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A Change Of Heart About Animals Summary

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In the articles, “ A Change of Heart About Animals “ by Jeremy Rifkin and “ Hooked on a Myth “, by Victoria Brathwaite, both authors attempt to persuade their audience to rethink their opinions on if we should give animals rights.The authors state good reasons why we should give animal rights. They also make the audience question many important things on how we should treat our animals. Another good point they state in the article is if we do decide to give animal rights will this affect the way we live? This topic is very iffy because we can side on either sides based on reasoning. Researchers have found evidence on how our fellow creatures are similar to us than we ever thought. Does this mean we have to treat our animals with more respect and do you think they deserve a Bill of …show more content…
Victoria Braithwaite states,” Every year sportsman around the world drag millions of fish to shore on barbed hooks.” Fish don’t cry or look sad or yelp like other animals when they are in pain. So automatically we think it’s okay to treat them cruelly .Questions have been raised about If we do decide to give animals a Bill of Rights. Some questions people asked are if this happens will the price of food increase? Can it hinder medical research? Most importantly will it cause other problems? Many people have different perspectives on this topic. A good idea would be for us to kill certain animals for food in order for us to survive. We should kill them instantly so that they feel no pain. Animal testing should be done differently to where the animals are not harmed and abused. This means we can volunteer humans to try the animal testing. Braithwaite claims,” Of course, this doesn’t mean that we necessarily must change our behavior.” Basically what she is trying to say is that we don't have to change everything but we should try better ways to understand and treat our animals

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