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A Career In Electrical Engineering

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A desire to aggrandize my knowledge and a technology enthusiast in me, motivated me to pursue Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I believe that my previous education has inculcated qualities that are necessary to meet the diligence and also the tenacity required to meet the needs of this program. I possess a strong fundamental knowledge in Electrical Engineering, a desire to learn, a predilection for teamwork and leadership, and enthusiastic enjoyment in challenges. My ultimate goal is to complete my doctorate so that I can disseminate knowledge and make a contribution to the improvement of electrical education. Over the past few years, my journey towards this goal is at its best.
It was time for me to take one of the biggest decisions
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I decided to give the seminar on airplanes. I presented the applications of electrical engineering in airplanes. I explained the basic principle of flight, auto-pilot system, closed loop control system used to control the parts of airplane – aileron, flap, elevator and rudder, and the motors used in airplanes. With this application in airplanes, I was really interested and that led me to pursue my M.Tech in Electrical Engineering with Power Electronics as specialization. I had gone into one of the best national institutes in India, National Institute of Technology-Calicut, through the competitive exam, Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE), standing in top 1% of the students who attempted the exam. As the program is not research oriented, my idea of designing a simple Hybrid Electric Vehicle ended up with an inverter project, PIC Controlled Three-Level Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Switching Inverter, which can be made as a part of HEV. I published a paper on the same project, extending the idea to V/F control of motor, in an International Conference and received Best Paper Award. The conference was jointly organized by SARC and IRF in New …show more content…
I am intrigued with the enormous potential for research in these areas which has been revealed to me in my graduate years. Besides these areas, applications of Control Systems and Ultra-Capacitors to the real world are fascinating. I believe that the combination of Control Systems with Power Electronics will make a significant contribution to the real world. Towards this, I chose to pursue doctoral degree, Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in the area of Control and Robotics from Volgenau School of Engineering, George Mason University. I believe that the sophisticated research facilities in your esteemed university will help me to achieve my career goals. Also, as your college has people from different nations, religion and race, it helps me to broaden my concept from nationalism to

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