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A Career In Geropsychology

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The totality of expert who train in gerontological health and public services is not growing to help meet the growing demand (Munk, (2007). Based on history psychologists have been unskilled to work in the medical field, and for those people who were skilled in medical training were not ready to care for the needs of older adults who needed unique health care. According to American Psychological Association Presidential Task Force on Integrated Health Care, (2008, pg.46) “In geropsychology, there is a growing trend in graduate programs and clinical internships to train graduate students in the management of mental disorders in nonmental health settings. Along standing central tenet of geropsychology is the need to be part” of the organizations …show more content…
Healing mediations, general progress care plans, evaluation, intervention, sessions, and other specialized care service.
2. The training of geropsychology consists of several responsibilities in mixed neighboring environments for example medical, emotional and behavioral health, housing, public and other unique care location (American Psychological Association, 2011).
3. It is the duty of the psychologist to recognize problems in older adult’s management and to create essential skills that properly address the overall need of the senior citizen, create proficiencies in older care strategies, be contemplation of moral considerations, and create a compassion to the concerns of aging
4. By recognizing and developing these strong points; a decision to be dedicated to the overall responsibility to practice as a
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Open to discuss safety, social and emotional areas as well as conceptual adjustments, biological adjustments and community adjustments requirements of elderly adults. Discussing productive methods on how I can help the patient get to place of comfort, for example, mental stability, physical stability, financial stability. Likewise, the roles/responsibilities that I am least comfortable with is examining moral standards and procedures for working as a licensed psychologist. As a learner, I would need to educate myself more concerning moral guidelines and the proper protocol when working with elderly adults particularly when working with mixed groups of people (Hinrichsen and Zweig, 2005). No, these roles/responsibilities do not constitute my

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