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8th Grade Project #2

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The objective of this project is to see how well you can manage formulas. You will imagine that you are a doing a study of the percent of luxury vehicles sold in the US in the last 5 years. First you must put a title for your study.

Ex: “Percent of sales between motor vehicle companies in the last 5 years”

Steps to do for the project:

➢ You must combine cells so your title will fit correctly.

➢ Your data/information must be of at least 5 different luxury vehicle companies.

➢ You must do the correct formula to get the total percentage per year.

➢ Then you will do a graph that shows this percent difference.

➢ When you are finished calculating the percent difference per year then you will do the same for the companies, which company had the best outcome in the last 5 years.

➢ Last part of the project is to add format to the cells.

The next page shows an example of what your project should look like once it’s done.

Procedure for turning in project:

➢ Save the project in an USB and bring it to technology class (recommended)

➢ Send it to me by e-mail.


Bring the project in a printed document, if you bring it on paper I won’t be able to see the formula that you used to do the procedure.

Example of what your project should look like:


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