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6th Ministerial Conference

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World Trade Organization
6th Ministerial Conference
Hong Kong, China
13–18 December 2005
Press information 3
Snapshot – Doha Development Agenda 5
Agriculture 6
Cotton 11
Trade in services 12
Market access, non-agricultural products 15
Intellectual property (TRIPS) 17
Trade facilitation 23
Rules: ad, scm including fisheries subsidies 25
Rules: regional agreements 28
Dispute settlement 31
Trade and environment 35
Small economies 37
Trade, debt and finance 38
Trade and technology transfer 39
Technical cooperation 40
Least-developed countries 42
Special and differential treatment 45
Implementation issues 47
Electronic Commerce 50
Members and accessions 51
Bananas 55
Statistics 57
Jargon buster - Country groupings 73
Jargon buster – An informal guide to 'WTOspeak' 75
Issued 5 December 2005
These briefing notes describe the situation as it exists at the time of going to press (mid-
November 2005)
They are designed to help journalists and the public understand the key issues of the Hong Kong Ministerial
Conference. While every effort has been made to ensure the contents are accurate, they are not legal interpretations of the WTO agreements, nor do they prejudice member governments’ positions in the conference and in the negotiations.
In addition, some simplifications are used in order to keep the text simple and clear.
In particular, the words “country” and “nation” are frequently used to describe WTO members, whereas a few members are officially “customs territories”, and not necessarily countries (see list of members). The same applies when participants in trade negotiations are called “countries” or “nations”.
Where there is little risk of misunderstanding, the word “member” is dropped from “member countries
(nations, governments)”, for example in the descriptions of the WTO agreements....

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