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Practitioners Here, But None Over There.
Make A Stand, If You Dare

Some of us practitioners may feel challenged or even taken aback by this article. This is not an academic exercise. The intention is, that you are moved, touched and inspired to make a difference to your own, and your neighbours’ wellbeing. Let go of all those excuses and lend a hand.

Remember those days when you were starting out in natural medicine? Oh the idealism, the passion! Now however, you’ve been through the machinations of marketing yourself as a business, the red tape of administration and more. You’ve probably even built your suit of armour and have settled into your own little patch.

Well here’s the gristle my friends.

Government reports indicate that morbidity and mortality are up to 10% higher amongst the country Victorian populace, compared to all other Australian regions!
Who would have thought! Country Victorian’s dying younger with more illnesses? Is the status quo of health, education, recreation and welfare services to overwhelming for us to think about? Are we all losing through inaction? I’m sure I don’t have to spell out to you, the price of ignorance.

What you may know is that, you’re a living part of a middle class, city centric, western natural medicine, consumption phenomena. Only 2% of Natural Medicine practitioners practise within the rural sector of Victoria. You’ve probably worked out, that, per capita there’s a greater proportion of Doctors in the bush, doing the hard yard, than Natural Medicine Practitioners.

I take my hat off to all those professionals who, with fortitude and perseverance, stoically serve the rural community, choosing not to succumb to the lure of all that the metropolis seemingly offers.

Do you think that if you made a stand on behalf of “our” rural communities, and shared some of your “pearls of wisdom”, that illness may be reduced, as experienced by your regional neighbours?

Overwhelmingly, cardiovascular disease and diabetes are the greatest causes of death in country Victoria. Now I’m quite certain, most of us have prospered on the back of having knowledge. It is commonly held that the aetiology of cardiovascular disease and diabetes is primarily derived from life-style.
Cancer, suicide, depression and isolation are also significantly on the rise.
Well I’ll leave you to ponder on those few thoughts, before I set the dare.

How many practitioners privately decry the money they outlay annually on their respective professional associations? How many practitioners believe their association really has an impact on their business at the end of a hard working day? Do these practitioners think that their associations’ advocacy endeavours are purely political rhetoric? Have you ever caught them acting a little like, “I’m alright jack, keep your hands off’a my stack”?

If you were to volunteer service to your association, are you afraid of doing a stack of unpaid hard work? Well, your professional association too, deserves your input with community education and development. Don’t leave it to the few. Shoulder your responsibility, and give to yourself by giving to our community.

Be abundant. It’s time to stop asking “how do I benefit”. Yes folks, you are invited to “do”. Give up the rationalisations of I can’t or don’t know how, etcetera. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty with a little bit of Natural Therapy Outreach Work. That’s reaching out to heal yourself, by giving to others, of course.

Is your conscience saying “Well Yeah!.... I know that if people (including practitioners) are nurtured with knowledge and ongoing support about how to implement changes and choices into their world, then it is less likely that illness will befall them”? So, before your business dies or you experience “burn out” from the metropolis grind, come and reward yourself with a bit of giving, in the country, at a regional market. At the Benevolence service, there’s a group of friends you haven’t met yet, who are enjoying the work and celebration of, receiving through giving. We want your companionship on these matters.

Now just before you think this is a plea for help, allow yourself the possibility that there does exists a place here, and a space out there to help yourself and celebrate within it. Fortunately this space can travel, almost every where. Benevolence.Org is “A Regional Market Networking Service.” This transportable service intends to replicate itself, four times over the next year. Why not become a core group member and develop the next portable service, within your own region? Support your fellow practitioners’ and undergraduates’ survival and growth in the rural sector. At a time when doctors, banks and schools abandon the bush, why not fill the vacuum with a proactive community education process. Consider this service if you will, as a vehicle to develop potential niche markets for future professionals.

The Benevolence service is an open-ended inclusive, living process. Putting the fun of experience back into, practicing outside of our practise. Our inclusive invitation implies that, you don’t have to be perfect to participate.
Benevolence.Org is a registered business. All profits go towards the replication of this transportable service. To date we have generated $84,000 “in kind” support. Your presence and signature at the Violet Town Market would greatly substantiate our endeavour to secure dollar for dollar, community development and corporate funding.

This service has been described as “unique and unprecedented”. Beyond supporting each other, the Benevolent service invites you to network your services. By simply doing these two things for yourself, with other like-minded people, you are by positive default, “creating a nurturing, para-professional infrastructure in the public arena”. Now, would that make you feel good? It does me.

I dare you to be bold enough, to receive the celebration of giving.

Bring along a card table, a couple of chairs and your info/ product /service / work shop & musical instruments etc. Approximately 12 of us set up Friday arvo and camp over night. Bring a friend, help lighten the load, come and enjoy the party.
We have gas heating in one of the 4 marquees. Showers are available.
Breakfast is 2 gluten free organic pancakes with biodynamic apple sauce, cream, lemon & honey. Plus a cup of Chai. Is this our benevolent bribe? Not really, we know you’ll go home with a greater experience.

Twin Pine Productions are to benevolently produce a TV commercial and the Violet Town Market Committee will benevolently fund the airing on Channel 9 WIN TV. The TV ad will be drawn from a short “advocacy documentary” being made, about what Benevolence.Org is making a stand for. Yes, your product, service and innovative contribution is wanted. A maximum of 1 minute per company / practitioner / performer is set aside for you.
Rehearsals at the market; July 11th Aug 13th and Sept 10th 2005.

Copies of the 43 min Story Board DVD are available at $10 each (this includes postage). Buy one and show fellow professionals or undergraduates in the fields of Health, Education, Recreation and Welfare what the service currently looks like. It is not meant to be perfect. It serves as a catalyst for you to use your creativity, to shape how the service could become. Our endeavour is to assist the collective “you”, to make a stand. Let’s address the pertinent issues within your “our” neighbouring regions together, in an innovative, benevolent way.

Kind Regards,
Franklin Ness.
Copyright F Ness June 2005


Mr Franklin Ness has been involved in the provision of Human Services as a Youth Worker, Community Development Officer, Counsellor and Therapeutic Masseur for over 15 Years. He is currently a final year student, completing an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy at the Australian College of Natural Medicine.

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