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A Case Study on Hudson Fabricators, Inc.

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I. Background Information
Hudson Fabricators, Inc. is a small fabrication firm which was founded in 1976. It produces various items such as hoppers, light building steel, conveyors, supports, frames, and platforms for a lot of major companies mostly around central Ohio, and even to different parts across the globe. Hudson Fabricators, Inc. has around 12 to a maximum of 40 full-time employees, depending with production. The company operates in a job-shop environment. Some of their clients are: Marzetti Foods, Rockwell Internations, and Anheuser-Busch.

II. Summary of Finding
Hudson Fabricators, Inc. only uses materials certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and ASME has requirements Hudson needs to meet in order to maintain its certification with them; these requirements include: furnishing certain information to the society, and has to chemically test their purchased steel to meet the ASME codes. Hudson Fabricators, Inc. has their steel materials inspected every 3 years by a third-party supervisor they contract with, and they pay $3,000 up to $5,000 to get an ASME audit, all of which are deemed worth it despite the price.

III. Problem Statement
Hudson Fabricators, Inc. cannot afford to buy in large enough quantities due to being a job-shop-organization. Also, Hudson uses a broker to purchase 90% of their steel, and they have also negotiated with the steel brokers to get the price based on the annual usage of steel rather than on an individual order. Josh Keeler is thinking on how to transform Hudson Fabricators, Inc. into a competitive ongoing concern from a family-owned seat-of-the-pants business. Josh realized that he must quickly implement a system for purchasing after he reviewed the new INE job.

IV. Analysis of Alternatives
Josh and the company owner will be meeting in order to discuss about the...

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