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A Christmas Carol Disability

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A Christmas Carol has always been one a favorite Christmas story and movie. I admit I had never put much thought into all of the ways A Christmas Carol relates to disability. To briefly summarize the plot of the movie, Ebenezer Scrooge is a crotchety old man who goes on a journey with the three ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future. The three ghosts are on a mission to open the eyes of Mr. Scrooge to the life he has made for himself. Ebenezer Scrooge has made a life of money being the utmost importance. He has shut out his family and those close to him. After the visits from the ghosts, Scrooge realizes he must make a change in his life and takes part in the Christmas festivities of his friends and family. One of the first things I noticed about how A Christmas Carol related to disability was the misrepresentation of disabilities. The movie seemed to portray anyone who was not of wealth to be disabled. …show more content…
Tiny Tim, for example, is the son of Bob Cratchit, who works for Scrooge. The family is poor and Tiny Tim uses a crutch. Tiny Tim’s disability is not known, however it is known that whatever it is can be fatal if not treated. Another misconception of disability displayed by Tiny Tim is that people with disabilities are always happy. Whenever Tiny Tim is in a scene, he is portrayed as always being a bright, happy, positive child. Another relation of disability with A Christmas Carol is seeing Ebenezer Scrooge as having a mental illness. He would be considered a crazy man if he told anyone that three ghosts came to visit him in the middle of the night and told him he must change his ways. Perhaps it is suggested that Scrooge has a disability, such as schizophrenia. Overall, A Christmas Carol was very enjoyable. It seemed that this particular version of the movie accentuated how Charles Dickens wanted to incorporate disability into his

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