he said once he had listened to say to a friend who Churchill admired secretly to Hitler It is open the possibility of discussion, gadgets and rumors. Thus it is. Nevertheless, indeed we needed a form to expose facts, whose certainty not us she is totally manifest. The important thing it is use that one is going away to give to him the facts. Before acting on the basis of fact or to put it as it bases of a decision, we needed to verify it indeed. Therefore, we determined which of the facts "believed" they could be useful and later we judged them and we verified. For example, if the silence that is attributed to Boeing 757 is vital for installation of an airport, certainly is necessary that this happens of the status of "believed" to the one of "verified". The norm key of the thought of white hat it consists of not presenting/displaying anything to level higher than the one than really corresponds. When an affirmation it formulates suitably like belief, then it is possible to be put in circulation and use. And it does not forget the double system. I allow myself to repeat that the level of the believed facts is decidedly necessary: tentative, hypothetical and the provoker is essential for the thought. They provide the marks to advance on the facts. Now we arrived at a quite difficult point. When one becomes "belief" in "opinion"? I can "think" that Boeing 757 is quieter. Also I can "think" (opinion) that women smoke more because at the moment more they are pressed, subject to greater stress. It leaves you say once and for all that your own opinion it never is permissible in the thought of white hat. It would destroy completely objective of this hat. You can inform, of course, the opinion of some another person. ... Professor Schmidt thinks that the human being never will be able to fly impelled only by its own force. It warns carefully that the level of belief of a fact simply means something that you think that is a fact, but that still it has not been verified completely. Perhaps you prefer to arrange both levels thus: 1. Fact verified. 2. Fact no verified (belief). To the end, that it matters is the attitude. When he wears the white hat, the thinker proposes statements that are "neutral ingredients". It puts them on the table. It is not possible to use them to support a certain point of view. So soon seem that a statement with that intention is being used, the statement is suspect: one is abusing the roll of the white hat.

To its due one time, the roll of the white hat becomes second nature. thinker no longer tries to slide affirmations to gain discussions; he develops the neutral objectivity of a scientific observer or of explorer who writes down with thoroughness the different fauna and flora without intention some to give another use them. The task of the cartographer is to draw up a map. The thinker of white hat he unfolds "especimenes" on the table -- like a schoolboy who removed from his pockets some currencies, rubber to chew and one frog.


Thought of white hat
Discussion, argumentation and consensus. If nobody it proposes an idea, from where come these? First it draws up map. The Japanese they never acquired the western custom of the discussion. It can that disenso he was too discourteous or dangerous in a feudal society. It can that mutual respect and saving the "appearances" are too much important to allow the attack to an argument. It can that the culture Japanese it is not based on the ego like the western culture: the discussion usually one leans with force in the ego. The most probable explanation is following: the Japanese culture did not receive the influence of the modismos that the Greeks used to think and that the medieval monks refined and they developed like an average one to prove that herejes was mistaken. A we it seems to us stranger who do not discuss. To them it seems to them stranger who a we we like so much to discuss. In one meeting of western style, the participants feel having his already points of view, and. in many cases, the conclusion that want that the others accept. The meeting consists, therefore, in discussing the different points from Vista to see which survives the critics and which obtains more adhesions. The ideas initials undergo modifications and improvements. But everything tends to be question of "to carve marble"; that is to say, to begin with a great block and to go carving it until obtaining the end item. It is difficult that the western ones include/understand that the Japanese participants they reunite without preconceived ideas. The intention of the meeting is to listen. Why there is then no a total and unproductive silence? Because each participant, when he corresponds to him, puts the white hat and gives fragment of neutral information. The map is completed in gradual form. He becomes richer to think and detailed. Once finished, the route is obvious for all. I am not suggesting this process happens and it is completed in only a

meeting. It can last weeks and months, include many meetings. The important thing it is that nobody proposes a preconceived idea. The information is offered with white hat. This information is organized little by little in an idea. participants observe how she is happening this. The notion western it is that the ideas are chiselled to blow of arguments. The notion Japanese it is that the ideas surgen as seeds and small buds to which later it is nourished and it is allowed that they grow and they take form. The previous one it is a somewhat idealizada version of the resistance between the western discussion and Japanese way to present/display information. My intention is the one to show here contrast, the one not to follow to which they think that all the Japanese is wonderful and it would have to be imitated. We cannot to change the cultures. For that reason we needed mechanism that it allows us to avoid our custom to discuss. The roll of the white hat does exactly this. When all they use it during a meeting, the roll of White hat can imply: "We act as if we were Japanese in a Japanese meeting ". In order to do of a way I practice this class of changes, we needed artificial resources and modismos or expressions like the white hat to think. The exhortation and explanation has little practical value. (I do not want to explain here why the Japanese are not more inventive. The invention can to require a culture based on the ego, with mentally bloody individuals able to insist on an idea that seems foolish to everybody. We can to obtain it of a way more practitioner with the deliberate provocations of lateral thought, of which I also speak elsewhere and in the section corresponding to the thought of green hat.)


Thought of white hat
How true it is a fact? What value they have the Games of words of the philosophy? Truths absolute and "in general". The truth no it is so intimately related to the facts like most of people it seems to imagine. The truth is related to a system of game of words known like philosophy. The facts, with the verifiable experience. people of practical mind to those who these subjects do not worry much can to pass by high east chapter.

If all swans that we have seen are white, we can affirm audaciously that "all the swans are white "? We can and we do it. This affirmation, of moment, is a true synthesis of our experience. In this sense, it is also a fact. The first one black swan that we see turns the affirmation false. Therefore, we have changed of true to false with remarkable abruptness. Nevertheless if we observed the facts, still there are one hundred experiences of white swans against one of swan black. Then, basing to us on experienced facts, we can say: " majority of the swans is white "; "in general the swans are targets "; "a little more than the ninety and nine percents of the swans they are white ". This "in general "they are enormously practitioner (in general to the children like ice creams; in general the women use cosmetics) but totally useless she stops the logical ones. This "all" all are fundamental in the affirmation " the swans are white ", since the logic must move of a truth absolute to another one: "If this is truth... then this..." When us we crossed the first black swan, the affirmation "all the swans are targets "become false. Unless we call of some other way to black swan. Now this subject becomes from words and definitions. If we decided to maintain the whiteness like an essential part of the definition of swan, then the black swan is another thing. If we excluded it like part essential of the definition, we can include the black swan and found definition of the black swan in other characteristics. The design and manipulation of such definitions constitutes the essence of the philosophy. thought of white hat I know occupies of the usable information. By as much the expression "in general" is perfectly acceptable. intention of the statistic is to give a specific character to this expression vague. Not always it is possible to reunite such statistics, therefore a slight we must resort to the double system (belief, verified fact). ...In general the corporations that make expenses on the basis of the extrapolation of future sales they encounter over problems. (It is possible to indicate few companies that have done this and been successful.) ...The sales they will tend to raise if they lower the prices. (When the internal prices raise, it really can have an increase of sales due to speculative reasons. fear to the inflation, to be back). ...If you work hard, you will be successful in the life. (Much people very worker do not have success indeed). One exists variety of probabilities that could be expressed of the following way: always true usually true generally true in general

more than half of the times more or less half of times often sometimes true occasionally true one knows that it happened never true it cannot be true (contradictory) Until what point, within this variety, can be arrived with the roll of the white hat? Just as before, the answer to this question depends on the frame of information. For example, it can be useful to know things that happen only very occasionally. ... measles usually is inoffensive, but sometimes it can continue with secondary infections, like infections of the ear. ...In very rare cases a encefalitis can occur after the vaccination. ... it knows that when the dogs of this race get angry, they bite the children. Obvious, it is valuable to know this class information. Also there is a dilemma. In second example, the conscience of people on the encefalitis danger that it follows the vaccination can be of thousand times greater than the statistical danger real. By this it can be important that one occurs real numbers, that avoid information erroneous. thought of white hat tolerates the use of anecdotes? ...It had man who fell of airplane, without parachute, and survived. ...It is said that Ford designed the Edsel model on the basis of a market study, and was dehorn total. . These, in effect, can be affirmations of facts, and like such the hat thinker target must right to present/display them. One is due to frame like "anecdotes" or "examples". ... designs that are based on market studies can often fail. Consider, for example, the Edsel automobile, design of which one says that one was based on market study. It was a total defeat. The affirmation previous it is not legitimate thought of white hat -- unless there is much more endorsement to maintain than fails the designs based on studies of market. The cats can fall of the ceilings, but this one is not normal behavior. exceptions stand out simply because they are exceptional. We rendered attention to the black swans because they are generally a small minority. We paid attention to the man who survives without parachute because he treats, in certain form, of something unusual. To the Edsel always names it by the same one reason. The intention of the thought of white hat it is to be practitioner. For that reason we must

be able to present/display all class of information. The key consists of framing it suitably. ...All experts predict that the interest rate will fall year by the end of. ...I spoke with four experts and each one predicted that the interest rate will fall in order year. ...I spoke with Mr. Flint, Mr. Ziegler, Ms. Cagliatto and Mr. Suárez and all predicted that interest rate will fall in order year. Here there are three precision levels. Third it even can not be the sufficiently good thing. It is possible that I want to know when you spoke with these experts. There is nothing absolute in the thought of white hat. It is a direction in which us we made an effort to improve.


Thought of white hat
Póngase his own hat. Pídale to somebody that it is put, the hat. Pídales to all that they put the hat. Choose to respond with the put hat. previous affirmations cover most of the situations. This means that you can ask, be interrogated or to choose. ...What he walked bad in our sales campaign? ...It stops to answer this I am going to put me the hat white, we reached thirty and the four percent of the retailers. Of these, only the Sixty percent requested product. Of that they bought it, the forty percent buys two articles in order to prove them. The seventy percent of the consulted people declared that the Price was too high. Two products that compete with ours, are for sale to smaller price. ...Now expose its thought of red hat. ...We have inferior product, with an excessive price. We have a bad image in market. The publicity of the competition is better and more abundant. We do not attract to the best people of sale. The aspects type "sensation" of the thought of red hat can more be important in this case. But it is not possible to be presented/displayed these aspects type "sensation" with the white hat, unless I know them report like part of which potential clients have said. ...Let us begin by we put, all, the white hats and say what we know on youthful

delinquency. Which are the numbers? Where they are the information? Who it can offer tests? ...You say that it is going to request computers "Prioritizes". It could give its ideas me of white hat on the matter? ...I do not want suppositions over which it could happen if we lowered the price of the passage transatlantic to USS 250. I want its thought of white hat. It is clear that the thought of white hat excludes valuable elements like prefeelings, intuitions, judgments based on the experience, feelings, impressions and opinions. This it is, by the way, the intention to put itself, white hat: to have a way to only ask for information. ...It requests to me you my devise of white hat on the reason for which I am changing of work. The pay is not better. The additional remunerations either. house distance is not different. The professional perspective are same. The type of work is identical. He is everything what I can say with white hat.


Summary of the thought of white hat
One imagines computer that gives the facts and the numbers that are requested to him. He is neutral and objective. It does not make interpretations nor it gives opinions. When it uses the hat target, the thinker would have to imitate the computer. The person that it requests information must frame and need anvil questions in order to obtain information or to complete emptinesses of the existing information. Actually a double system of information exists. The first level contains facts verified and proven, done of first class. The second, cause that are created that they are true, but that totally they have still not been verified, done of second class. varia credibility from "always true" to "never true ". In means there are usable levels, such as "in general "," sometimes ", and" in occasional form ". It can to present/display this class of information with the white hat whenever it is used the "appropriate frame" to indicate its degree of probability thought of white hat is a discipline and a direction. The thinker the information makes an effort to be more neutral and more objective when presenting/displaying. You they can request that you put the white hat or you can pedirte to which do. It is possible to be chosen to use it or to clear it to it. The target (color absence) it indicates neutrality.


The red hat

The opposed thing to objective neutral information. Presentimientos, intuitions, impressions. It does not need justification It does not need to give reasons or foundations thought of red hat talks about emotions, feelings and aspects no rational of thinking. The red hat offers, a defined and formal channel in order to openly express these elements like legitimate part of the map in his set. Although emotions and the feelings are not tolerable in the process of thinking watch back and emotions, feelings affect sigilosamente pensamiento;-Las, prefeelings and intuitions are strong and real. The red hat it recognizes and it accepts. thought of red hat is almost exactly the opposed one to the one of hat target that is neutral objective and free of emotional aroma. ...Not me ask why. Simply I do not like east subject. It smells bad. ...Not me it pleases and I do not want to make businesses with him. That is everything. ...I have prefeeling of which this terrenito behind the church is going to be worth much within few years. ....That design he is horrible. He will never be popular. It is a true wastefulness. ...I have certain weakness by Henry. I know that he is a swindler and certainly it swindled a we. But it did it with style. I like. ...I am surely of which this treatment is not going to be never. He is destined to finish in an expensive lawsuit. ...I intuit that it is a situation without exit. We are condemned so much if we do it as if no we do it. Quitémonos this of above. ...I do not create that he is right to retain this information after that the treatment is signed. Nobody, thinker whom he loves to express feelings of this class would have to put itself red hat. This hat formally authorizes to express feelings that they go from the pure emotion to the prefeeling. With the hat thought red never it is necessary to justify or to explain what one feels. With this hat you can carry out the roll of emotional thinker who in the first place it reacts and it feels before to come step by step rationally.


Thought of red hat

The emotions they confuse the thought or they are part of this one? At what moment take part the emotions? The people emotional they can be good thinkers? The point of traditional Vista maintains that the emotions confuse the thought. it supposes that the good thinker must cold and be distanced, and not to let itself influence by emotions. One assumes that the good thinker is objective and considers facts by themselves and not by the importance that can have for his emotional necessities. It is even maintained, once in a while, that the women they are too emotional to be good thinkers. One says that the women they lack the spacing necessary to make good decisions. Nevertheless, all correct decision must be emotional in last instance. I emphasize expression, in last instance. When we have used the thought stops to draw up the map, they are values and emotions those that determine the route that we chose. I will return on this subject advanced more. The emotions they give relevance to our thought and they accommodate it necessities to our and to context of the moment. They are one leaves necessary from the operation of the brain, not a intrusión nor a relic of the times of the survival animal. There are three instances in which the emotion can affect the thought. It can have a fort trasfondo of emotions such as fear, wrath, hatred, suspects, jealousy or love. This trasfondo puts limits and colors all perception. The intention of thought of red hat is to make visible east trasfondo so that it can to observe its consequent influence. This emotion of bottom can dominate everything the thought. Trasfondo emotional can be bound to a person or one situation or can be in favor there of other reasons. In second instance, the initial perception is the one that shoots the emotion. You perceive that somebody has insulted to you and from then all your thought on that person marks itself with that feeling. You perceive (perhaps equivocadamente) that somebody interesadamente speaks and from then low regards everything to you what that person says. You perceive that something is propaganda and of there in more descrees of everything on the matter. We are very fast to make these judgments summary and to be imprisoned by the emotions that untie. The thought of red hat us it gives an opportunity to remove those feelings as soon as arise directly to the surface ...If it had that to put to me the hat red, it would say that its single proposal seems to favor his own interests and not as much those of the society. ... red hat says to me that you it is going away to oppose the fusion to conserve his work and not as much to benefit the shareholders. Third instance in which the emotions can take part gives after it is had drawn up a map of the situation. This map would have to also include emotions that made patents the thought

of red hat. The emotions -- that they include a good dose of car-interest -- they incorporate then stops to choose the route in the map. All decision leans in a base of values. Before the values we reacted emotionally. Our reaction before the value freedom (specially if they have prevailed to us of freedom) is emotional. ...Now that the picture which we have of the situation is clearest possible, pongámonos red hats and we choose our course of action emotionally. ...Of the two options -- to continue with strike or to negotiate -- I prefer first. I do not believe that be moment for negotiating. No of the parts has been harmed sufficient to want to resign to something. For that they consider valuable to express the emotions that it involves to think on a subject determined, the red hat offers useful means to legitimize those emotions in order that they can occupy his place in the final map. But it could sometimes the red hat to make leave the emotions that must remain hidden? ...I am against to its appointment because I am jealous of him and of its fast ascent to the power. Somebody it would reveal really those jealousy? Probably no. But the red hat allows an alibi. ...I go away a to put red and then the hat I am going to say that I feel that the opposition to promotion of Anne can be cradle partially in jealousy. Or: ...I go a to shield to me in my red hat and to say that I am against the promotion of Anne. It is only a feeling that I have. Also it would have to remember that a thinker, in the privacy of his own mind, can to decide to put the hat red. This allows him to bring of legitimate way his emotions to the surface. ...Here it could have a fear element. Fear of the confusion that implies to change of work. .. .If. I am very annoying. And at this one moment I only want to take revenge itself. I do not like that me deceive. ...I must to admit that I am not contented with this work. The thought of red hat it encourages this search: "What emotions are in game in this case?"


Thought of red hat
How valid son the intuitions? How valuable they are? How they must to use the intuitions? It is used word intuition in two-way traffic. Both are correct. But from el point of view of cerebral function is completely different. It is possible to be used the intuition in the discernment sense suddenly. This means that of suddenly something that it was perceived of a way perceives of another one. From this it can be a creative characteristic, a scientific discovery or a mathematical jump. ... Leave of to lend attention to the winner and diríjala to all the losers. Soon it observed that of 131 individual competitors in 130 confrontations they are left 130 losers. The other use of the word intuition one talks about the immediate apprehension or understanding of a situation. It is from a complex judgment based on experience -- a judgment that probably it is not possible to be needed nor to be expressed with words. When one it recognizes a friend does immediately; it makes a complex judgment, based on many factors. ...My intuition says to me that this street car is not going away to sell. That intuition it can be based on knowledge of the market, experience with similar products and understanding of the decisions of purchase within that rank of prices. To this type of intuition that implies "complex" I want to talk about here. The intuition, the prefeeling and the sensation are very near relatives. A prefeeling it is a hypothesis based on the intuition. The sensation can vary from one species of aesthetic feeling (almost one question of taste) until a judgment precise. . ...I have sensation of which it is going to back down when the decisive moment arrives. ...I have hard sensation of which this passage of omnibus and that bicycle are the keys essential of this murder. ...I have sensation of which this one is not the correct theory. She is too complex and confused. successful scientists, industralists and generals seem to have all this capacity "to feel" the situations. Of an industralist we say that it or "smells money". This will arise that the gains are not sufficiently obvious like so that anyone he can distinguish them, but that the industralist, that he specially has a sense developed to perceive money, yes that he can

detect them. The intuition he is not infallible. In the game, the intuition is well-known deceptive. If in roulette leaves red the eight followed times, the intuition suggests firmly in the next play will leave the black. Nevertheless, the possibilities are exactly the same ones. The table does not have memory What treatment him we give, therefore, to the intuition and the feeling? Before nothing we grant legitimacy to them with the thought of red hat. red hat allows to ask us for the feelings and also to express them like one it leaves suitable from the thought. Perhaps anvil emotions and the intuition they must have other hats, but this only complicaría the things. I create that it is possible to treat them together, like "feelings", although they are of different nature. We can to try to analyze the reasons that there are behind a judgment intuitive, but is improbable that we obtain it entirely. If we cannot catch the reasons, we must trust the judgment? It would be difficult to make an important investment on the basis of a prefeeling. He is better to treat intuition like part of the map. It can to treat the intuition as one treats an advisor. Yes the advisor was reliable in the past, it is probable that we pay but attention to the advice whom he gives us. If the intuition has been correct in many occasions, we can be arranged more to listen to it. ...All reasons advise against to lower the price, but my intuition says to me that he is the unique one way to recover participation in the market. A man accumulated, with experience, he develops a sense of the opportunity. accumulated experience is expressed like an intuition that says what businesses to him to do and which to leave of side. This intuition can be very valuable when it applies to the goods because it derives from the experience, but applied to the result of a presidential election it can as much not be. Also it can handle the intuition according to "gaining something, losing something". intuition can not be always correct, but if it were it more times than erroneous, the total result will be positive. It would be dangerous to attribute to the intuition the infalibilidad of oráculo mystical. Without embargo, the intuition is part of the thought. It is there. He is real and it can to contribute. ... It could to make please express with the red hat its intuition with respect to this fusion? ...My sensation of red hat is that the prices of the real estate property go to raise extremely and in a moment. ...It wants to give a red hat me on this new advertising bell?

...My red hat says to me that they are not going to accept this supply. Which is point of contact of intuition and opinion? We have seen that the thought of white hat does not allow to express opinions (although it can allow the report of the opinion of others). This is thus because the opinion is based on the judgment, interpretation and the intuition. The balance can be of the side of the judgment on well-known facts or of the side of sensations founded on factors strangers. It is possible to be expressed opinions with the red hat, the black or with the yellow. When the red one is used, he is better to express the opinion like feeling (or "sensation of which"). ...I have sensation of which the person in charge of great part of the youthful delinquency is boredom. ...I have sensation of which to the cinemas they need some spectacular productions promoted in great scale.


Thought of red hat
To react and to alter itself. This is what I feel on this meeting. To show u. to hide the feelings. We can to at any time show the feelings of red hat during course of a meeting, discussion or conversation. The feelings can to go to the same handling of the meeting, not only to the subject that is treating. .. .I go a to put me the hat red and to say to them to all you whom I do not like the form in that this meeting is being handled. ...I want to make an affirmation of red hat. I feel that they are forcing to us to arrive a an agreement that we do not want. Mr Hooper, according to my point of view of red hat, you never listen anybody. ...I have said what meant and now I am going away to clear the red hat. In the middle of natural flow of emotions that happens in any meeting, the convention of red hat could seem artificial and unnecessary. Really it is necessary "to put" the hat red to get upset? Perhaps not it can to express the emotions by means of the glance and of the tone of voice? Indeed she is this artificialidad what gives true value to the red hat. Normally, the emotions need certain time to arise and time still more in order to disappear. There is resentment and offense. One takes offense and he is victim. In certain way, the red hat allows that

somebody connects and disconnects the way emotional at few moments. You put the red hat and you the acquittals. points of view that are expressed with the red hat are less personal than those that are expressed without him, since is recognized it like a formal system. The same necessity "to put" the hat red it reduces the amount of aggressions. A nobody can bother to him to put the hat red whenever it thinks that there is there are certain violence. And after the expression has been adopted regularly "red hat", seems crude to show points of view emotional without resorting to the formality of the red hat. Since red hat accurately channels the feelings and the emotion, these no longer they need to interfere constantly. Whatever it feels the necessity of to express sus emotions has a way precise to do it. No longer it does lack to try to guess the feelings of the others. There is a way of to ask to them directly. .. .I want that the red hat is put and says to me what thinks of my proposal. ...I suspect that I am not to him likeable. I want an answer of red hat. To enamored they like to hear that their pairs say it although they do not have any doubt. ...Putting to me in the level of the red hat, I mean that very I am pleased by the form as this conference is being developed. Is this one the general opinion? ...I have sensation of which all we want to conclude this agreement and to sign it. Mr. Morrison, it could express his point of view to me with the red hat? The hat red one is not due to exaggerate nor is due to use in excess to risk of taking it a absurd ends. He is totally unnecessary to adopt this way formally of to say whenever it express a feeling. One is due to use when it are expressed or the expression of a feeling of formal and defined way is requested. .. .If it returns to make another affirmation of red hat, I am going to him to throw the hat far. ...It cannot to make an affirmation general of red hat? A single one and is enough. What seems to him this subject? ...Only I want an opportunity to make an affirmation of red hat. Later me I am going it to clear and I will not return to use it.


Thought of red hat
It can thought to change the emotions?

After bottom emotional. The emotions like positions to negotiate. Emotions, values and options. Once the emotions have become visible by means of the red hat, can to try to investigate them and to even change them. This no longer comprises of the work with the red hat. thought can alter the emotions. The logical part of the thought not them it alters; it makes the part perceptiva. If we see something of a different way that before, this modified perception can alter our emotions. ...Not it watch like a defeat. Míralo like an effective way to discover weaknesses and powers of its tennis. ...Serious acceptable this supply if it came from you? ..- Acéptalo like an essential experience of learning, not like a judgment error. To learn is always expensive. We will not have to happen again through the same. Not always it is possible to provide perceptions that can alter or make disappear emotions. But always it is worth the trouble to try it. The emotions expressed they can fix trasfondo of the thought or the discussion. There is one permanent conscience of this trasfondo of emotions. Against this trasfondo they make decisions and plans are adopted. Once in a while he is useful to imagine trasfondo emotional different see how different they would be the things. ...All we know that one is negotiating with trasfondo of extreme mistrust. Let us treat to imagine which would be our thought if each part trusted truely in the other. ...It exists sensation of which what we decide here it will not have too much importance. events are surpassing to us. Let us imagine that this is not thus and that we have the effective control of the things. ...We have that to be conscious of this trasfondo of anger. We cannot ignore it. Like I indicated previously, the emotions and the feelings comprise of coloration of the map. Thanks to the convention of the red hat we can arrive a to know the regions that are very teñidas emotionally. Then, when let us design the solutions of the disputes, we will be able to stay far from those areas. ... propose restriction to its work in the competing societies is obvious a delicate point. At the moment we will stay sections of the subject. ... union leaders never are going to accept nothing that seems reduction of wages. This already has been said with sufficient force. The emotions usually they are used to improve positions in a negotiation. I do not talk

about a resentments, threats, blackmail or calls to the compassion. I talk about to emotional value that is attributed to certain subjects. The principle of the value variable is in the base of the negotiation. Something has a value for a part and another different value for the other. It is possible to be expressed these values in form direct thanks to the thought of red hat, ... capacity that we must to handle the limits that to us the unions impose it is very important for our productivity. , ...We must to insist on which the suitable disciplinary procedure is followed. We are not saying that Jones is innocent, but that is due to follow the procedure established. There is consensus I exceeded that the last purpose of all thought must be the satisfaction of thinker. Therefore, in the long run, the purpose of the thought is to satisfy the expressed emotions. The difficulty it arises in three aspects. The propose attachment line satisfies truely expressed desires? ...I do not create that to lower the prices it increases the sales in fact. Second difficulty occurs when the satisfaction of desires of a part occurs a coast of those of the other. ...We can to increase the hours extra or to take more personnel. The first option would benefit to that they are working. Second, á some of which are without work. Third difficulty source is the conflict between the satisfaction to short and length term. A basic principle of the Christianity says it with great clarity: In what benefits the man if he gains the entire world but he loses his soul? ...We can to increase the tariffs of publicity and to obtain more income in immediate form. But, in the long run, we will push the warning devices to other means. ...If we lowered the prices to attract clients of other airlines, we can obtain one temp advantage. Later they will compare the prices and we will return a to lose those clients. But it will continue the diminished yield. ...Me it would enchant to eat east plate to me of chipses French, but they do not go a to benefit in the weight. ...I want that they consider arranged me to endorse companies of new technology, but I know that what they love the investors estable52 is a growth 86 SIX HATS IN ORDER TO THINK The emotions they comprise of the method to also think and of the subject that thinks. He is useless to hope that they disappear and they leave the free field to the pure thought.


Thought of red hat
The emotions no they must be coherent logics nor. The emotions they can be harmonized with the language. Resist temptation to justify the emotions. What more it costs with the red hat to think is to resist the temptation to justify an emotion already expressed. That justification can be true or false. In both cases, the thought of red hat returns it unnecessary. ...It does not matter why you distrust of him. You distrust. ...You like the idea to put an office in New York. It is not necessary to go to the details of the reason for which you like the idea. That could come more ahead, when we approach a decision on the matter. It is educated to us for we excused by the emotions and the feelings, because they are not warp of the logical thought. For that reason we tend to treat them like one prolongation of the logic. If anybody us gusta does not have to be by a good one reason. If we like a project, must be based on the logic. The red hat it releases to us of such obligations. This it means that we have the freedom to have and to maintain any prejudice? This does not imply an enormous danger? On the contrary. They can be more dangerous the prejudices based apparently on the logic that those recognized like emotions. I am not against to the exploration of the emotions nor to try to find its foundations. But this does not comprise of the language of the red hat. The emotions they are discontinuous and often incoherent. A questionnaire asked North Americans if they were in favor of taking part in Central America. The majority it was pronounced favorable. Nevertheless, there was a majority that was against each one of the suggested methods of intervention. It is possible to favor the intervention, in abstract, but to be against when the abstract thing to terms is transferred concrete. This can not have sense according to the logic, but it has it in world of the emotions. The convention of the red hat it is not a way to announce the emotions, although some people can touch themselves to use it this way. It is looked much more like mirror that reflects all the complexity of the emotions. One says that the Inuit (esquimales) has twenty words to say snow. There are cultures that they have the same amount of words for the different shades from the love. The Spanish, just as other many European languages he lacks an ample one variety of words that indicate emotions.

It exists gustar/no to please, to amar/odiar, complacido/no pleased, feliz/infeliz. By example, we could use a word to indicate "indeciso" with positive shade and another one for indeciso with a negative shade. The word suspect is excessively negative. Since thought of red hat allows brave and to be opened us with ours feelings, we can try to tune them with the situations. Without red hat we tend to limit us the complemented strongest words with the tone and the face expression ...I have fa sensation of which it is vacillating this business. It does not want to be including, but either that leaves it outside. It wants to be by hand in the waiting room. Ready it stops to enter when it agrees to him. ...Morgan a you do not displease to him, but she worries it. It would enchant to him to find a good one it excuses for tenerte antipathy ...Simply we did not tune the same wave in this subject. ...Fa exists sensation of which this company is being deflated little by little. One is not a loss of enthusiasm, but of something similar to one weighs puncture in inflatable rubber boat. Not note that is passing nothing, but when watching it again after certain time, note clearly that he is less firm what before The hat red it allows that the thinker has the freedom of being something poet with his feelings. It gives to the feelings the right to become visible.


Summary of the thought of red hat
The use of red hat allows that the thinker says: "Therefore me I feel with respect to this subject ". The hat red legitimiza the emotions and the feelings like one leaves important from thought. The hat red it makes the feelings visible so that they can become partly of map and also of the system of values that chooses the route in the map. The hat it provides the thinker with an advisable method to enter and to leave the way emotional; thus it can do it of a way that is not possible without this trick or instrument. The hat red it allows that the thinker explores the feelings of the others when them it asks for a point of view of red hat. When thinker is using the red hat, never it would have to make the attempt of to justify the

feelings or to base them on the logic. The hat red it covers two ample types with feeling. In the first place, the emotions common, that they vary from the forts, such as fear and misfortune, until subtler as the suspicion. Secondly, the complex judgments, classifiable in types such as prefeelings, intuitions, sensations, aesthetic preferences, feelings and other nonjustifiable types of way perceivable. When an opinion consists to a great extent of this type of feelings, also can be fitted under the red hat.


The black hat
THAT IT HAS OF BAD logical-negative. Why no it will work. It does not fit in our knowledge and experience. Analysis. The point of pessimistic point of view. It must be said that most of the thinkers -- as much the trained ones as not trained -- they will feel extremely comfortable using the black hat. This must to the emphasis western in the discussion and the critic. Although it seems surprising, majority opinion thinks that the main function of the thought consists of to use the black hat; Unfortunately, this leaves completely of side affection generative, creative and constructive of the thought. Nevertheless the thought of black hat is a very important part of the thought. This way of to think is always logical. He is negative but he is not emotional. The roll emotional-negative corresponds to the red hat (that also covers to emotional-positive). The thought of black hat watches the dark side or "black" about the things, but always one is a negrura logic. With the red hat it does not have to give the reasons of a feeling negative. With the black one is due to always give to reasons excellent logics and. Of fact, one of the great values of the system of the six hats to think it consists of separating of precise way the emotional-negative of logical-negative. ...I do not create that the reduction of prices is going to work. ...That is to think with red hat. I want that it says its ideas to me of black hat. I want its reasons logics. ...Ours previous experiences -- that I can show to him in form of numbers of sales -- they indicate that from the reduction of prices have not been sufficient sales stops to compensate the reduction of the margin of gains. Also our rivals have tried the reduction

of its prices to compete better. The reasons of the thought of black hat they must be worth by themselves. They must be usable by anyone. They not only must be reasonable when it presents/displays a person of strong character in persuasiva form, but also when the express one with coldness in a book. The thought of black hat is based on the logic of the equality and the difference. thought of black hat must be logical and truthful, but it does not have to be just. It presents/displays aspecto logical -- negative: why something did not work. It is to think of the yellow hat the one that presents/displays the logical-positive aspect -- why something will work --. This is thus because the tendency of the mind to be negative is so hard that it must equip itself with a specific hat. A thinker must to have the opportunity of being purely negative. It is very possible that a subtle difference in the composition of chemistry exists cerebral when we are negative and when we are positive. If this is thus, no it would be practical to have a hat for the objective judgment that covered so much logical-positive aspect like the logical-negative because cerebral chemistry no one would move constantly between both. The chemistry of the negative can be of the fear and the one of the positive the one of the pleasure. Always it maintains that the word critic it implies an honest appreciation as much of the positive aspect like of the negative. Actually, nevertheless, the verb to criticize it indicates what is bad. This is exactly what implies the thought of black hat. Years of experience in the education of the thought has convinced gives the necessity to me to separate the logical-negative of the logical-positive. The people whom she affirms to be joust, in general does not do more than to clear a few smaller points of opposite opinions to hers. Although black hat is the "hat of the critic", I want that it is absolutely clear that no it is a question to put itself of a side in one discussion. There is neither sides nor no discussion. The black hat is concentrated in logical-negative. A thinker can change of black hat hat yellow and vice versa according to wishes it. ...With my black hat I must indicate the lack of provision of electricity in this cabin. With the yellow, I can make notice that it is not necessary to pay accounts of electricity. The character specific of the black hat it alleviates to the thinker of the necessity to be right and to watch sides of a situation both. When it is used the black hat can to give loose rein to the negatividad. To first Vista, could seem that the black hat intensifies the negatividad so characteristic of so many thinkers. As the legitimiza red hat emotions, the apparently legitimiza black this absolute species of negatividad. Actually, the black hat has the opposite effect. A person of negative nature she constantly introduces this negatividad in his thought. That

negatividad is always quick to jump. This means that in ours habitual confused thought in which we tried to do at the same time all -- the predominant tone will be negative. As it is concentrated directly in negative, the black hat in fact it limits the negatividad. Him it can ask a thinker who takes off the black hat. This indicates a clear one and defined abandonment of the negative. ...His thought of black hat has been magnificent. Why another one is not put now hat? ...During meeting you have not done more than to express your thought of black hat. It does not know to use another hat? I want that clear the black hat and the yellow is put during next the five minutes. Then Dígame what sees. ...Generally we obtained thoughts of black hat with Mary. When is not put it it seems that it does not have much to say. ...You it thinks with a single hat: the black. A golfista of excellent drive it cannot ignore the wood for smooth blows. Of the same one way, to a thinker who is good with the black hat not it likes to feel incapable to put the other hats voluntarily. The language of the hats it puts thus in clear that the negatividad is only one part of the thought. To this height them one is already due to have happened to many readers who the roll of the black hat he is very similar to the traditional roll of the devil's advocate. .. .Truely I like the idea of an airship of passengers. But by moments I am going to play the role of devil's advocate. ...Us we are letting take by the enthusiasm. Somebody is going to have to do of devil's advocate and to notice that the sale price is too high. The hat black is similar, in effect, to the roll of the east Integra and devil's advocate roll individual within all the series of rolls that symbolize the six hats. This way the negatividad is appraised only like one of the rolls of thought. It has, nevertheless, an important difference. The lawyer of the devil he was in fact, a lawyer that designated the courts ecclesiastics to defend to the defendant of heresy or witchcraft. Again we are in the plane of the argumentation. As I indicated it previously, the thought of black hat it does not have anything to do with the argumentation, but that only it concentrates in the logical-negative. Thinking of black hat is used to complete the black part of the map of the thought. The task of the black hat is one like any other. It needs that carry out completely. To retain the thought of black hat from fear of which the negative aspects destroy an idea is to annul the intention completely of thinking with six hats -- that it implies that one evolves to the

maximum each of the six rolls.


Thought of black hat
Errors of thought. Why a thing it does not follow the other. Guidelines for tests. Possible conclusions. As in the case of the thought of red hat, can be applied the one of black hat to the same subject -- I will talk about this more advanced -- and also to the debate or same thought: to the method of the thought. ...That I know, that is a supposition. ...I do not see connection between this and what said before. ...The numbers that I know they are different from which you have given. That is not only possible explanation is single an explanation. A logical connection does not make lack between those points. Serious idiot e disadvantage that a thinker had to put the hat formally black whenever he wanted to make notice something of this type. That type is understood that of observations it comprises of the thought of black hat clarifies it formally or no. Actually, he is preferable that the thinker accumulates several points of this type instead of to interrupt constantly as he is usual in the discussion. The thinker can then to make an affirmation formal of thought of black hat, listing the different errors from thought that it has noticed. ...I go a to put to me the hat a little while black because I want to indicate the errors that there are warned in this discussion. The fall of the consumption of licores can be due a greater conscience on the cares of the health, but also to greater consumption of wine or to the greater severity of the legislation that punishes leading later to consume alcohol. In addition, the increase of the vodka sales can have to the increase of publicity and not to have relation some with the pleasure. ...Reason why I see, all you you have expressed opinions, suppositions and feelings of red hat. ...That is not correct. The payment of royalties only is without effect if the work of investigation and development has been made in Offer.

...Me it would please to put in black hat its ideas on this subject. Their numbers have four years of antiquity. The sample is very small. And the numbers are single of the south of the country. I do not try to establish here all the rules of the deduction and the logical inference. Many are abstract and not siempre excellent for practical subjects -- in as much these are distinguished of the closed systems. We can to simplify therefore the basic rules: 1. He is firm and justified the base? 2. It follows derivation? 3. It follows derivation necessarily? 4. They exist other possible derivations? By "derivation" I understand any thing that says that it is followed of another one. Often a derivation is a conclusion. ...If we increased the pains and sentences to prison, the crime will be reduced. This can to seem a sufficiently logical affirmation. If we examined it in form detailed, we noticed that, in effect, the derivation can follow, but no necessarily. Yes it is known that the risk of being captured is very low, then an increase of the pain can not be effective. If the courts do not impose higher sentences, the preventive effect can be lost. Nevertheless, it could say that it is probable that a greater dissuasion has "some effect" in the reduction of the crime. Here we arrived at the point in which we must determine exact amplitude of the expression "some effect". From the point of Vista of the additional cost that implies to maintain to people in prisión the effect it can very little be. But we could deepen more. Perhaps the increase of pain could not increase or make worse the crimes? The criminal can feel more inclined to kill its victim so that there is less probability of than capture if the pain is very severe. The prolonged permanence more in prison by a crime of smaller quantity can turn a delinquent criminal hardened. Finally, the greater cost than implies to maintain people in prison can have less consequences than if that same money were spent in to increase the dowry police. The point interesting which it agrees to stand out in this example it is that it is needed great amount of imagination in order to generate consequences and possibilities alternatives. As I wrote in Practical Thinking, the test usually is only lack of imagination. This bond for science, the right and stops most of which it is not system closed like the mathematics and the philosophical games of words. In practice, one of the best forms to show a logic error is to present/display a possibility or alternative explanation.

.. .It is truth that in many countries the amount of divorces increases on a par that the amount of machines lavarropas, but that does not mean necessarily that these cause the divorce. The reason of both tendencies can be in the greater wealth, in the progress of the society, or in the increase of women who work, etc. ...It is truth that if we probably raised the prices the sales diminish. But if we managed to present/display the product like of first quality, we could obtain type different from buyer and thus the diminution of the sales would be compensated by the increase of income. Here we return to the aspect of "probability" of which we spoke with regard to thought of white hat. He is perfectly acceptable to indicate one possible alternative, but never is due to maintain that all the alternatives are equally probable. The thought never must forget that black hat never it is an argument. How we approached the subject of the error in the map of the thought? A person think that an increase of the pain would reduce the crime. Another one thinks that this is one possible but not demonstrated supposition. When it is possible, one is due to use references to statistics or some real experience to help to decide subject (thought of white hat). If the subject cannot be settled, in map the different alternative points of view are written down like possibilities. When the tests are particularly weak, it is possible to be classified possibility like opinion. Whatever it uses the map has then option to pay attention to that opinion or to ignore it. ...It is reasonable to suppose that a greater amount of people is going to travel during vacations, since the familiar income are increasing, the amount of children he is smaller and the aerial trips will be relatively cheaper. .. .It is possible that people become bored to travel when disappears the newness and chooses for vacations of the type "second house" in its own countries. It must to write down both possibilities. The two can coexist. Even though they are excluded mutually, one would be due to seat in the map until they decide the tests or the emotional preference. Until a discussed fact can be included in the map -- whenever is classified it like "discussed".


Thought of black hat
How it fits this with the guidelines of my last experience?

This is thus? Which are risks? We have studied the thought of black hat as soon as it matters to the method of thought. Now we go to the substance. They are correct the facts? They are pertinent? It provides the thought of white hat but puts the thought of black hat on approval. ...It can that the number of unemployed is minor who the one of the numbers, because it is possible that many people of a family do not bother themselves in writing down themselves. ...The 600 million aerial passages that are sold per year do not give an exact idea of how much people travel in fact, because some people can make many trips. In addition this number includes brief internal trips. ...It would have to relate the numbers that show a smaller amount of crimes in The United States with the numbers of the population of each age. It can be that diminution of crimes must to that great amount of people is leaving section of eighteen to twenty-three years, that in which the majority is committed, of crimes. One of simpler and more obvious uses of the thought of black hat are to put a it proves the numbers and the information ". In such cases, the intention of black hat is to indicate the facts erroneous (when he is this one the case) or that possibly they are inapplicable. If it is had to make a decision from the greater one importance based on the facts, then the possibility -- although he is slight -- of that they are inapplicable would have to take to improve the facts or the numbers. intention of the thinker of black hat is not to create all the possible doubts, since a defense counsel in courts makes, but to indicate the faults in he forms objective. There is much experience that is not moderate in facts and numbers. The thought of black hat it can indicate where a proposal or an affirmation does not adjust to that experience. .. . experience indicates me that if to people a monetary advantage occurs him, quickly it begins to consider it a part normal of the wage. ...My experience indicates to me that people respond very well if feels that it is appraised its extra effort and demonstrates that appreciation with some compensates tangible. If people she hopes to be compensated will do very little unless one is offered to him compensates. The two first affirmations can correspond to the experience of which they meet in order to speak of the motivation. Third no. It is necessary to clarify that the experience is very personal, and that therefore different people can have different experiences. In different cultures, effects of you compensate them

can be different. Also it would have to be clarified that different circumstances lead to different effects. It is possible * that if you compensate them they are too frequent, they give like result laziness. For all these reasons, there are experiences that can seem incompatible or even contradictory. ...At times of inflation people tend to save more. ...This is not truth, people it saves less. In the majority of the countries, people, in effect, tend to save more. But not in The United States. This can happen because there is more information and people have greater financial sophistication, or because the interests on the loans are deductible of taxes and at times of inflation the interest rates can to even be negative. There are occasions in which a thinker of black hat can try to defy something in terms absolute. This bond for scientific facts, findings of an investigation, established data affluent, etc. ...I believe that that is erroneous. Most of the supermarkets it does not plus two to tres by ciento of the production In others occasions are justified that the thinker of black hat presents/displays his personal experience. ...It has discovered that the work in a small organization is much more motivador. I am not in agreement with you when you say that the great organizations decentralized they are looked like the small ones. ...I have to put to me the hat black to say to them that what proposes simply not it fits á my twenty years of experience in the business of the cosmetic one. Not it can put the same mark to a product of first quality and another common one and current. It is also obligation of the thought of black hat to indicate the risks, dangers, déficits and potential problems that could arise in the future. ...If we left the initial use of the nuclear weapons, the Russians could destroy Europe with conventional arms. ...I must to indicate that in this proceeding of divorce his husband could maintain that you no she was the suitable person to take care of the children. ...If pound sterling continues falling in relation to the dollar, are possibly had to raise the interest rates, which would originate a fall in stock-market of values. The only way as we can watch the future is from the point of view of the past. This can to mean a simple extrapolation. There is one tendency firmly established in favor of sandwiches and the meals fast. People are reducing the great formal meals and adopting "pasturing", which means that it eats,

actually, without leaving of to work. ...Many organizations have broken to try to sell ice creams to the French. No I see why this new attempt would have to be successful. Also it can interpret the future like a conjunction of different tendencies and models. .. .To size that the week of work is used excessive respect, will be more free time. But the high rate of unemployment it means that much people with free time cannot spend much money in this one. Therefore we needed cheap forms to spend the short whiles of leisure. ... black hat says me that the Apple computers will be outside market a less than they are compatible with IBM. The buyers are going to want to accede a all the software of IBM. Always we can have certainty on the past -- although we did not prune to be always insurances of which a particular lesson of the past is applied a certain one today situation. With respect to the future we must be speculative. it can describe the thought of yellow hat like speculative-positive, because he is optimistic and it watches all the good things that they can arise from one decision or propose action. One of the functions of the hat thought black consists of offering the speculative-negative balance: "Those things they could leave badly ". ...With respect to the proposal to enter the field of the personal computers I must put to me the black hat to give my opinion him. We can do it? We can put it in sale to the correct price? What advantages will have on the competitors? Why it would buy somebody? Here we arrived to which "negative question" can be called. The hat thinker black virtually says: "I have east negative point of view. Of you it depends that it convinces to me that I am mistaken ". ...Why think that this consultant is going to be better than the previous one? ...What it happens if the Japanese enter the market of civil aviation? ...In what position we were if one of the greater pharmaceutical companies begins to make lenses intra-eyeglasses? Most of the negative questions can be presented/displayed also well in this form: "it seems to Me dangerous that..." ...It seems to me dangerous that the competition reaches our lower prices. ...It seems to me dangerous that the governmental subsidies finish in steep form. ...It seems to me dangerous the milk overproduction. ...It seems to me dangerous which the increase of wages makes raise the production costs and us leave outside market ...It seems to me dangerous that the thought of the six hats can become game, and as much that we formally do not think anything on the main subject.

As of devil's advocate it is a traditional roll of the thought, also is it of Casandra, the prophetess of badly the omen. This roll it fits perfectly with the speculative-negative aspect of the thought of black hat. How resist the refusals that the thought of black hat throws? first that we must remember it is that we are drawing up a map, not discussing. First it forms consists of writing down the refusal and recognizing it. ...Yes, in effect, that one is a new danger, and if it happens we will be in a problem. Certainly we needed to have it in account. Second it forms is to recognize the refusal but to offer a parallel point of view that hardly it is the case. ...One exists possibility but I believe that it is only one remote possibility. We have proven this product during four years and any fault must have come to the light. Third it forms is to recognize the danger and to present/display an answer. ... If competitors equal their prices with ours, then we will send special product of low price, that was designed to be sold to a price very low. If they try to equal it, they will not have left any margin of gain. Fourth it forms is to deny the validity of the danger: in fact, it is to apply thought of black hat when thinking of black hat of the other person. ...I do not understand how this can happen, since the cost from enter this market would be too high for nobody just arrived. The most important players already they are in seat and we know them. The villa it forms consists of offering an alternative point of view and to locate it in parallel to the one of the thought of black hat. ..To size that the price of petroleum is smaller in relation to other costs, people it can begin to buy greater automobiles again, but as it already is customary to the convenience of smallest I believe that always it will have market for them.


Thought black hat
It is much more easy to be negative. More it is amused to be negative. Yes... but...

construction of a railroad is una complex feat of engineering. One simple bar of concrete located of traverse in the route can derail express. Locating this bar is not an operation that needs one ability, extraordinary. To destroy is always much more easy that to construct. The same it happens with the negatividad. For that reason it is necessary, when we considered the thought of black hat to also pay attention to the attractiveness of negatividad, that so often leads to a "negative complacencia". negative thought is attractive because its profit is immediate and complete. To prove that somebody is mistaken gives this immediate satisfaction. To propose one constructive idea does not offer any profit until the idea it likes to somebody or it is possible to be proven that it works (what has been time) To attack one devises it gives an instantaneous sensation of superiority. To praise one devises apparently it locates to which praises a little below the author of the idea. To criticize is very easy, because everything what must make the critic is to choose a frame its judgment and soon to show that the proposal does not fit in that frame in individual. ...What here we needed is a simple, practical idea. Its proposal is too much elaborated and.complex. It would never give result. If proposal had been simple and direct, then the critic could have chosen one he structures different. ...This vision of the situation is too simplista. The proposal is a silly thing own of kindergarten. To my son of six years of age it would be possible to be had to him happened something better. We must consider all the factors. Observe that both steep rejections of the proposal are in certain way easier that formulation of a new proposal. Observe, also, that in fact the critic one is not based on the substance of the proposal but on certain general quality, like that it is "too complex" or "too simple". It is surprising how much critical it is, actually, of this type. This class of thought must locate under the red hat, nonlow the black. ...Not me it pleases its proposal. It is that simple. There is much thought of red hat that is disguised of black. ...If that is everything what must say, we must consider it like hat thought red, not like black thought. You to your feelings right have. It is much more easy to make a suit that is not well that one that if. This leads directly to the language of "yes... but ". Here the negative thinker he ignores most of the proposal, that in effect is valuable and feasible, in order to concentrate itself in some sector of smaller importance, than he can be doubtful. ...The book it is well, but it wanted to know why it had to choose that absurd title. No it says nothing on the book, is not pertinent. It is the title class that could to find in a bad

popular novelita. ...The absurd thing of all the budget the value added has left patent in the tax on food that is bought prepared. If she is cold, it does not have tax because it is only food. If has been warmed up it, yes that is tax: no longer it is mere food, "it is eaten". Generally it is maintained that the critic serves useful when indicates the defects of smaller importance, because what in fact it is saying it is: "All others are well, so if corrects that smaller defect will be perfect ". This bond without a doubt when a designer or a writer is giving form to product, but when this one is ready the expression of the critic comes to be: "I must find something that to criticize". In the example of the tax to the fast food, we see another language in action. Here the thinker negative tries to give the impression that this concentrating itself only in one part absolutely. When showing that the part is absurd, the implication is that everything is equally absurd. This is just like to give to understand: "The one that it makes a triviality thus is a stupid one. Therefore, any thing that does is stupid ". These are obvious and infantile complacencias of the negative thinker. There are many others, that they include adjectives ("weak", "thus called", "infantile", etc.) and sarcasm ("well-meaning", etc.). Also it is the traditional refuge of which they do not understand something new: "the new clothes of the Emperor". In my new one book, Conflicts; To Better Way to Resolve Them, it is explained with greater clarity and much more in detail the dangers of the negative thought and of argumentativo method. The intention of the thought of black hat it is to take care of the serious negative thought and not of the infantile complacencia negative that I am outlining in this section. The aspect serió of the expression "yes, but" consists of which sometimes it is necessary to not very indicate to a danger bable pro but that nevertheless must be indicated. ...I know that there is proven the yield of you praise them of these turbines in the operation of motor, but thinks that they will resist the lateral impact of the blow of a bird? ...It is not very probable, but always the possibility that exists she is a double agent. We must have it in account. ...I suppose that the possibility that exists now the books are becoming quite expensive so that one considers valid gifts them. I treated subject of the "probability" under the thought of white hat. In as much something suitably it is framed (given the probability), is I legitimize to comment out negative of the type of "himself... but ". One appears them like subjects to correct or subjects to have present.


Thought of black hat
The hat yellow would have to precede to the black? Fear and security. Curiosity and exploration. The children small they notice -- and they object -- the minimum deviation of the story of story that knows well. The reiteration inspires security. He is reasonable supposition that in aterrorizantes circumstances an animal limits its behavior to the flight or fight guidelines that know. Los assumes that ~ welded under fire they must maintain the discipline. Perhaps a retirement to the certainty constitutes the negative aspect of the mind of known? Which hat must put the first thinker the black of the negative inspection or the yellow of the positive exploration? It can to argue that the black hat would always have to be first to be able to reject quickly the impassable ideas, with no need to spend too much time considering them. This negative way is the one that uses most of people, and stops many practical intentions are fast and effective. When it matters to us plus competition that the profit, the negative discrimination saves time. Nevertheless, it is much more easy to see the defects of any new proposal that to see his virtues. Therefore, if first we used the black hat, it is little probable that we advance more in her. Once the mind has gone towards negative, is very difficult to see the positive. Possibly cerebral chemistry one has already adjusted to "fear" and "security". For that reason, when we considered new ideas and changes, it has much sense to adopt first the yellow hat and later the black. ...We will arrive to the thought of black hat to its due time. But so far I want that all put the yellow hat. ...That is thought of black hat. Hope until later. .. .I do not want interruptions of black hat by more valid that they are. Anótelas e infórmelas later. Once one has explained with clarity the idea and the benefits of the same one, thought of black hat has something on which to work. I want to emphasize that all have the responsibility to use the yellow hat with respect to the proposal. It is not only task of the person who makes the suggestion while all the others feel in silence, impatient, to the delay

of to put the hat black. ...You no it has said nothing still. I want that it comments out some of hat yellow. It could to maintain that if an idea passes the "judgment" negative of the black hat and it survives, automatically it is possible to be described as good, and that then thought of yellow hat would be of more. This part of the false assumption of which all the merits of an idea are on a species of tray and that everything what we must do is to examine them. In fact, to explore the merits of an idea requires a considerable effort of imagination and thought perceptivo. By this the deliberate thought of yellow hat is necessary and also by this it must be adopted first. Once what the idea with clarity has been pronounced, can be applied the thought of black hat of two different ways. First it consists of examining viability of the idea. ...He is legal this idea? ...This idea it would work? ...There is some benefit in this idea? ...It is worth the trouble to do this? I have chosen by to include in the viable term the benefit notion: if there are no benefits, idea can be viable in abstract, but not actually. Once established that the idea is viable, the thought of black hat can deal with to improve it indicating its faults. ...If we did thus, would be a mountain of work at the end of every month. ... it would abuse the system unless there were a number of personal code destined to that they buy by telephone. The improvement of design is a positive use of the thought of black hat. improvement of the design certainly is not limited to suppress errors -- to imagine and to obtain benefits are still more important. But to detect and to correct errors and dangers are essential part of this work. Sometimes, it is possible to do more than the mere suppression of a problem. It can become that problem in an opportunity or source of benefit. This would require one mixture of thought of green hat (creativity) and thought of yellow hat. To the one of black hat is not incumbent to him to solve problems -- to only indicate them.


Summary of the thought of black hat
Thinking of black hat takes care specifically of the negative judgment. The thinker of black hat indicates what is bad, incorrect and the erroneous thing. The thinker of black hat

indicates that something does not comply to the experience or to the knowledge accepted. The thinker of black hat indicates why something is not going to work. The thinker of black hat indicates to the risks and dangers. The thinker of black hat indicates the imperfections of a design. thought of black hat no it is argumentation and never it would have to consider so. It is an objective attempt to put in the map the elements negatives. thought of black hat can indicate the errors in the process of thought and in the same method. thought of black hat can confront an idea with the past stops to verify if it fits with already known. The thought of black hat it can project an idea in the future verifying what it could fail or go badly. thought of black hat can be born negative questions. thought of black hat would not have to be used to conceal complacencia negative refusal or feelings, those that would have to use the red hat. The judgment positive is for the yellow hat. Give to appear new ideas, yellow hat always is due to use before the black.


The yellow hat
Thought positive. The yellow is the color of rays of the sun and the luminosity, Optimism. Concentration in the benefit. Thought constructive; to cause that the things happen. The being positive is an option. We can choose to watch the things of positive way. We can choose to concentrate to us in the positive aspects of a situation. We can look for the benefits. The attitude of the yellow hat she is exactly the opposed one to the one of the black. The

hat black takes care of the negative Judgment, whereas the yellow of the positive. Unfortunately, there are more natural reasons to be negative that to be positive. The negative thought can protect to us of errors, risks and dangers. positive thought must be a mixture of curiosity, pleasure, covets and desire "to cause that the things happen."It can be argued that progress of the man depends on this desire. In my book on the success, Tactícs: The Art and Science of Success, which characterizes the successful people it is this irresistible desire to cause that the things happen. I have described to "the yellow speculative-positive" hat, because with nobody plan or action we are watching towards the future. There the action or the plan goes away to make. We never can be so safe of the future as we are it of past, reason why we must speculate on which it could happen. We began to do something porqué is worth the trouble to do it. Our judgment of value, on which "it is worth the trouble", it gives "the positive" aspect to speculative-positive. But also when we observed something that already has happened we can choose to watch the positive aspects or to extract an interpretation positive. ... positive is that now we know how is going to act. The uncertainty finished. ...Pongámonos the yellow hat and we consider the aspects positive. Kodak has decided to enter the market of the instant camera. Therefore it will have to do publicity to its products. This will increase the knowledge public of the merit of the instantaneous photography. This can support our sale specially -- if the public notices that our product is better. ...To reprobate that examination was the best thing than it could to him have happened. He would not have been happy like teacher. There are some, few, people whose natural mental habits are positive. Most of people are positive when she is presenting/displaying an own idea. Most of people are positive on an idea if in her she notices something by himself immediately same. The own interest is a strong base for the positive thought. The thought of yellow hat it does not have to wait for such motivations. The thought of yellow hat is a deliberate resource that the thinker chooses to adopt. positive aspect does not turn out from to have seen the merit of an idea: it is previous a this; The yellow hat comes first. The thinker puts the hat yellow and later follows requirements of the hat to be positive and optimist. If we return a the press analogy that I used previously, the yellow hat puts yellow color in the same way that the red hat puts the color red. ...Before that it makes another thing, I want that the yellow hat is put and it says to me what it thinks on this new proposal. . ...It already has to me dice all the reasons for which it does not like the idea and by that

probably it will fail. Now I want that the hat is put with decision yellow. What sees now? ...From yellow point of view, sees some advantage in making this accessory of plastic instead of doing it of metal? The cost would be more or less the same one. ...Me it happened the idea to sell chipses in double package. It seems that it does not like to nobody. It could give its opinion me of yellow hat? ...In this moment I do not want a balanced point of view or one objective. I need precise point of view according to the yellow hat. ...My black hat says to me that this new cheap lighter could damage to us sales. But the yellow says to me that it could devastate in the average market and to force to some buyers to go to the expensive market, benefitting us thus, a we. ...It is not easy to put the hat at this moment yellow. But the lack of newspapers due to unemployment-it could cause that people realized how much needs them and of how much better they are than the television in some aspects. Although thought of yellow hat is positive, requires as much discipline as white hat or the black. It is not only tried to give a positive judgment on something that considers. It is a deliberate search of the positive. This search a times it is unfruitful. ...I am using my yellow hat, but I cannot find nothing positive that to say. ...I will put myself the yellow hat, but I do not hope to find nothing positive. It can to argue that unless a positive aspect is obvious, in fact it cannot to be worth much. It is possible also to be argued that it does not have sense to wind the sesos in order to find remote aspects positive of little practical value. This is to understand the perception badly. It can have very important positive aspects that they are not evident at first sight. Thus the industralists work They see the value that who surround them they have still warned. The value and the benefit of no way is always obvious.


Thought of yellow hat
When it turns the optimism triviality? Of the hope to the logic. What is realism?

There is people who it thinks well of a swindler after even to be deceived by him. Create that he was sincere in his opportunity and that the circumstances or their colleagues they defrauded later. They remember its power of conviction and how they liked that it convinced them. There are people of Poliana type, optimists until the point of the triviality. There are people who they hope seriously to gain important prizes in the lottery and that apparently they base his life in this hope. There are industrialists who observe the great market of aspirin and thinks that if could obtain only one small part would be worth pain. In what point the optimism becomes triviality and absurd hope? The way of to think yellow must not have limits? It would not have to consider probabilities? This type of things is due to leave the hat thought black? The variety of the positive it goes from the optimist in excess to the logical-practical. We must have well-taken care of with the form in which we handled this variety. History she is full of dreams and theoretical visions that stimulated the effort that finally it turned these dreams in fact. If we limited the thought of yellow hat to sensible and very the well-known, is going to have little progress. key it consists of observing the action that follows the optimism. If this action it is only in hope (like the hope to gain the lottery or of which miracle saves the business), the optimism can be badly located. If optimism is going to take to some action in the chosen direction, becomes more difficult. Generally the excess of optimism, but not always, leads to failure. They are those that hope to be successful that in effect has it. ...One exists remote possibility that somebody has survived the forced landing on the glacier. We must go and look for. ...It exists possibility that this new party divides the vote of the opposition. ...If we invested much in promoting this film, we will be a successful in the hands. ...It exists possibility that the car of the year is chosen. We would have to be prepared in order to take advantage of this in our advertising campaign. It can not happen but we must be ready. The intention of the yellow hat just as the one of the others, it is to color the conceptual map of the thought. Therefore, it would be necessary to write down the optimistic suggestions and to put them in the map. It is not necessary to detail them before writing down them in the map. Nevertheless, it is worth the trouble to describe them and to consider the probability in form approximated It can to design a simple classification of the probabilities: proven very probable -- basing to us on experience and in which we know much probability, thanks a a combination of different things

fifty percent of probabilities only possible remote. This classification is similar, "in certain way, to which it was used for thought of white hat. We can to choose to never endorse a remote probability, but is due to do they will appear the map. If it is in the map, we have the option to reject it or of to try to improve the possibilities. If it is not, we do not have option some. ...I know that very it is occupied and that receives very expensive, but it póngase in contact with the e invítelo to open the conference. It can be that it accepts. In the worse one of the cases it only can say that no ...All girls want to be actresses and only a few obtain it, to if that success possibilities are not many. Nevertheless, like some people they obtain, you can try it if you want. ...It is not probable that you find some treasure artistic hidden in the store of antiques of a town. But it is truth, also, that most of the hidden artistic treasures they are in places where nobody it hopes to find them.


Thought of yellow hat
On what one is based the positive point of view? Why you create that it will happen thus? Reasons of bottom for the optimism. One positive affirmation can be based on the experience, information available, logical deduction, prefeelings, tendencies, suppositions and hopes. thinker who puts the yellow hat must explain clearly reasons of its optimism? If one does not occur reasons, are preferable that the "good sensation" is located under red hat, like a feeling, prefeeling or intuition. The thought of yellow hat it would have to go far much more. thought of yellow hat includes the judgment-positive. The thinker of yellow hat would have to deliver the greater attacks to give endorsement to optimism that has declared. This effort must be concientious and careful. But the thought of yellow hat is not due to limit the points that can to justify entirely. In other words, a concerted effort is due to do to justify the

optimism, but if success is not had, anyway the point it is possible to be advanced like a speculation. The emphasis of the thought of yellow hat it is in the exploration and in positive speculation. We insisted on discussing the possible benefits. Later we looked for to justify them. This justification is an attempt to fortify the suggestion. If east logical endorsement with the yellow hat is not obtained, it is not going away to obtain of any other way. ...My yellow hat suggests them to me omelettes of egg would be a good one fast food. If I look for reasons to justify this opinion, would choose conscience that there is on the diet and the preference that people have now by not to eat eggs with the breakfast. There is the possibility of eating them in others moments. ...What him it seems a series of gloves for different activities? Not only gloves stop to protect itself of the cold, but gloves to repair the automobile, gloves stop to eat, gloves for the domestic tasks. People make more things by himself today same. It is becoming aware more of the care of the aspect and the skin.


Thought of yellow hat
To do that things happen. Proposals and suggestions. Imagine that eight critical thinking brilliants feel around a table stops to think means to improve the water provision of the city. None of these shining minds can begin to work until somebody present a proposal. Then all the brightness of that can only be triggered critical thought. But from where it leaves the proposal? Who has trained in order to present/display proposals? critical thought is a very important part of the thought, but of no way is sufficient. I final am against the idea that it is sufficient to train minds critics. This has been the tradition of the thought western; it is not adapted. thought of black hat includes the aspect critical thought. When me I referred the black hat leaves very clear that the thinker who adopts it must to carry out the roll totally: it must be so violently critical as it is to him possible. This is an important part of the thought and must be made correctly. The aspects generative and constructive of the thought they are matter of the yellow hat. The propose ideas, suggestions and must arise from the hat thought yellow. More ahead we

will see that the green hat (creativity) also an important paper in the design plays ideas. constructive thought adjusts to the yellow hat, because everything constructive thought has a positive attitude. The proposals become so that something improve. It can be the solution of a problem. It can be tried to carry out partial improvements. It can be advantage of an opportunity. In each case, the proposal becomes with aim to originate some positive change. An aspect of the thought of yellow hat one takes care of the reactive thought. This it is the aspect of the positive judgment, contraparte of the negative judgment of the hat black. The thinker of yellow hat selects the positive aspects of idea that has presented/displayed to him as the one of black hat selects negative aspects. In this section I take care of an aspect different from thought of yellow hat -- the constructive aspect. ...It stops to improve the water provision we could construct a dock on the Elkin river, and to create a reserve. ...There is water abundant in mountains to fifty miles of feasible Serious distance to install a pipe? ...The spurt of common water of the toilet it spends around thirty liters whenever it uses. There are new designs that use only six liters. This could save up to one hundred liters daily by person or thirty million liters per day. ...What thinks to recirculate the water? I have heard that are new methods by membrane, that they make economic. Also we would have less problems with the remainders. I can to investigate this subject? Each one of these are a concrete suggestion. Once made the suggestion, it can to continue developing finally and to put under in the opinion of the black hat and of yellow hat. ...Pónganse the yellow hats and make more suggestions concrete. Whatever more let us have, better. ...John, what suggestion you have? How we could approach this problem? Ponte the hat yellow. To this height, somebody could observe that the proposals must arise from "expert in the subject of the water" and that does not correspond that become fond of make those suggestions. The roll of the fans serious to evaluate, with his critical thought, the proposals that present/display the experts. This it is very typical style of the policy. The technicians are for proposing the ideas and to the politician he corresponds to evaluate them. In effect, it can have a roll in policy for this type of thought, but who take decisions are at the mercy of the experts. In other areas, like the personal thought or the one of businesses, thinker is his own expert and must produce the ideas. From where come the suggestions and the proposals? How the thinker does of hat yellow

to give with a solution? It does not have space in this book to develop the different methods from solution of designs and problems. I have talked about to these subjects in other books. The proposals yellow hat they do not need to be special or very ingenious. They can to include routine ways to treat those subjects. They can include methods that it knows are used in other parts. They can include the conjunction of some well-known effects in order to construct a certain solution. Once the yellow hat has directed the mind of the thinker so that it does one proposal, is not possibly difficult to give with the proposal at issue. ...Quítese black hat. Instead of evaluating the proposals that we have until now, the yellow hat póngase and we do others more. ...I leave myself put the hat yellow and I suggest we let to the private company sell water to competitive prices. ...No, not yet we are in conditions of we put the hats black. I do not believe that there are exhausted all the possible suggestions. Yes, it is truth that we want to bring experts and consultants, but first we establish - some indications possible. So, at the moment, we continue thinking constructively with the hats yellows. Therefore, thought of yellow hat takes care of the generation of proposals and also of the positive evaluation of the proposals. There is a third aspect between these two: the development or "construcción' ' of the proposal. This is much more than the reactive evaluation of a proposal. It is to continue with construction. It is modified, improvement and it fortifies the proposal. This aspect "enhancer" of the thought of yellow hat acts to correct the errors that the thought of black hat has detected. As I already clarified, the hat-black can detect the imperfections but it does not have responsibility to correct them. ...If we yield the provision of water to a deprived company, we run the risk of which supplying is into the hands of a monopoly that fixes the price that it wants and have to the city to his favor. ...We could to take precautions on the matter and to establish a maximum price. This it could to fix according to the present one and with certain flexibility related to inflation. I want to emphasize that this constructive aspect of the thought of yellow hat no it requires, to be exerted, of no special extra of intelligence. Only it consists of desire to present/display concrete proposals, although these no be nothing extraordinary.


Thought of yellow hat
To investigate future The value of "if". The best one of cases. speculation has to do with the conjecture and the hope. The investors they are speculating by nature, although store to reserve this word stops who negotiate with the construction and money. A speculating constructor he constructs one marries without still having the client. Later it begins to look for it. Everything speculator must have a felt fort of the potential benefit. Also it must to have hope. thought of yellow hat is not only judgment and proposals. It is an attitude that one goes ahead to a situation with positive hope. The yellow hat it dedicates to watch possible benefits and values. As soon as one has an interview them one begins to explore in that direction. In practice is a great difference between the objective judgment and the intention of to find a value positive. What I am indicating with the word speculation it is east aspect of the thought of yellow hat, the one to extend, to go ahead to reach something. ...It has new type of fast food that is becoming popular. It is a species of squashed chicken, that prepares itself to the Mexican style. Póngase the hat yellow and dígame what it seems to him this. ...There are so many types different from insurances that people are confused. We could have one species of "general" insurance that it considers all. Llévese this idea and píensela with the yellow hat. Soon he returns and dígame what it discovered. This aspect speculative of the thought of yellow hat it is pure thought of opportunity. It goes beyond the resolution of a problem and the improvement. People it is forced to solve problems but never nobody is forced to look for opportunities. Nevertheless, all have freedom to look for them if thus they wish it. speculative thought always must start off of the best scene or the best one possible case. This way one can consider the maximum possible benefit of the idea. If in best of the cases the benefits they are not even satisfactory, it is not worth the trouble to continue exploring it. ...Positions in the best one of the cases, the other business is forced to close and we seized of all the commerce of the area. But I do not believe that this is specially beneficial. As they are the things another single business tries to survive.

...In better of the cases, the interest rate raises quickly, and our mortgage transferable of fixed rate it causes that the house is very saleable. If, put in the best one of the cases, the benefits seem sufficiently attractive, how probable subject is to verify how probable is the case and the benefits supposed. thought of yellow, as soon as speculative hat; it considers the best one of the cases and the maximum benefits. Later it can need them according to one scale of "probability". Finally, the hat thought black can indicate the areas doubtful. opportunities can arise from the extrapolation of the present scene towards future. Also they arise "if" some special event takes place or it changes some condition. ... prices of bonds will raise "if" they lower the interest rates. ..."If" low the price of the fuel, more great automobiles will be sold. Part of speculative function of the thought of yellow hat is to investigate possible changes "if". One does not treat of which -- not even once -- the actions are based on an exploration of type "if" -- although it can make lack take defensive measures like retirement of bottoms or the suppression of the fire insurance. The yellow hat, partly it investigates thus. Part of function of the black hat also consists of investigating "if" in the sense of risk and danger. Contraparte of this function, with the hat yellow, consists of investigating the equivalent positive of the risk, that we called opportunity. ...In what conditions would give to gains this chain of hotels? ...If they settle down emissions via satellite, what new opportunities will have the publicistas? The aspect speculative of the thought of yellow hat also one takes care of vision. Previously I talked about the paper that fulfills vision and dreams in the hat thought yellow. In a certain sense, the vision goes beyond the speculation, since it can establish an objective of whose profit there is little hope. Everything intention, all design, implies some type of vision in the first place. As a good salesman makes a sale presenting/displaying a wonderful vision that he proposes the client so that she shares it, who conceives a project is sold a itself a positive vision of which it is trying to do. First it comes vision and later the form and the detail. This vision includes the benefits and feasibility of the project: it is possible to be carried out and it is worth the trouble to do it. It is very difficult to do something if it is lacked certain sense of profit and value. ... I have this vision of a habitacional system of low cost, and I believe that also I know how it would be possible to be made.

...I have vision of a type of different economy, that it will handle to wealth and productivity otherwise, new. ...I have this vision of the education of the thought like fundamental matter in all schools. It has already begun to take shape in some countries. The excitation and the stimulus that produces a vision surpasses much with the objective judgment. One vision establishes a direction for the thought and the action. This it is another aspect of the thought of yellow hat.


Thought of yellow hat
Difference between constructive and creative. Effectiveness and change. New ideas e old ideas. thought of yellow hat does not take care in direct form, of creativity. The creative aspect of the thought is specific matter of thought of green hat, that we will see after this one. It is truth that the creativity needs the positive aspect of the hat thought yellow. It is truth that the positive judgment and the constructive aspect of thought of yellow hat is vital for the creativity. Nevertheless, the thoughts of yellow and green hat are completely different. A person she can be excellent with the yellow hat and nevertheless to lack totally of creativity. It seems to me very dangerous to confuse these two hats, porqué the noncreative person could think that she is not possible to him to put the hat. creativity takes care of the change, the innovation, the invention, the new ideas and the new alternatives. It is possible to be excellent with the yellow hat and to never have a new idea. The effective application of old ideas constitutes suitable exercise of the thought of yellow hat. The ideas do not have that to be new and not even it is necessary to have the intention to conceive new ideas. The thought of yellow hat takes care of the positive attitude of to cause that the work indeed is made. The effectiveness, and not it newness, is the subject of the thought of yellow hat. In Spanish certain confusion due to the ample meaning of the word exists creative. There are two different aspects. First one talks about "to originate something". In this sense, somebody could create, for example, a great disorder. carpenter creates a chair. An industralist, a business. The second aspect it refers the "newness". And another confusion

is generated, because there are two newness classes. The first aspect includes something that is new in the sense of that it is different from which there was previously: for example, a system of communications that are new in their office although can be being used in others thousands. The second indicates an absolute newness, is to say an invention or concept until that nonexistent or unknown moment. With respect to the artists, exist something similar to a dilemma. For example, a painter produces something that without a doubt did not exist before. As it is improbable that this painting is exactly the same one that a previous one, is something "new". Nevertheless, new nor new perception in that painting can not have no concept. painter can have a style very defined and to even apply it landscape after another one. In certain sense is a line of production within each particular style. thought of yellow hat intensely takes care to produce things. It can to take care to take an idea already in use and to make it work in another context. It can take care to generate planteos alternative of a problem. Even it can to define opportunities. But the thought of yellow hat does not take care of to change to concepts or perceptions. This corresponds to the hat thought green. disposition to observe something of positive way can create one by itself new perception and this can happen with the thought of yellow hat. ...That glass he is not empty until half, but that is full of whiskey until half. As thought of black hat can detect an error and leave it to the thought of yellow hat so that it corrects it, thus also this last one can define an opportunity and to leave it into the hands of the thought of green hat for this one find a novel way to take advantage of it. ...More and more people need to park in the cities. How we can be benefitted with this? ...We could to raise the prices of the rooms if we could attract this hotel more people who make trips of businesses. How we could do it? Let us think later pongámonos ideas customary and the green hat to find some new ideas.


Summary of the thought of yellow hat thought of yellow hat is positive and constructive. The yellow color it symbolizes the brightness of the sun, the luminosity and the optimism. thought of yellow hat takes care of the positive evaluation of the same one way that the thought of black hat takes care of the negative evaluation. thought of yellow hat includes a positive phantom that goes from logical aspect práctico

until the dreams, visions and hopes. thought of yellow hat investigates and explores in search of value and benefit. Later it tries to find logical endorsement for this value and benefit. The thought of yellow hat tries to show an optimism founded well, but it is not limited this -- unless it is described suitably other types of optimism. thought of yellow hat is constructive and generative. From him they arise concrete proposals and suggestions. One takes care of the operabilidad and to do that the things happen. The effectiveness is the objective of the constructive thought of yellow hat. thought of yellow hat can be speculative and seeking of opportunities. It allows, in addition, visions and dreams. thought of yellow hat does not take care of the mere positive euphoria (red hat) nor either, directly, of the creation of new ideas (hat green).


Thought of green hat
New ideas, new concepts and huevas perceptions The creation deliberate of new ideas. More and more alternatives. Change. New I raise of the problems. The green one is the color of the fertility, the growth and the plants that grow of small seeds. Therefore I chose it for the hat to think that it occupies specially of the creativity. The abundant creativity of nature is a useful image of bottom. The hat green to think one takes care specifically of new ideas and new forms to focus the things. The thought of green hat takes care to reject old ideas to find the other best ones. One takes care of the change. It is a effort deliberate and concentrated in this direction. ...Let us look for new ideas on the matter. Pónganse the green hats. We are clogged. We continued turning around the same ideas. We needed urgently I raise new. The moment has arrived for thinking consciously with the hat green. It advanced. ...It has presented/displayed the traditional approaches of the problem. We will return to them. But first we have ten minutes of thought of green hat, to see if us it happens I raise

new. ...This demands a solution of green hat. We needed creativity; nothing has been to us until now. We needed creativity, porque we think that the things pueden to be made more of a way simple or better. The urgency to make the things better it would have to be trasfondo of all our thought Sometimes, nevertheless, we needed to use the creativity of deliberate way and concentrated. The trick of the green hat rivers allows to happen so to the creative roll as the red hat allows us to pass to the roll of the feeling and the black to negative roll. It is possible that, in fact, there is more necessity of green hat that of no other hat. During the exercise of the creative thought, possibly it is necessary to send deliberately illogical provocative ideas. Therefore we needed way de to leave in clear that we are playing the role of farcical or clown, in deliberate form, to make arise new conceptos. Although they are not provocations, the new ideas are delicate buds that they need the hat green to protect itself of the instantaneous freezing that they can put under them the customs of the black hat. Since there am indicated more of once, the value of signal of the six hats it stops to think has several aspects. You can to request that somebody puts one of the hats and try to think of the corresponding way You can to indicate that a certain type of thought seems desirable. You can to indicate a other that these trying to think of a precise way and therefore the others they would have to deal with your contribution the suitable way. One of the aspects more important it is that you can to signal to same you. This has special importance with the green hat. You put you and this deliberately it means that you are reserving time to dedicate it to the creative thought deliberate. This is totally different to only hope that the ideas you happen. It can that you do not have any new idea while you use the hat green, but you do fact the effort. As you are improving in thought creative deliberate, you will see that it increases the harvest of ideas. This way, green hat turns to partly formal the creative thought of the process of the thought; the creative thought stops being a luxury. For majority of the people the language of the creative thought is difficult because it is opposed the natural habits of recognition, judgment and critic. The brain is designed how a "machine of recognition". It is designed to establish guidelines, to use them and to condemn everything what no "it fits" in these guidelines. A the majority of the thinkers they like to be safe. They like to be right. The creativity implies provocation, exploration and risk. It implies "experiments of pensamientó'. The result cannot be predicted of experiment. But one wants to be able to carry out it. ...Remember, I have put the hat green and therefore I can say this type of things. For this it

serves the green hat. ...I thought that one assumed that we had to put to us the hat green. We are being too much, negatives. This does not correspond to the way to think black? ...My contribution of green hat is to suggest is paid to those who passes much time in prison a sum of reasonable money at the moment for leaving them in freedom. This could help them to be inserted again in the society, to give them something that to lose and to prevent that they must return to the crime. If they want consider this like a provocation. ...Under protection of the green hat, I want to suggest takes leave the salesmen. The hat green, by itself, it cannot cause that people are more creative. It can, without embargo, to give to the thinkers the time and the "center" to be it. If one spends more time looking for alternative, is probable that it finds more. Very a slight the creative people are only people who spend more time trying to be it because the creativity motivates them. The resource to the green hat allows a species of artificial motivation. It is difficult to motivate to somebody so that it is creative, but easily it is possible to be requested to him that the green hat is put and gives a contribution of green hat. creativity is more than a mere positive and optimistic being. The feelings positives and optimists fit under the red hat. The positive evaluation, under the yellow hat. The thought of green hat demands true new ideas, new alternative proposals and. Of thought of white hat we waited for a precise contribution of information neutral and objective. Of the black, something of specific critic. Of the yellow us it would please to obtain positive commentaries, - but it can that this not always is possible. Of the red one, we waited for a report on the feelings even involved when these are neutral. Of the thought of green hat, nevertheless, no we can to demand a contribution. We can demand a effort. We can demand that time is reserved to generate new ideas. Even so, it is possible that to thinker does not happen anything to him new. The important thing is that time has been dedicated to the effort. One cannot to order itself to one same one (or others) to have a new idea, but can be ordered to one same one (or others) to dedicate time to try it. The green hat is formal way to do it.


Thought of green hat
The thought lateral and its relation with the creativity.

Humor and lateral thought The change of guidelines in an information system that is organized to itself. When writing on the thought of green hat, I have used the word creativity because it is the word of general use. Many readers of this book never will have ear to speak of me or my concept of lateral thought. I want also to indicate that the thought of green hat includes an ample rank of creative or creative companies; it is not limited the lateral thought in himself. In 1967 I invented the expression lateral thought, and at the present time it comprises officially of the English language; Oxford English Dictionary it registers my invention of the term. It was necessary to invent the expression lateral thought for two reasons. First reason is the very ample and somehow vague meaning of the word creative, as I indicated it with regard to the thought of yellow hat. The word creativity seems to include everything from creating confusion to creating a symphony. The lateral thought specifically takes care of the concepts and perceptions money changers; these are organizations historically determined (guidelines) of experience. Second reason is that the lateral thought is based directly on active systems of information that is organized to themselves. The lateral thought consists of to change of guidelines in an asymmetric system of formation of guidelines. I know that this sounds very technician, and does not make lack understand the technical base of the lateral thought in order to use its techniques. Nevertheless, whoever to know in what it founds, this one is the technical base. As the logical thought is based on behavior of the symbolic language (a particular universe), the thought lateral one is based on the behavior of the systems of formation of guidelines (also a particular universe). One exists very narrow relation, by the way, between the mechanisms of the humor and those of lateral thought. Both depend on the asymmetric nature of the guidelines of perception. This is the base of the jump or sudden discernment after as something it becomes obvious. The techniques deliberate of the lateral thought (several forms of provocation and "movement") is based directly on the behavior of systems of formation of guidelines, the techniques are designed to help the thinker to avoid the guidelines instead of limiting itself to follow them. The thinker avoids guidelines, give in a new one and, when this seems to have sense, the effect occurs eureka. Great part of our culture is oriented towards the thought in as much "processor". It stops: this we have developed excellent systems, that include mathematics, statistic, data processing, language and logic. But all these processing systems only can work with the words, symbols and relations that the perception provides. The perception reduces to these

forms the complex world that surrounds to us. In this area of the perception it works lateral thought, that puts on approval and alters the established guidelines. lateral thought involves attitudes, expressions, steps and techniques. I have writing much on the matter (The Lateral Thought and Lateral Thought for Direction of Companies). This book is not the indicated place to return on the subject. Nevertheless, more ahead I will take care of some fundamental points of the thought lateral, already what, these are also fundamental for the exercise of thought of green hat.


Thought of green hat
The one use idea like a crossing site. To where me it takes this? The effect prospectivo of one devises. In normal thought we used judgment. How it wears this idea with that I already know? How it wears with my habitual guidelines of experience? We thought that in effect it agrees or we indicated why no. To the critical thought and to way to think black is incumbent to them directly to judge if a suggestion it agrees with which already we know. To this we can call it retrospective effect of one it devises. We watched towards back and we observed our passed experience to evaluate the idea. As well as a description must correspond to which it is being described, also we hoped that the ideas agree with our knowledge. Of what another one way we could say if they are correct? Para greater part of which we thought, the judgment is vital (as much of yellow hat like of black hat). Without the judgment we could not do nothing. With thought of green hat, nevertheless, we must use a language different. We replaced the judgment by movement. The movement it is a key expression of the lateral thought. It is another term that I coined. I want that it is left that the movement completely clear no she is only one judgment absence. Many previous approaches of the creative thought speak give to pospone, to suspend or to delay the judgment. I believe that this is not enough. In reality does not say what to make the thinker -- what not only do. The movement it is an active expression. We used one devises by his value of movement. There are different voluntary ways to obtain movement of an idea: among them: to extract the principle, to concentrate themselves in the difference, etc.

With movement we used an idea by his prospectivo effect. We used it to see to where it is going to us to lead. In effect, we used an idea to advance. So as we used step stones to cross a river from a border to the other, we used a provocation to happen from a guideline to another one. As we see more ahead, the provocation and the movement go together. Without the language of movement, we cannot use the provocation. Unless we use provocation, we were catched in the last guidelines. ...I want that use this idea by its value of movement not by its value of judgment. Suppose that all become police. One "provocation" of this type took to the concept of ' ' monitoring to position of the vecindario ", that I explained with clarity in the article of cover of New York Magazine in April of 1971. At the moment the concept is used in 20.000 communities of the United States. The idea is that the citizens act like eyes and additional ears of the police for the prevention and detection of crime in the vecindario. One says that the crimes have diminished in form significant in the zones where it is used, this idea. ...Suppose that we made hamburgers square. What movement can obtain from this idea? ...Suppose that there were transferable insurance policies that the people could be sold to each other. Use the green hat with this idea. This could to take to the idea that the insurance in fact is transferable. Then it would classify to the people according to the risk. If you were risk person type AAA, would obtain certain benefits of the universal insurance policy. If it was only of type AA, would obtain a smaller amount of benefits. Sometimes we took one devises, we used it like step stone, and ended up adopting another one completely different idea. We only extract some principle of the stone of step and soon we applied it. Other times we conserved an idea "in form of seed or of bud "and we fed it until it grows and I know turns one it plants strong. Also it can be question to take an indefinite idea and to give him it forms until turning it something concrete and practical. All these are aspects of the movement. The key point that we must remember is that we advanced with an idea or from one devises. ...Consider the following suggestion: all the one that it wants to be promoted must use shirt or yellow blouse.Póngase the green hat and dígame to where it takes this idea to it. ...It takes a to me to think about the car-image of the person who chooses to use yellow shirt, fills that to live in agreement with that image ...It takes a to me to think about a way to recognize the ambitious people but who do not serian recognized by its talent. Possibly it would have more feeling to prepare to ambitious people so that she acquires the necessary abilities.

...It takes a to me to think about the rules of the game. The yellow shirt would be a precise rule of game of the promotion and all would know it. How many employees know what they must do so that they promote them? ...It takes a to me to think about which does not want that they promote them. They can demonstrate it if they do not use the yellow shirt. They only want to conserve the use. ...It takes a to me to think about a way to detect leaders. A person needs to be very safe of its position between which they surround it before risking to use the shirt Of this type from movement many useful ideas can arise. In fact, none of these it needs to resort to the yellow shirt like so. ...I suggest to work Saturdays and to have a rest in half of the week, Wednesdays They want to use the green hat with this proposal? ...Like nobody it wants to work during the turn of the weekend, is suggested we use permanent, and different group of workers, for Saturdays and Sundays. It seems an impassable idea, but trabájenla with the green hats. This was proven last idea and, in fact, worked with much success. Considering it with green hat did the sufficiently attractiveness like proving it (in, this specific case the thought of yellow hat could have obtained the same). The movement it would have to go there much more of the positive evaluation of an idea. The movement it is a dynamic process, not of aging. What is interesting of this idea? What has of different? What suggests this idea? A what leads? These questions comprise of the language of the movement. The point key to remember it is that in the thought of green hat the language of movement replaces completely to the language that it judges.


Thought of green hat
The use of word op. The logic of absurd. Provocation to chance. Always it writes up the scientific discoveries as if they had been made step á step, of logical way. Some times this is what in effect it happened. Others times, the logical passage by step

is only a retrospective disguise of which it really happened. There was an error or unexpected accident that it provided provocation that generated the idea new. The antibiotics arose from accidental contamination of a culture with the mould of penicillin. They say that Columbus dared to only cross the Atlantic because an old treaty induced it to be mistaken in the calculation of the existing distance around the globe. The nature it offers those provocations. It is not possible to be looked for, because they do not happen in habitual thought. Its roll is to remove to the thought from the usual guidelines. The logic of the provocations arise directly from the logic of the asymmetric systems of formation of guidelines (to see OP: Beyond Yes and No). We can to seat to wait for provocations to us or we can decide to produce them deliberately. This happens to the lateral thought. The ability stops to use provocations is an essential part of the lateral thought. In the section previous we observed the language of the movement. Thus we used the provocations. We used them by its value of movement. We can now treat the way in which we start up. For many years; I invented the word "op" like symbolic indicator of which I know is exposing one it devises like provocation and by its value of movement. If they like, the expression comes from "Provocative Operation" (provoking operation). Op acts like a species of white flag of truce. Killing to a person who approaches a a castle shaking a white flag, would be not to follow the rules of the game. In the same way, juego if it is annihilated, with the judgment is not respected of black hat, one idea that is exposed under the protection of op. In certain way - as I said before -- the word op acts just as the trick of the hat green. The person who uses the green hat is authorized to expose ideas "crazy". The green hat includes a phantom ampler than op, although this last one is more specific. Therefore the best thing is to use itself both. ...The cars op must have square steering wheel. ... airplanes op would have to land legs above. ... buyers op would have to receive a payment to buy things. ... executives op would have to autopromover themselves. ...One factory op that contaminates a river would have to locate river down. This last one provocation leads to the idea to turn law the one that any factory constructed to borders of a river it must have the water entrance more down, in river, that its own exit of, water. This way, the factory would be first in verifying its own contamination.

Also, word op can consider emergent of terms such as hipóthesis, hisposición, posibilidad and even poesía. In all of them, an idea by its promotional effect is exposed -- to cause something. By definition, one devises absurd or illogical it cannot exist within ours daily experience. Consequently, the idea is outside nobody existing guideline. In such sense, a provocation forces to us to leave habitual guidelines of perception. In as much we advanced from one provocation, three things could happen. We could be incapable to make movement some. We could return to the habitual guideline. We could we located in new guidelines. As well as formal methods exist to obtain movement from an idea also exist formal ways to raise provocations. These provide the techniques volunteers of the lateral thought. For example, investment it is a way simple to obtain the provocation. One exposes it forms in which something happens normally, and soon it invests it or it faces it if same. ... buyers usually pay the merchandise that they buy. We invested. Op. trading payment to the clients ...This it could take to think about the idea of the stamp (or seal) commercial by that, in effect, it was ended up paying to the buyers a small sum by it buys. ...This it could take to the idea that the boxes are prepared so that by each thousands dollars of entrance, disburse extreme a certain one of money. provocations do not have to be absurd or illogical. He is feasible to consider very serious ideas like provocations. If somebody proposes an idea to us that not us it pleases and that we could reject instantaneously with the black hat, we could, however, put to us the hat green and choose to consider it like provocation. It is always possible to choose thus. ...I do not see how its idea of a commerce "with courtesy system" could work without to suffer easily of abuses. But I am going away to put the hat green and I will treat like a provoker. This leads us to the people idea who adds his own accounts with checks at random. Probably, the errors go away a to balance in both directions. A way very simple to obtain provocations it is to use bathtub at random word. It can to think about the page of a dictionary and soon to open it in that page. Soon, to think a second number to find the position of the word in the page. For example, it would be possible to be thought about page 92 and the eighth word towards down. The nouns are easier to use than another class of words. use of a list of current nouns is much more simple that dictionary. Let us suppose that we looked for a new idea related to cigarettes. The word chosen to chance turns out to be frog. ... Thus, we have a cigarette op of frog. A frog suggests jump, reason why we could have cigarette that is extinguished soon after single. This could be of utility stops to prevent

fires. Also it could allow that the smokers give some tooted and they continue the cigarette later. This, as well, would take to one new called mark "shorts" ("brief"), that would be indeed very brief and they would only allow to smoke by two or three minutes. ...Desire some ideas related to television sets. The word at random is cheese. Television op of cheese, then. The cheese has holes. The television op has holes. What would mean this? Perhaps it could have "windows" that showed what there is of interesting in other channels. With logic, it always must have a reason to say something before saying it. With one provocation, can not have a reason to even say something later of it to have said. The provocation entails an effect and is the value of this effect what justifies the provocation. To many people them can seem inconceivable that a chosen word at random can to be worth to solve a problem. The definition of chance it implies that the word does not have specific relation some. Without embargo, in the logic of an asymmetric system of guidelines is easy to detect porqué works an accidental word. It offers a different point to begin with. While we reviewed the way from the new departure point, we increased possibility of arriving at a way that never we had followed if there were thought directly about the subject. As movement is part of the basic language of the thought of green hat, also it is it the provocation. If you are in France, you speak French; if you use green hat, you use the provocation and the grammatical movement --la of creativity.


Thought of green hat
Satisfied with too much facility Routes, options and elections Levels of Alternative In mathematics of scholastic level a sum is solved and the answer is obtained. And one goes to the next sum. It does not have sense to spend more time in first sum because already the correct answer was obtained and could not be obtained the one best one. Many people transfer that way to think to their life. They let think hardly they obtain the solution of a problem. They are satisfied with first answer that arises. The real life is, however, very different from the sums students. Generally, it has more than an answer.

Some answers are much better than others: they cost less, they are more reliable and easier of to implement. Some is no reason to suppose that first answer it must be the best one. If the time is very brief and is many pending problems it would have a justification to be satisfied with the first answer -- but not in other circumstances. Perhaps we would like that the medico was satisfied to first thing that happens soon through its mind and let think about ours disease? Therefore, we recognize the first answer and we noticed that always we can return a she. Soon, we started off in search of alternatives. We began to look for others solutions. When we counted with certain amount of alternatives, we can to choose, determining which is the one that better adapts to our necessities and resources. We can to count on a perfectly suitable way to do something, but it does not mean that we cannot have the one best one. Therefore, we insisted on finding a way alternative. This is the base of all improvement that does not constitute correction of errors or solution of problems. Until now, in this chapter we have treated examples in which already we had a way of to make the things. Our search of alternatives is truely search of a way better. But there are occasions in which we did not count on a way of coming. When we planned a trip, we establish alternative routes. Once complete the map mental of a situation, we looked for alternative routes towards our destiny. The notion of alternative suggests, generally, exists more of a way to do things, more than a form to watch the things. The acceptance of the possible existence of alternatives and the search of the same ones they are fundamental elements of the thought and aim at the finding of new alternatives. The desire of to look for alternatives (of perception, explanation, action) is key part of thought of green hat. .. .It finishes of to raise the price of the newspaper of the competition. Pónganse the green hat and enumerate all the alternatives. ...We received a warning that declares that if we did not pay a great sum of money, our products will be poisoned in the warehouses. Let us examine carefully the obvious options that they appear, and soon pongámonos green hat to find others more. The search of alternatives implica a creative attitude: the recognition of which they exist diverse planteos. The true search of alternatives can not require creativity some until the obvious alternatives has as much not been exposed. Simply, it can be question to focus attention on the subject and to enumerate the known ways to face it. This is not sufficient. As we needed a effort to go beyond the first solution, we would have to also do a creative effort to go beyond the obvious set of alternatives. Speaking perhaps in strict terms, only we need the hat thought green to carry out this additional search. The first stage of search

could even be fitted in the thought of white hat: "to examine the approaches that are used in situations such". In practice, agrees more to place all the set of alternatives in thought of green hat. In enterprise qualification puts much emphasis on the decision making. No , the quality of a decision depends much on the alternatives available. . ..We go a to decide the place for the camping of these vacations. Pongámonos the hat green and we examine the possible alternatives. Later we will be able to restrict them. ...How we will distribute these computers? Which are the alternative strategies? Much people think that the logical tracking covers all the alternatives. This it could be case in a closed system, but rarely is thus in the real life ...It only has three possible alternatives. We can maintain the price. We can lower it. Or we can raise it. It is not possible to be done nothing else. It is truth that any possible action as far as the subject prices must be classified possibly in anyone of these three options. Nevertheless it exists considerable number of variants. We can more ahead lower the price (how much time later?) We can lower the price of some of products. We can to change the product and to produce one of low price. We can change the promotion of the product to justify a higher price (maintaining the price or increasing it). We could lower the price by a time and later to return it a to raise. We could not touch the price and offer special discounts. We could to lower the price and soon to receive an additional one by optional. Once there are had in account these options (and there would be more, many more), we could, in effect, to classify them in one of the three alternatives. But the listing of three options do not generate, by itself, all those alternatives. It is an error very common of the rigid thinkers to outline main alternative categories and not to go further on. ...What in truth desire is to raise and to lower them prices at the same time. We will produce one line of products of low price and another one of first quality and high price. It has diverse levels of alternatives. I have free time. What I do with him? It could go to me of vacations. It could make a course. It could dedicate me to the garden. It could put to me to the day with some work. I decide to go to me of vacations. Then we passed to the next level What type of vacations I want? They could be vacations of sea and beach. It could be a cruise. They could to be sport vacations. I have been decided by those of sea and beach. We go to following level. Where I go? Could go to the Mediterranean. It could go to the Caribbean. They could be the islands of the Pacific. Soon it will be question to choose means of transport and the lodging place. Whenever we looked for alternatives, we do it within an accepted frame that determines

level. In general, we wished to remain within this frame. ...I requested to you alternative designs for the handle of an umbrella and you gave the design to me of a raincoat. In certain circumstances, it is necessary to defy the frame and to raise a superior level. ...Me they requested that it proposed alternative forms to load trucks. I am going to say to them that he would be more sensible to send products by train. ...Me they requested that it suggested the average ones for the advertising campaign. I am going to say to them that he would be better to invest that-money in public relations. Of time in when, you must defy the structures at all costs and change of levels. But prepárate also to create alternatives within a level specific. The creativity is not so when creative people always propose the resolution of a problem from the level already proposed. One is true dilemma: when to act within the given frame and when to leave frame. We arrived now to which it could constitute the crucial point of all the creativity -- it slows down creative. The creative pause will not appear unless we decide to summon it. Something is developing perfectly. We have looked for alternative in the obvious points. We have examined the diverse approaches to the problems. What plus we can to hope of the creativity? Once I happened ten minutes trying to extinguish an awakener who, in fact, was not sounding. It had not stopped to me to think that the noise could come from the other awakener. La slows down creative it arises when we say: There is no a reason pretends so that it stops to me in this point to consider alternatives. But I am going it to do." In general, so we are oriented to the problems that when there are no them we preferred to follow and not to stop to us and to create more mental work to us. ...I do not want that you think that here we have problems, because it is not thus. But I would like that you put the green hat and you make a brief pause creative with respect to our habitual custom to paint the automobiles before selling them. ...Let us do a pause of green thought on this point; to the salesmen commission occurs them by the made sales. ...Let us think in the steering wheel of an automobile. It makes well its work. Tomémonos a breathing with the green hat.


Thought of green hat
The creativity: question of ability, talent or personality? To change of it chewed is easier that to change of face Pride in exercise of the abilities Often me they ask if the creativity is question of ability, talent or personality. The correct answer is that it can be the three things. But I do not give that answer. If we do not deliver any attack to develop the ability of creativity, it can to treat single of talent or personality. people very easily incline to think that the creativity is question of talent or personality and, as does not count on these elements, leaves creativity into the hands of others. By this I put emphasis in the development deliberate of the ability to think creative (for example, by means of techniques of the lateral thought). Soon I indicate that certain people will be better than others in the subject as well as there are them better actually of tennis or of the ski although the majority it can reach an acceptable level It does not please to me the idea of the creativity like a special gift. I prefer to think that it is a part normal and necessary of the thought of each one. All we are not going to be geniuses, but all the people who play tennis do not hope to win in Wimbledon. Always me they speak of people who, by nature, are thinking of black hat. It seems that they delighted destroying ideas or suggestions of change. Me they ask if it is possible to smooth the personality of those people. They ask to me if they could tolerate the creativity, even though never they apply it by themselves. I do not believe that be feasible to change the personality. I believe firmly that if is taught to one person the "logic" of the creativity, can take place an effect in its attitude with respect to the creativity. In my experience story with several examples on the matter. The most practical proposal is to adopt the language of green hat. ...When you use the black hat, beams a wonderful work. I do not try to be inferior your critical effectiveness. But what would happen with the green hat? Let us see what you can to do with him. ...Perhaps prefer a single hat. Perhaps you are not polifacético. Perhaps only you can to sing a song. Perhaps you must continue being the specialist in negatividad. Then only we will incorporate you to the debate when she is needed thought of black hat. To nobody him it pleases that they consider partisan a thinker who stands out with the hat black also would wish that they consider it at least tolerable with the green one. The evident one breach between the hats green and black means that the hat expert black does not think that it needs to reduce his negatividad to be creative. When he is being

negative can be so net negative as before (opposes this to the attempt to change the personality). The masks of the tragedy and the comedy they are different. The actor does not change. It represents a bottom each paper according to the mask that uses. In fact, one is proud of being able to make as much comedy as tragedy. One is proud of its ability like actor. Exactly equally, a thinker needs to be proud of his ability of thought. This involves the capacity to use each one of the six hats in order upon maturity to think and to take the thought adapted in each case. In this book already I mentioned east point. I again repeat it here as a result of the problem practitioner to deal with a negative personality. .. .In this moment we are thinking with the green hat. If you cannot do it, quédate shut up a little while. ...By less you can try to use the green hat. You will never have confidence to him if nor at least you try it. creative thought is, in general, in a weak position, because no it seems essential part of the thought. The formality of the green hat next to the other aspects, collaborate that is recognized it like part of the thought.


Thought of green hat
What happens soon? The conformation and adaptation of the ideas The manager of concepts One of weaker aspects of the creativity are the "harvest" of ideas. I have been present at several meetings in which many interesting ideas arose. Nevertheless, at the time of presenting/displaying the report, most of those ideas they were not rescued or warned by those who had participated in the meeting. We tend a to look for the sagacious final solution solely. We ignored all the others. Aside from this intelligent solution, can much more have of value. They can exist certain conceptual directions, even though are not specific ways of to move in those directions. Semi-formed ideas, that can still exist no they are usable because they need more elaboration. They can have arisen new principles have even though not been had with practicidad. It can have change in the aroma of the idea (the generated type of idea) Can

have a change in the field of perceived solutions (where people look for solutions). It can to have "sensible areas to the ideas" just determined (areas where a new concept could imply a great difference). All these things they would have to consider. Part of creative process would have to be the formation and adaptation of an idea in order to approach it the satisfaction of two types of necessities. First of them it is the one of the situation, it is tried to fit an idea to make it useful. This it carries out by means of the contribution of restrictions that soon are used like adjustments. ...She is one great idea, but in its present form would be too onerous. We can it would fit so that she is not so expensive? ...The norms of construction they would not allow us to do that at the moment. We can fit idea so that it does not contravene the norms? It is possible? ...It is product adapted for a great company. But we are not a great one company. There is some "form to use the idea? Adviértase that the restrictions appear as adjustments and not like grillas by ricochet. The second group of necessities that is due to satisfy is those of the people who they will act on the idea. Lamentably, the world is not perfect. Serious pleasant which all could see in an idea the brilliance and potential that it appreciates who creates it. But usually it is not the case. Therefore, it is part of creative process the adjustment of the idea in order that one adapts better to the profile of necessities of those who buy it .. .At the moment only they interest the ideas that save money. Some form exists to consider that this idea can save money? Now or later? ...An idea it does not have to be too novel if it is wanted that it is accepted. It must resemble to one previous idea whose effectiveness has been proven. What comparisons can to do? ...It is put much emphasis in the capacity to on approval put the ideas in form of plan-pilot As we can prove this idea? ... end technology is the new fashion. The electronic technology could improve this idea? Sometimes it can to seem that this pretty process with the dishonest thing. Nevertheless, there is nothing of dishonest in designing a product for the buyer. Therefore, the ideas they must adjust to the necessities of the buyer (within the organization). In some of my books I have outlined the roll of the manager of concepts. She is the responsible person to stimulate, to compile and to feed ideas. It is the one who would be in charge to organize meetings to generate ideas. It is the one who would as opposed to put the problems those who it corresponds that they solve them. She is the person who would take care of of the ideas of same way in which a financial manager takes care of of the finances.

If this person exists, is in charge to compile the produced one of the thought of green hat. If no, said produced it remains in those who generated it and it stops its personal use El next step is the stage of the yellow hat. This it includes the constructive development of the idea. It also includes the positive evaluation and the search of benefits and endorsed values. This subject already has been dealed with in the thought yellow hat. It follows to him thought of black hat. In anyone of the stages it can be required white hat, in order that it provides the data necessary to evaluate if the idea works or if will be valuable once put into operation. The last one stage is the red hat: we like the idea like following it? It can seem stranger who at the end of the process is made it depend on an emotional judgment. it hopes that this emotional judgment is based on the result of the scrutinies of the hats black and yellow. Really, if there is no enthusiasm by one idea, hardly prospers or is successful by better that it can be.


Summary of the thought of green hat
The hat green it is for the creative thought. The person who puts it is going to use language of the creative thought. Who are around to his they must to consider the product like a creative product. Ideally, as much the thinker as the listener would have to use green hats. The color green it is symbol of the fertility, the growth and the value of the seeds. The search of alternatives it is a fundamental aspect of the thought of green hat. It is necessary to go beyond the well-known, obvious and the satisfactory thing. With the pause creative the thinker of green hat stops in a given point stops to consider the possibility of alternative ideas in that point. They do not make lack reasons for this pause. In thought of green hat the language of the movement replaces to the one of judgment. The thinker tries to advance from an idea to reach another one new. provocation is an important element of the thought of green hat and it symbolizes with the word op. It is used the provocations to leave our habitual guidelines of thought. Several forms exist to raise provocations including the method of the word at random. lateral thought is a series of attitudes, languages and techniques (that they include movement, provocation and op) to jump, of guidelines in a system autoorganizado of asymmetric guidelines. It is used to generate concepts and perceptions.


The blue hat
To think thought Instructions in order to think The organization of the thought Control on the other hats Let us imagine control board. A person of apron and blue cap is operating that control board. With the hat blue we let think about the subject to think about the necessary thought stops to drill this subject. The blue color is symbol of panoramic control, since sky includes everything. The blue one also suggests spacing, tranquillity and self-control. The director of an orchestra he summons first a soon the violins and to the instruments of wind. The director dominates the situation. The director uses the blue hat. director is for the orchestra which the blue hat is for the thought. With thought of blue hat we say ourselves to we ourself -- or to others -- which of the other five hats to use. The blue hat indicates when to change to us of hat. If the thought is formal process, the blue hat controls protocol. computers follow a program that says to them what to do at any moment. blue hat is the hat programmer of the human thought. With blue hat we can present/display a thought plan detailing the steps that they would have to be followed in a precise sequence. Also we can use the hat blue to give to instructions moment at moment. The different passages from ballet they require a coreógrafo that gives a sequence them. The blue hat is used when it is needed to make the choreography of the passages the thought. The notion of thought structured formally defers much from the thought notion like exhibition of free course without integral structure. ...My blue hat suggests clearly we look for alternatives in this point. ...No we counted on long time to treat this subject; let us take advantage of each well minute, therefore. Somebody wants to propose a structure of blue hat for our thought? ...Even now we have not arrived at anything. I put the blue hat. I suggest incorporation of some thought of red hat to renew the climate. What it seems to us really this proposal to

reduce the extra hours? Often thought comes to the drift, reacting according to which moment a arises moment. There is trasfondo of intentions, although never one describes them like general missions nor like subobjectives. The suggestions, the judgments, it criticizes, the information and the emotions are conjugated in a species of casserole of the thought. It outside seemed that all question to even shake the soup as much a thinker encounters over a proven exposition that seems to obtain that he is desired. One is a risky exploration of the experience, guided by a strong negative critic. The implicit hypothesis is that, in the course of debate, all person moderately intelligent and provided with sufficient bottom information, will enumerate the action alternatives finally and will choose the most adapted. Also the supposition exists of which the thought is molded with the last experience and the restrictions of the present, so that a result "it evolves" and it is purified with the critic. The analogy with the evolution she is direct. In the darwiniana theory they are the species most apt those than they survive, and in the thought they would subsist the most suitable Ideas. The hard one pressure of means would be equipable to the pressure of the negatividad. In this type of thought it is included/understood that who participate in a meeting they have already proposals of between which the solution will be chosen. These proposals they come perhaps from the personal thought or perhaps they have provided them "expert". In this book it interests to me to emphasize the type of cartographic thought, that makes maps, in as one firstly explores the land and toma note. Soon they are observed possible routes and finally one is chosen. Who they find involved in a situation will say that at any moment they have been thinking the subject when they formally feel to deliberate. In effect, the aim of these deliberations it is not as much to think but to interchange the results of the thought that already has taken place. In this point we were near type of argumentativo, so typical debate of the western thought. It would be very happy if it had the sensation of which a great quota of thought is made cartographic before elaborating different opinions. Not very often this happens. thinker immediately watches his around, in search of an opinion based on experience and the prejudice, to which soon it tries to perfect during debate. An example is the traditional method of writing of tests in school. It is encouraged to the student to that it puts the conclusion in the first line of the test since soon it is used the test to base the conclusion. it uses the thought to support, does not stop to explore. The same it happens in policy and in the courts. Both parts begin with fixed positions. The goings and returns of a debate give impulse to the thought. Therefore to as much people it is easier to think to him about group that solo. Thinking by account.own it requires one structures much greater of blue hat. If there are of to adopt the thought of cartographic type, we needed to count on one

structure. The attack and the defense cannot provide structure in this case. As an explorer needs some plan procedure, thinking he he also needs an organizing structure. One structure of blue hat could offer a scheme of which a must happen every moment -almost like the program of a computer --. With greater frequency, the thought of blue hat controls to the type thought debate in form very similar to the one of the coachman who controls the horses guiding them moment moment. ...Thought of white hat in this stage. ...We needed now some proposals. It implies thought of yellow hat. Concrete suggestions, please. ...Now retain a little its thought of black hat. They do not convince the ideas to me that we have. Pongámonos a little while the green hat. What it happens with more frequency it is than the hat is due to insert that corresponds during the march of a debate of traditional type. ...I want that each one gives its ideas me of red hat on this point. If they remember, with the red hat is allowed "to unfold the emotions and feelings with no need to justify them of way some. . ...Perhaps no they know it, but they have been using the black hat -- that is to say, the judgment negative. They have said to us why this will not work. I want now that change, for minutes, the yellow. With him they can make evaluations positive. ...Nondesire neither its opinions nor their suggestions. I want few minutes of pure thought of white hat. The facts and numbers without interpretation. ...I believe that we needed to stop and to use a little blue hat. Olvídense of the subject by a little while. How we would have we organized the thought? It must be said that the thought of blue hat is not limited to organize the use of the other hats. The thought of blue hat is also used stops to organize other aspects of the thought, such as evaluation of priorities or enumeration of restrictions. It can also be used to orchestrate use of the diverse tools of thought TIC, like the PMI.


Thought of Blue hat
To formulate the suitable questions To define problem.

To determine tasks of the thought. The center is one of the key rolls of the thought of blue hat. The difference between good and a badly thinking one is often in the approach capacity. In what would have to consist the thought? It is not enough with being conscious of the intention general of the thought. ...We wished to focus the preparation of a series of possible answers to the diminution, of prices that our competition has carried out. ...Let us focus what each one of us wants of these vacations. ...Umbrella and publicity. Desire creative ideas about the way in which the common umbrellas they could be used in publicity. ...How we can obtain that the guests are satisfied so that they convince to his friends of which they lodge in our hotel? This it is the center specified of attention. ...The center general is to obtain that the new segments of the market eat in ours branches of fast food. The specific center is to obtain that greater people concurs to our establishments outside the rush hours. A center can ample or to be closed. Within the ample center it can have several closed centers specific. What matters is that the center is due to declare of a way precise. The thought of blue hat would have to be used to contribute definition to the center. The thought of blue hat would have to be used stops moni-to goad any deviation of the center. The time that is used to think in the thought it is not lost time. ...I am putting the hat blue to say that we have turned aside much of which us we had proposed to think. We have a pile of interesting ideas, but no he is excellent for the initial center. We must recover the track. Some other commentary of blue hat? ...Pónganse the blue hat and says what thinks of which we are doing. We are going to some part? To formulate one it asks is the way simplest to focus the thought. Often one affirms that the exact question can be the most important part of the thought. Lamentably it is much more easy to formulate the question retrospectively exact -- after the answer has occurred. Nevertheless, the attention careful to the frame and the center of a question it is an important aspect of thought of blue hat. In thought lessons TIC, the questions are divided in two groups. There is one it asks investigatory, explorativa (like putting bait in the hook, but without knowing a certain science what could appear). There is one question that shoots that it is used to verify a point and whose answer is directly if or not (like to aim at a bird and to kill it or to lose the shot). ... it asks is not as much what we do but when we do it. To fix the time is vital. What factors would have to be contemplated?

.. . it asks is if the tax advantages were perceived truely by client or if they only provided to our salesmen an advisable factor of sale. A problem it is, in fact, only a special type of question. How to obtain this? It is important to define the problem. Otherwise the solution can be irrelevant or to be unnecessarily troublesome. It is the this true problem? Why we want to solve this problem? Which is the underlying problem? ...The time cold is not the true problem. The problem is how people perceive it. We can change this. ... problem is not that we do not have snow, but that we cannot ski. Then we took people in buses towards where there is snow. Instead of to try to find the best definition of a problem, is more practitioner to present/display a series of alternative definitions. All this is part of the thought of blue hat. The paper of thinker of blue hat is also to settle down specific tasks of thought. This is still more important if somebody is thinking single. ...Let us fix object of this meeting. What conclusion we would consider successful? ...Let us begin to determine the zones in agreement between both parts. ..The task of thought is to design the way as we could decide this question here and now. ...Let us enumerate four "alive zones of ideas", that they are related to the education student. ...Let us give ideas of black hat to our advertising campaign. A task of thought can be precise or can be ample. A thought task it can require a profit it specified or it can demand a contribution within an area greater. ...Only I want some exploratory idea about this business of purchases by means of television set. ...How we can verify if its strategy has been successful? ... Why us it makes difficult to decide between these alternatives? When not it can make the thought task, is necessary that it is made notice that it fails. ...We cannot to give an explanation to this increase of the caramel consumption. We will have to return later to it, and to see if we can use some hypothesis verifiable. ...Not us it has happened no idea to increase completed of lamb. Perhaps us agree to detach this in sub-problems. The thinker of blue hat he raises the target and he says: "It is this. Shoot in this direction ".


Thought of blue hat
Step by step The software of thought Choreography computers have a software that says to them what to do constantly. Without software the computer cannot work. One of the functions of thought gives blue hat is to design the software of the thought so that think on a certain subject. It is possible to have fixed structures that they can be applied to any situation. In one of the sections TIC I propose exactly a structure of that type, denominated PISCO (intention, entrance, solutions, election, operation). In this section I aim at software standardized designed for precise situations. ...We will begin with some thought of blue hat to design the program that we try to follow. Esta is not a habitual situation Where we began? In what we would have to be thinking? At the end of last chapter affirmed that most of the times the thought of the six hats will take part occasionally in the course of a normal thought of type discusión/argumentación. It will have requested occasional of some type specific of thought symbolized by one of the hats to think. Now I want to examine the possibility of a formal program that it proposes one sequence of steps. There is one dances he frees in that the dancers improvise moment at moment in order for expressing the general subject. And also a formal ballet exists in which each step is determined accurately by the choreography. Here I take care of this aspect choreographic of the thought of blue hat. However, I do not want that reader thinks that this one is the way as it would have to be used all along thought of the six hats. I want to leave in clear also, since I did before, that the programs of blue hat can to include many other aspects of thought, not only the six hats. ...We would have to begin analyzing all the pertinent factors to the design of this line of infantile clothes. ...We would have to begin to delineate the areas in agreement, the areas of discord and the areas irrelevant for this debate. The process that I finish mentioning knows like A. D. I. and it constitutes one of tools TIC.

The program it will vary of situation in situation. The program to solve a problem will differ for the designed one for the construction of a boat. A program of negotiations he will not be equal to a program for decision. Even in the area of the taking of decisions, the program that is used for a decision can differ from which it is used for another one. The thinker of blue hat organizes the program stops that he adapts himself to the situation as the carpenter plans the way in which he goes to make a chair or a closet. If the subject in question involves forts emotions of the thinker, then he would be reasonable to put the first hat in, program red. It would bring feelings a the surface, would make them visible. If the red hat, the person were avoided it could try to indirectly express his emotions by other means, such like an excess of black hat. Once the emotions become visible, the thinker is freed somewhat of them. And then a little can be pressed more so that he is objective. The next one step could be thought of white hat, in order to put all excellent information on the table. In general, it is necessary to return of as much in as much to the white way -as if one was a species of sub-routine -- it stops to verify different points. It is used then the thought of yellow hat to present/display proposals and existing suggestions. An interaction between the thought can be provoked of blue hat and the one of yellow hat in as much the blue one it formulates questions and it indicates the areas problematic. The thought of white hat also can to contribute planteos of "last generation" to the problem. ...What in these situations we did in the past is the following thing ... traditional planteos already know all you. I am going to reiterate them of all ways. thought of blue hat could define zones of center that they require new concepts. The green hat would try then to generate some new concepts. Alternatively, it could have a formal period of hat green in that each individual thinker makes his creative pause. ...Me it would please to see the possibility of some simpler method to fit the payments extra to the box flow. ...It must have a better form to sell books. I want to use the green hat in this subject. In this point, an interval of thought of blue hat would organize the proposals available so that there was a formal list. The proposals could to locate itself then in different categories: those that need valuation personnel, those that they require of extensions, those that only need to write down themselves. It could to now take place a mixture of thoughts of hats white, yellow and green, to develop and to make advance each one of the proposals. This is stage of the constructive thought. thought of yellow, single hat, is used now to give an evaluation positive of each one of the

alternatives that are considered they are possibilities serious. Soon it uses the thought of black hat in a selective sense. The intention of impossible the black hat it is to indicate that alternative they are o unusable. The thought of black hat also can object the value of the alternatives usable. thoughts of hats yellow and green are used then to surpass obstacles that the black hat has presented/displayed: the faults must be corrected, the weaknesses must suppress and the problems, to be solved. There is an inspection additional of the black hat to indicate risks, dangers and deficit. A continuation can happen an interval a position of the blue hat, that formulates a global panorama of the obtained thing and, also, organizes the strategy of "election of route". It follows to him now the thought of red hat, that allows that the thinkers express its feelings on the options available. election procedure comes immediately, as a mixture of thought of hats yellow and black -in search of the alternative that better adapts a the necessities. Finally, a session of blue hat determines the strategy to think implementation. All this it can seem a quite complex sequence, but actually each language derives in the following one -- just as the changes of march when it drives an automobile. When va to establish a fixed program, is essential that each one of the people who it participates with its thought sees it with all clarity. If a thinker knows that shortly a lapse of black hat will happen, will feel less forced a to interfere with motivated expressions of black hat in its fear to that of another way would lose its opportunity. It would have to remember that most of the thought is a mixture of hats black and target -with trasfondo of unexpressed emotions of red hat. ...This is reason for which your suggestion will not work. The program of blue hat it can be predetermined by who directs the thought session, or they can design it, by means of thought of blue hat, all the presents in the session.


Thought of Blue Hat
Observation and global vision Commentary.

Synthesis, conclusions, harvest and information. The thinker of blue hat he considers the thought that is developed. It is coreógrafo that designs the steps, but also the critic whom it observes what it occurs. The thinker of blue hat does not drive a vehicle in the way, but he observes the conductor. Also it pays attention to the route that is following. The thinker of blue hat he can comment out about which he observes. ...We are wasting too much time in the discussion of this subject. Let us write down it like point in which there are conflicting ideas. ...It seems that too much we are worried about the cost of this operation, but we do not have Still determined if it is going to us to provide some benefit. We would have haber begun that way. ...David, you have state pressing all along with the same idea. We will write down it like one sign possibility and we will study it later. I believe that we would have to try new alternatives. This is an investigation, not a debate. Of as much in as much, the thinker of blue hat gives a global panorama of which he has happened and he has obtained himself. She is the person who stays near the diagram or of the map or of rough drafts and he is quick to enumerate the alternatives that go arising. ...Let us synthesize the obtained thing until now. ...I go a to review the main points that have been exposed. The one that dissents with my synthesis, that me the report. The task of thinker of blue hat is to give form to which he can seem a discussion chaotic. Although I speak of the thinker of blue hat as if one was a person, always it is possible that all the members of the group make these tasks of thought of blue hat. Of hecho a thinker of blue hat can request a whatever east hat is put and develops the task. ...I suggest that we make a pause. I propose that all we put the blue hats and let us dedicate the few minutes that reduce to make a synthesis individual of that we create to have obtained until the moment. ... Let us speak in turn. Póngase the blue hat and díganme where we have arrived. As roll of the thinker of blue hat is once in a while to synthesize the obtained thing, also it is to be in charge it to expose the final conclusions ordenadamente. ...With blue hat, seems to me that our conclusions are the following ones. ...We are all in agreement in which the conclusions are these? The synthesis end and the preparation of the report is tasks of the thought of blue hat. It does not mean that it is function of a single individual (although can be it). He means that

each thinker plays his role of blue hat to comment with exactitude and objectivity the thought that has been provoked. One of functions of the thought of blue hat are to be the photographer whom it observes and it registers the thought that happens and has happened.


Thought of Blue Hat
The president Discipline and center Who is a position? The president of any meeting usually he has, by the fact of being it, a function of blue hat. One is in charge to maintain the order and to assure that it is fulfilled established agenda. ; It is possible to assign a specific function of blue hat to a different person. This thinker of blue hat will have the task of making the pursuit of thought within the frame established by the president. It can happen perfectly that the same president particularly is not enabled it stops to make that pursuit. Also I want to emphasize that anyone, in a meeting, can develop the function of blue hat. ... I go away a to put the hat blue to think and thus to declare that the commentaries of Srta. The Browns are not adapted at this moment. ...I go away a to put the hat blue to say that we are turning aside much of the subject power station. ...My thought of blue hat says to me that we would have to describe this point as key problem. We would have to approach it, then. Now or later. He thought blue hat one makes sure that the rules of the game are respected. This disciplinary aspect can be function of the president or the thinker of blue hat designated to the effect: but he is open also to the commentary of anyone. ...This it is thought of red hat. We want its emotions, not it reason of them. ...I feel it, but that is defined thought of black hat and it does not correspond to this moment. ...This it is not the way to deal with an idea with thought green hat. One assumes that you must use the movement and not judge;

...Create truely that that is information gives white hat? It seems rather feeling of red hat. ...The roll of blue hat is the one to synthesize the developed thought, the one not to take party by an alternative. Actually much superposition between the different hats exists and there is no necessity of to be pedantic on the matter. The hats yellow and green can be superposed with much frequency. And the same it happens to red and the target due in this case to mezcla of opinions and facts. It is not practitioner to happen changing of hats with each landmark that one does. The important thing it is that, if a precise way of thought has settled down, the thinkers do a conscious effort in order to think of that way. If one is going away to use thought of yellow hat, then is due to use that and not another one. If it is not had requested a specific hat, it is not necessary to suppose that each commentary isolated it must be fitted in one or another hat. Also it is perfectly valid that somebody comments out of procedural type without clarifying formally that it is using the blue hat By another one part, is very important that, once in a while, it is identified formally hat. Supposition is not enough that the type of hat is deduced of the type of conducted observation. The important thing is, indeed, the discipline to treat to follow a way precise to think. If this does not become, we return to the probable one confusion and argumentativa way. One of central tasks of the control of blue hat are to interrupt or to finish discussions. ...I believe that the increase of the sale of turkey meat must to the conscience that there is on the health. ...I believe that it must, simply, to that it has lowered of price In this moment the thinker of blue hat could ask if there is some information of white hat that solves east subject. ...Like no we can reach a definitive conclusion, we would have to write down that one has seted out two explanations of this tendency. We are not forced to decide which is correct. Por as much, both positions are included in the thought map. In this case individual, both can be correct. Other times both points of view they can be incompatible. Anyway, both points of view can to write down itself. Later it is possible to be continued discussing. ...Now we can return to that aspect that before we could not solve. We would have to frankly consider it like a commercial policy predatoria? Let us focus now directly this point. ...Mr.. Jones thinks that an advantage in the prices of vacations will modify appreciably the sales. The Srta. Adams thinks that no, and who it can to be very onerous. Tomémonos a

time to examine this point. What us it can offer the thought of white hat? What would have cost to us to offer that advantage in previous years? A form effective to treat the opposite ideas it is supposition that each one is valid in certain circumstances. ...In what circumstance would be right Mr.. Jones? In what circumstances would be in certain the Srta. Adams? Both positions can be correct then. The next one step would be to evaluate which of both circumstances is looked more like the situation present. The same one I raise could be used also to evaluate ideas, by means of the method of better place. Which would be the best place for this idea? ...This wonderful serious product for a great company that dominates the market. This another product would be the adapted one for a small company that tries to become niche in the market. Well, where are we? There are occasions in that the thinker of blue hat must be very forceful. ...It seems that we are joined with this discussion. Let us point both positions and we will return more late on the subject. ...We are using the cartographic way, not the argumentativo. If they have different points of view, anótenlos and are enough. They do not try to prove that one is guessed right or that the other is erroneous. ...Both have finished saying what they wanted. To follow in this would be to discuss, and we are not here to do that. ...They could to let discuss, please? ...Me it would please that each one thought a little with the yellow hat on the point of Vista of the other. This would have to finish with the discussion. La formality of the blue hat permite to any thinker to be more direct than if it did not count on this resource.


Summary of the Thought of Blue Hat
The hat blue it is the hat of the control. The thinker of the blue hat organizes same thought. To think with the blue hat is to think about the thought necessary to investigate the

subject. The thinker of blue hat he is like the conductor. It is the one who proposes or it calls to use of the other hats. The thinker of blue hat he defines the subjects towards which the thought must go. The thought of blue hat establishes the center. It defines the problems and it elaborates the questions. The thought of blue hat determines the thought tasks that they are going away to develop. thought of blue hat is responsible for the synthesis, the global vision and the conclusions. This can happen of as much in as much during the course of thought and also in the end El thought of of monitorea blue hat the thought and assures the respect of the game rules. The thought of blue hat stops discussion e it insists on the cartographic thought. The thought of blue hat it reinforces and it applies the discipline. It is possible to be used the thought of blue hat in possible interruptions to request hat. Also it can be used to establish a gradual sequence of operations of thought that must be respected as one dances respétala choreography. Even though azul assigns to a person the specific roll of the hat thought this roll is open to whatever it wants to propose commentaries or suggestions of blue hat

The greater one enemy of the thought is the complexity, because he leads to the confusion. When the thought is clear and simple it is more pleasing and effective. concept of the six hats to think is very simple. Its use also she is very simple. The concept of the six hats to think it has two central intentions. First it is to simplify the thought, allowing that the thinker treats a thing later of another one. Instead of being at the same time made position of the emotions, the logic, the information, the hope and the creativity, the thinker can face them by separated. Instead of using itself the logic to disguise an emotion by halves, the thinker can take this emotion to the surface by means of the hat red and with no need to justify it. The black hat to think can then to treat the logical aspect. The second central intention of the six hats to think is to allow one variation in the thought. To a person who in the course of a meeting has itself shown continuously negative, it is possible to be requested to him that the "hat takes off black ". This indicates the person to him who is being persistently negative. Also it is possible to be asked this person who puts "the hat yellow ". This it is a direct order of which she is positive. This way, the six hats provide a language that, without being offensive, is precise. Most important it is than this

language does not threaten the ego or the personality of subject. One even becomes performance or a game. The six hats they allow that it is asked for to think of certain ways. The hats are thus a species of instructive shorthand. I am not insinuating that at any moment we would have to put a hat consciously to us or another one. It is completely unnecessary. In some occasions it can that let us want to use all the hats in a sequence formally structured; in these cases we would have to expose the structure in advance. More often we will want to put one or another hat to us with certain formality in the one course discussion. Or we can want to request to one of the presents that put a hat determined. This can in the beginning seem somewhat strange but with time it will seem very natural Obvious, the language obtains to Maxima utility if all the members of an organization they are to as much of the game rules. For example, all those that accustom to meet to discuss they would have to know the meaning the different ones hats. The concept works better when it becomes a species of common language.

The intention of the six hats to think it is to desembrollar the thought, so that the thinker can use a way to think after another one -- instead of to do all at the same time or to try it. The best analogy is impression a all color. Each color is printed separately and in the end all meet and it sees the set. The method of the six hats to think are designed to remove to the thought from habitual argumentativo style and to take it to a cartographic style. This r does of the thought a process of two stages. First it is to develop the map. second it is to choose the route, in the map. If the map is sufficiently good, better route usually is obvious. As in the analogy of the impression to color, each one of the six hats puts a type of thought in the map. I do not try to affirm that the six hats include all possible aspect of the thought, but that includes the main ways. I am not suggesting us either let us put one of the hats whenever we thought. The greater value of the hats it is his same artificialidad. They offer a formality and one convention to as much require certain type of thought of we ourself like of the others. They fix the rules of the game of the thought. Whatever it plays it is going to know these rules. At the most use the hats, will be integrated more to the culture of the thought. All the members of an organization would have to learn the basic language of way "that can be incorporated to the culture.

thought in center is thus much more powerful. Instead of wasting time in discussions and reasonings without course, will be counted on I raise energetic and disciplined. In the beginning, it is possible that people feel a little uncomfortable with the use of the hats, but "this incomodidad disappears as soon as the convenience of the system is evident. The first use of the hats will be an occasional order of to use one in particular b to change the black on the other hand. As I said to principle of the book, the great value of the hats is that they provide rolls of thought. A thinker can be proud to represent each one of those rolls. Without the formality of the hats some thinkers they would suspend in a unique way (generally the black). I emphasize one time plus the easy thing that it is to use the system. It is not necessary that the reader make an effort in remembering all the points exposed in these pages. They constitute an extension the essential of each hat is easy to remember. Hat Target, pure target, virgin, facts, numbers and information. Hat Red, to see red, emotions and feelings, also prefeeling e intuition. Hat Black, devil's advocate, negative judgment, reason by which he will not be. Hat Yellow, light of the sun, brightness and optimism, positive, constructive, opportunity. Hat Green, fertility, creativity, plants appearing of the seeds, movement, provocation. Hat Blue, moderation and control, conductor, to think about thought. While more people learn the language, more useful will be in any organization. truth is that we did not count on a simple language like system of control of our thought. If us we felt so intelligent that we create to be able to do without this system, we could consider that this system would do that that intelligence, of that as much we boasted ourselves, outside more effective still. A person with natural talent in order to run one benefits more than others if to that talent applies discipline. ..In this moment I want to make a landmark of yellow hat. Pruébalo by same you. It seems to me advisable to repeat in the following pages the summaries used in the book for each one of the six hats to think

One imagines computer that gives the facts and the numbers that are requested to him. He is neutral and objective. It does not make interpretations nor it gives opinions. When it uses the hat target, the thinker would have to imitate the computer. The person that it requests information must frame and need the questions in order to obtain information or to complete emptinesses of the existing information. In practice exists a double system of information. The first level contains facts verified and

proven, done of first class. The second, facts that one thinks that they are true, but that has still not been totally verified, done of second class. credibility varies from "always true" to "never true ". In means there are usable levels, such as "in general "," sometimes ", and" in occasional form ". It can to present/display this class of information with the white hat whenever it is used the "appropriate frame" to indicate its degree of probability. thought of white hat is a discipline and a direction. Thinking he the information makes an effort to be more neutral and more objective when presenting/displaying. You they can request that you put the white hat or you can request to him to which do. It is possible to be chosen to use it or to clear it to it. The target (color absence) it indicates neutrality.

The use of red hat allows that the thinker says: "Therefore I feel with respect to this subject ". The hat red legitimiza the emotions and the feelings like one leaves important from thought. The hat red it makes the feelings visible so that they can become partly of map and also of the system of values that chooses the route in the map. The hat it provides the thinker with an advisable method to enter and to leave the way emotional; thus it can do it of a way that is not possible without this trick or instrument. The hat red it allows that the thinker explores the feelings of the others when them it asks for puntó of Vista of red hat. When thinker is using the red hat, never it would have to make the attempt of to justify the feelings or "to base them on the logic. The hat red it covers two ample types with feeling. In the first place, the emotions common, that they vary from the forts, such as fear and misfortune, until subtler as the suspicion. Secondly, the complex judgments, classifiable in types such as prefeelings, intuitions, sensations, aesthetic preferences, feelings and other nonjustifiable types of way perceivable. When an opinion consists to a great extent of this type of feelings also it is possible to be fitted under the red hat.

Thinking of black hat takes care specifically of the negative judgment. The thinker of black hat indicates what is bad, incorrect and the erroneous thing. The thinker of black hat indicates that something does not comply to the experience or to the knowledge accepted. The thinker of black hat indicates why something is not going to work. The thinker of black hat indicates to the risks and dangers. The hat thinker black indicates the imperfections of

a design. thought of black hat no it is argumentation and never it would have to consider so. It is an objective attempt to put in the map the elements negatives. thought of black hat can indicate the errors in the process of thought and in the same method. thought of black hat can confront an idea with the past stops to verify if it fits with already known. thought of black hat can project an idea in the future verifying what could fail or go badly. thought of black hat can make questions negative. thought of black hat would not have to be used to conceal complacencia negative refusal or feelings, those that would have to use the red hat. The judgment positive is for the yellow hat. to appear new ideas, yellow hat always is due to use before the black.

SUMMARY OF THOUGHT OF YELLOW HAT thought of yellow hat is positive and constructive. The yellow color it symbolizes the brightness of the sun, the luminosity and the optimism. thought of yellow hat takes care of the positive evaluation of the same one way that the thought of black hat takes care of the negative evaluation. The thought of yellow hat it includes a positive phantom that goes from the logical aspect and practitioner is enough the dreams, visions and hopes. thought of yellow hat investigates and explores in search of value and benefit. Later it tries to find logical endorsement for this value and benefit. The thought of yellow hat tries to show an optimism founded well, but --a is not limited this less than it is described suitably other types of optimism. thought of yellow hat is constructive and generative. From him they arise concrete proposals and suggestions. One takes care of the operabilidad and to do that the things happen. The effectiveness is the objective of the constructive thought of yellow hat. El thought of yellow hat can be speculative and seeking of opportunities. It allows, in addition, visions and dreams. thought of yellow hat does not take care of the mere positive euphoria (red hat) nor either, directly, of the creation of new ideas (green hat).

The hat green it is for the creative thought. The person who puts it is going to use language of the creative thought. Who are around to his, they must to consider the product like a

creative product. Ideally, as much the thinker as the listener would have to use green hats. The color green it is symbol of the fertility, the growth and the value of the seeds. The search of alternatives it is a fundamental aspect of the thought of green hat. It is necessary to go beyond the well-known, obvious and the satisfactory thing. With the pause creative the thinker of green hat stops in a given point stops to consider the possibility of alternative ideas in that point. They do not make lack reasons for this pause. In the thought of green hat the language of the movement replaces to the one of the judgment. thinker tries to advance from an idea to reach another new one. provocation is an important element of the thought of green hat and it symbolizes with the word op. It is used the provocations to leave our habitual guidelines of thought. Several forms exist to raise provocations including the method of the word at random. lateral thought is a series of attitudes, languages and techniques (that they include movement, provocation and op) to jump of guidelines in a system car-organized of asymmetric guidelines. It is used to generate concepts and perceptions.

The hat blue it is the hat of the control. The thinker of the blue hat organizes same thought. To think with the blue hat is to think about the thought necessary to investigate the subject. The thinker of blue hat he is like the conductor. It is the one who proposes q calls to use of the other hats. The thinker of blue hat he defines the subjects towards which the thought must go. The thought of blue hat establishes the center. It defines the problems and it elaborates the questions. The thought of blue hat determines the tasks of thought that is going away to develop. thought of blue hat is responsible for the synthesis, the global vision and the conclusions. This can happen of as much in as much during the course of pensamiento and also in the end thought of monitorea blue hat the thought and assures the respect the rules of Game. The thought of blue hat stops discussion e it insists on the cartographic thought. The thought of blue hat it reinforces and it applies the discipline. It is possible to be used the thought of blue hat in possible interruptions to request hat. Also it can be used to establish a gradual sequence of operations of thought that must be respected as a dance respects choreography. Even though assign to a person the roll I specify of the thought of blue hat, this roll is open to whatever it wants to propose commentaries or suggestions of blue hat.

Publications mentioned here in this book: The Mechanism of Mind. (Penguin Books) Po: Beyond Yes and No (Penguin Books) Lateral Thinking for Management (Penguin Books) Lateral Thinking (Penguin Books, Harper and Row, Ñ Practical Thinking (Penguin Books) Tactics: The Art and Science of Success (Little, Brown, N.And.) Conflicts: To Better Way to Resolve Them (Harrap, UK)

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...should be managers from TMM (mandatory Shirley Sargent, Da Prille, Lewis, Creemens) and with participation of KFS representative managers and somebody experienced from Tsutsumi. Taking into consideration that Tsutsumi didn't report so far any problem with the same engineering drawings, and also looking at their decrease in defects rate (from 7 occurrences per shift to one per shift by April), it looks that if they had a problem with the seats, they managed to solve it from the beginning. So, they should act like a benchmark for TMM; however, nobody asked them about it, even both plants belong to the same company. So internal cooperation should be encouraged between both factories. • In this team, as framework for thinking, we would encourage the team to use the Six Thinking Hats Method, for getting the real causes and finding optimal...

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Decision in Paradise Part 2

...effective thinking technique in which a person can evaluate all sides of critical decision making and most often plan for all possible scenarios in a particular situation. The situation that we are discussing in this scenario is the establishment of a Walgreens on the small island of Kava. The technique we will be using to analyze the situation is the “Six Thinking Hats” or the “de Bono Hats System”. As stated by Wikipedia (2009), S.T.H “is a thinking tool for group discussion and individual thinking. Combined with the idea of parallel thinking which is associated with it, it provides a means for groups to think together more effectively, and a means to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way.” In the article Six Thinking Hats: Looking at a Decision from All Points of View the author explained “Six thinking hats is a powerful technique that helps to look at important decisions from a number of different perspectives” (2008). He goes on to say “It helps to make better decision by pushing one to move outside their habitual ways of thinking. It helps to understand the full complexity of the decision, and spot issues and opportunities to which one might otherwise be blind” (U.K.A., 2008). When using this particular problem solving technique it makes it possible for one to solve problems and analyze scenarios from multiple approaches. We will now look at the Decisions in Paradise scenario using the “Six Thinking Hats” approach. White Hat/ Hat......

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Organisation Behaviour

...Brothwick Contracting used to be --------------------------------------------------- 03 3.2. Restructuring Brothwick Contracting ------------------------------------------------------ 04 3. Recommendations ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 04 4.3. Focusing on the biggest resources ---------------------------------------------------------- 04 4.4. Resolving intergroup conflict --------------------------------------------------------------- 05 4. The Six Thinking Hats ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 05 5.5. Focusing on the biggest resource ------------------------------------------------------------06 5.6. Resolving intergroup conflict --------------------------------------------------------------- 08 5. S.W.O.T --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 6. Summary -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 7. References ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Executive Summary Borthwick Contacting is a civil engineering company and Australia’s most successful road and bridge building enterprises. It is a fine organisation that boasted a core workforce of around 400 highly skilled construction staff. The key to Borthwick Contracting’s survival in the industry is......

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Evaluating Practical Workplace Decisions Using de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’

...Evaluating Practical Workplace Decisions Using de Bono’s ‘Six Thinking Hats’ Background/Bio on Dr. Edward de Bono Dr. Edward de Bono 1933 to current. (Systems, 2014) Dr. Edward de Bono 1933 to current. (Systems, 2014) Nominated for the Nobel Prize for Economics in 2005, Edward de Bono is regarded by many as the leading authority in the field of creative thinking, innovation and the direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He is equally renowned for his development of the Six Thinking Hats technique and the Direct Attention Thinking Tools. He is the originator of the concept of Lateral Thinking, which is now part of language and is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary. Dr. de Bono was born in Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, holds an MA in psychology and physiology from Oxford, a D. Phil. in Medicine and also a Ph.D. from Cambridge. He has held faculty appointments at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, London and Harvard. His instruction in thinking has been sought by many organizations: IBM, Prudential, GM, BT (UK), NTT (Japan), Nokia (Finland), Mondadori (Italy), Total (France), Siemens (Germany), Bosch (Germany), Ericsson (Sweden) and many others. His methods are now mandatory in the school curriculum in many countries and widely used in others. He has written 70 books with translations into 38 languages and has been invited to lecture in 57 countries. Dr. de Bono was chosen by a group of academics as one of the 250 people who had contributed......

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Six Thinking Hats

...Six Thinking Hats Anngellet Jones Dallas Baptist University Creative Problem Solving/Marketing Decisions MRKT 6301 Professor Toni McNutt November 2, 2012 Six Thinking Hats Introduction Six Thinking Hats, is authored by Edward de Bono. Mr. de Bono comes from a well-educated family from Malta. De Bono’s parents were Joseph and Josephine de Bono. Mr. de Bono graduated at the age of 15, and was nicknamed genius. Mr. de Bono has several degrees, including a couple of doctorates. Mr. de Bono is a physician, author, inventor, and a consultant. The phase lateral thinking as a term was introduced by Mr. de Bono. Mr. de Bono is widely known for his development of lateral thinking as a skill. De Bono used his medical experience as his inspiration for understanding the brain as a self-organizing system, which allowed de Bono to create practical tools for thinking (Powell, 2007). Mr. de Bono is an activist for teaching lateral thinking as a subject in schools. Development of Lateral Thinking The development of Mr. de Bono’s theory was a result of his path from medicine during the 1960’s. Mr. de Bono’s path lead to the use of a system for solving health problem but related it to the thinking process, but more specifically creativity thinking. Mr. de Bono’s was researching the glands and kidney system at the time of developing the thinking process as a result of recognizing they were self-organizing glands. Mr. de Bono related his research of the self-organizing systems to......

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Critical Thinking

...Week 2 The business context 1. Porter’s Five Forces Where does the power lie? How do I maximise my power and leverage? How do I identify and minimise my weaknesses? The threat of new entrants, bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute products or services and rivalry among existing competitors 2. Porter’s Generic Strategies How do I gain a competitive advantage in business? What strategies will help me achieve my goals? 3.1 The Cost Leadership Strategy 3.2.1 Increase profits by reducing costs 3.2.2 Industry-average prices 3.2.3 Increasing market share 3.2.4 Low costs mean greater profit You will need: 3.2.5 Strong control over Cost of Labour 3.2.6 Preferential access to raw materials, components etc. 3.2.7 Take advantage of economies of scale 3.2.8 Easy access to supply chains and affordable logistics 3.2 The Differentiation Strategy 3.3.9 Create a product that is perceived as unique 3.3.10 Brand Loyalty 3.3.11 Can provide better insulation from competition You will need: 2.2.4 Strong R&D 2.2.5 Creativity 2.2.6 Unique Marketing Strategy 2.2.7 Innovate to stay ahead of the competition 2.3 Focus Strategy 2.3.1 Focus on niche markets 2.3.2 Unique understanding of the market 2.3.3 Either cost leadership or differentiation You will need: 2.3.4 Unique/specific insight into the market 2.3.5 Knowledge of suppliers and......

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...First section of the paper is to explain the concept of groupthink, what it is defined to be. The second part of the paper is an analysis of my personal experience with groupthink within a family trust. The third part of the paper proposes a remedy other than argument and debate which would act as a “group antihistamine” against this phenomenon called groupthink. Defining Groupthink Groupthink as defined by Irving Janis in his book entitled Victims of Groupthink, in it is stated to be “the tendency of a group to conform to ideas simply because the general sense of the group has moved in a particular direction and members of the group feel committed to continue in the same unchallenged line of thought.” Consequently it is the practice of thinking and making decisions in a group in a way that discourages creativity or individual responsibility. Groupthink is an occurrence where by a group comes to a unanimous decision about a possible action despite the existence of facts that points to another more fruitful corrective course of action. In groupthink the members of the group place emphasis on everyone agreeing therefore there is a threat when a member is not in consensus. Unfortunately it results in more optimum solutions not being fully considered because of intimidation tactics employed on those who don’t comply. Ultimately members can be ostracized from the group if they are noncompliant to the group’s unified position. The result is unvetted decisions with poor......

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Six Thinking Hats Review

...BOOK TITLE : SIX THINKING HATS AUTHOR : EDWARD DE BONO In this book the author introduces a way of how to think. He introduces the concept of parallel thinking. He says that the enemy of thought is its complexity, which leads to confusion. When the thoughts are clear and simple, it is easy to make decisions. The concept of six hats is very simple to understand and use. In ordinary, unstructured thinking this process is unfocused; the thinker leaps from critical thinking to neutrality to optimism and so on without structure or strategy. The Six Hats Thinking process attempts to introduce parallel thinking. Many individuals are used to this and develop their own habits unconsciously. Sometimes, these are effective and sometimes times not effective. What is certain is that when thinking in a group these individual strategies will tend not to converge. As a result, discussion will not tend to converge. Due to the power of ego and the identified predilection to black thinking hat in the majority of western culture, it can lead to very destructive meetings. Even with clear shared objectives and good courtesy in any collaborative thinking activity there is a natural tendency for "spaghetti thinking" where one person is thinking about the benefits while another considers the facts and so on. The six hats process avoids this. Everyone considers and everyone looks in the same direction together. For example, a façade of a house (metaphorically speaking) and then the group will......

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Six Thinking Hats Review

...SUMMARY AND ORGANIZATION OF THE BOOK: “People do not choose an argument because it is the preferred method. They simply don’t know any other way. The Six Hats provides another way.” - (extract from the book) Six Think Hats provides us with an entirely different approach of thinking. The author introduces the art of “parallel thinking”. Communication, decision making, brain-storming, meetings are made a whole lot easier and effective with the Six Thinking Hats method. Six Thinking Hats is a 177 page book with 43 chapters. The chapters are organized into six major sections, which focus on the functions of six different hats. The first three chapters introduce the concept of six hats to the readers. The rest of the chapters address the hats with 5 to 8 chapters per section. The last two chapters provide the benefits of using the six hats method and conclusion. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Edward de Bono is regarded as the leading authority in direct teaching of thinking as a skill. He originated the term “lateral thinking” and has developed formal techniques for deliberate creative thinking. Biography: Edward Charles Francis Publius de Bono was born in Malta on 19 May 1933. De Bono then gained a medical degree from the University of Malta. He was a Rhodes Scholar at Christ Church, Oxford, in England where he gained an MA in psychology and physiology. He also has a PhD degree and a DPhil in medicine from Trinity College, Cambridge, a DDes (Doctor of Design) from the......

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Decisions in Paradise Part Ii

...other, must be made. Several decision-making processes are available for use to determine the best course of action. The purpose of a decision-making process is to diagnose the issues needing clarification, identifying options and the impacts of those options, and finally to arrive at a conclusive decision. We will use the Six Thinking Hats technique to scrutinize our ideas and arrive at the best decision for the nation of Kava and its people. Six Thinking Hats is a decision making process, developed by Edward de Bono, which allows us to explore different points of view about difficult challenges (The de Bono Group LLC ). Seeing ideas from differing points is a sound strategy to follow when tackling complex issues. The Value Based Management (2010) website states that the Six Thinking Hats, STH, technique as the name implies comprises of six different points of view all demarked by six colors. The white hat is the thinking hat, is neutral, and focuses on what is known to find gaps in the available data. The red hat is the gut feeling hat, follows emotion, and intuition. The black hat is the pessimist, and sees problems in advance. The yellow hat is...

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Six Hats-

...SIX HATS THINKING: KRISHNAKUMAR NALLU Homo sapiens are considered to be one of the blessed and unique multi cellular organisms in earth since we humans have innate and highly evolved trait of power to think. But most of the time while working as a team a lot of conflict arises in decision making process to arrive at a at decision since thought process are not quite similar for any two individuals or a group of individuals. Ed ward de bono stated that the emotions, the information, the logic, the hope and creativity suppresses our thinking process and we squander too much of time in mixed emotion of thoughts and finally we end up in a messy outcome. So in order to streamline our thinking process Edward de bono suggested “six thinking hats” each hat defines certain type of thinking and wearing each of these hats under various stages results in parallel thinking and as a team we become much more productive. Six hats consists of which White hat which calls for facts, information; Red hats which takes into account of feelings and emotions; Black hat signifies caution and critical thinking; Yellow hat thinking insists on optimism and positive outcomes; Green hat focusing on creativity and innovation and finally the Blue Hat which ensures all the six thinking hats are observed and followed in the THINKING process. The color of each hats itself has their own implied meaning ie, Red color symbolizes fury and emotions, White color a neutral color, being objective, Black......

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Team Strategy and Conflict Management Plan

...draw conflicts out longer average. | Consequences | Teams realizing consequences allow creativity within the group. | Team members who believe he or she is not accountable may omit themselves from the consequence. | 2. Identify the team formation strategy that is most suitable for Riordan Manufacturing, and provide the rationale for the decision. Your response should be at least 100 words. The diverse group of employees at Riodan Manufacturing Pontiac, Missouri will allow a team formation strategy called Six Hats. The concept behind Six Hats is each employee wears a different "hat" (role) in the team. Each of the Six Thinking Hats represents a different direction or type of thinking, which is identified by a color (Application of Six Thinking Hats in Education, 2011) : * White for facts and data * Black for difficulties and problems * Red for feelings and gut instinct * Green for creativity * Yellow for value and benefits * Blue for thinking process With the exception of three employees (Tucker, Shotwell,...

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