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A Change Of Heart About Animals Analysis

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An article published by The Huffington Post states that “An 8-month old girl survived a house fire thanks to her family’s heroic pet dog.” “The 8-month old girl was kept safe by the dog as he used his body to shield the infant from the flames.” In the article, “A Change of Heart about Animals” by Jeremy Rifkin, he asserts that “animals feel pain, suffer, and experience stress, affection, excitement and even love.” I believe animals are exceptionally similar to humans. They should be studied more due to the similarity of characteristics that they share with humans. I agree with Rifkin’s article because he uses great insight and valuable information. Since animals are our fellow beings we should live to respect their lives and importance on earth instead of questioning their intelligence and emotions.

To start with, it seems to me that animals have the ability to feel any emotion. In the documentary Blackfish (2013), there is a scene where a calf whale named Kohana was taken from her mother Takara. During the course of that scene, Takara was so distressed and upset she had emitted vocalizations no one had ever heard from her. This of
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In the article, Rifkin cites, “Koko the 300-pound gorilla at the Gorilla Foundation in Northern California, who was taught sign language and had mastered more than 1,000 signs and understands several thousand english words.” “On human IQ tests, she scores between 70 and 95.” This is undeniably impressive for an animal to be that skillful when it comes to communication. There are many differents animals and species that show striking intelligence. For example, fish are not as brainless as we seem to think. In the article “Hooked on a Myth” by Victoria Braithwaite, she states that fish “can learn geometrical relationships and landmarks-and then use these to generate a mental map to plan escape routes if a predator shows up.” It is remarkable that fish are capable of such

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