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A Brief Look at Failing Service at Little Ochie Seafood and Restaurant

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A Brief Look at Failing Service at Little Ochie Seafood and Restaurant
College of Business and Hospitality Management
Marketing in a Service Organization
Julia Graham 11090057
Tracey-Ann Ellis 13090103
Rashida King
Racquel Hudson 11100104
Roy Palmer 11030554
Kish-Wayne Wade
Northern Caribbean University
Mr. Jonas Semugeshi
December 3, 2012
Table of Content
Content Page
Acknowledgement---- ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 3
Introduction----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
Services offered-------------------------------------------------------------------------------7
The Four Broad categories of Service------------------------------------------------------8-9
Role and Script Theory-----------------------------------------------------------------------10
Front Stage and Back Stage Activities-----------------------------------------------------11
The Service Encounter Stage------------------------------------------------------------------12
Service Attributes and perceived Risk------------------------------------------------------13
The seven (7) P’s of Marketing---------------------------------------------------------------14-5
The Flower of Service-------------------------------------------------------------------------16-22
Problems and effects---------------------------------------------------------------------------22-24

“Success does not come by wishful thinking but by hard work”, this is our philosophy as a group. Working…...

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