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7 Habits Essay

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7 Habits Essay

We all develop habits that can have effects on our personality; people perceive these effects as positive or negative based on their productivity and helpfulness as a skill. In examining our habits closely, we can see areas that need improvement and should be targeted to become more efficient with our limited time on earth. From the way we act around others to the way we procrastinate, our habits define who we are. In the book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey cites seven habits and lessons that one can use to become a more effective and highly regarded person. The first habit Covey describes states that one must always try to be proactive. Covey says that “our behavior is a function of our decisions, not our conditions” (71). Instead of our environment being responsible for our path in life, we can be proactive and accomplish the tasks we want to regardless of the circumstances. Effective leaders and people do not simply accept their surroundings and let their life be decided for them; they will rise up and take charge of their choices, bettering themselves and their lives in the process. Proactive people have a positive mindset and will always affect those around them in an encouraging manner. An example of a proactive person would be my friend, Will. Will always tries his best in everything he does and does not complain, no matter the circumstances he is given. He knows that it is always possible to make the best out of any situation as long as he keeps a positive attitude. This attitude attracts friends as his positive energy is transferred. He takes responsibility for his actions and never skips class; Will knows that he is the one who endures the consequences of such detrimental actions. Will is the best example of a person who is consistently proactive with his life. The second habit described includes…...

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