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Moment of Truth (MOT)- Satisfying Service Encounters
On a Wednesday afternoon, we went to a shop which selling local food located at abu siti lane. The shop is famous of keow teow t’ng and the shop name seven village noodle house. When we first entered the shop, there are a lot of customers at all and workers over there greet us with a welcome hand. That are a lot of customers and don’t have insufficient place to sit down. The waiter asks us to wait for other customer finish the food. After a few minutes, few customers left and the waiter ask us to sit down and pass the menu in order to let us know what food to order. There is a lot of food that we can order, not only keow teow t’ng but still have ‘la mian’, side order and French toast. The food menu has two languages which is English and Mandarin. This will easier to make other customers who don’t know Mandarin more clearly about the food. After few minutes, the waiter ask us for ordering the food but we want to wait other friend coming only to order the food and we ask the waiter to wait awhile. At the moment of waiting our friend, other waiters are asking the same things that we want to order to food. This kind of feeling that we are the “VIP” in the shop and we are satisfy the service. After our friend came, we ask the waiter to order the food. We order few keow teow t’ng and la mian dry, French toast, lok bak and drinks. Within few minutes, our drinks came and we can chat with friend and drinking the drink at the same time. During the time of waiting the food, one of our group member’s phone run of battery. He need to charge the phone immediately because he have important things to do. There shop provides a phone charger box. At the box, we can charge our iphone, Samsung phone and htc phone. This kind of service is rarely found in the local shop and it is a good service to the customer because now…...

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