A Comparativ Essay on Death

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Comparative Essay on Death

When is it appropriate to die? is it actually at any point appropriate to die? if you could stop death and become Immortal wouldn't it be okay or would it be like cheating? Death is something that everyone will at some point encounter the poems 'Because I could not stop for Death' by Emily Dickinson and 'Death' by Rainer Maria Rilke play with our feelings concerning death they share the theme immortality by leading us trough the event making the Narrators immortal.

Rilke's poem Death emphasizes the theme immortality by use of positive connotation and Metaphors for death.

In the poem death is personified "before us great death stands" since death is not literary able to stand, furthermore it can also be a metaphor for the fact that we're all going to die someday. The poem then continues " Our fate held close within his hands" Death is portrayed as great and powerful, since he holds 'their' fate in his hands. You would probably have to posses some divine power to hold someone's faith in your hands. During the next three lines the context change, by portraying the 'us' as happy and with a feeling of immortality. therefore the theme of poem evolves , as the 'us' reaches a feeling of ecstasy hence their fate lies no more in the hands of death as they reach such divine power as they" lift life's red wine, to drink deep of the mystic shining cup" which also could be a reference to the last supper. Moving on to the fifth and last line death bows and weeps and is no longer portrayed as great and powerful. The 'us' has become immortal. Death is not portrayed as negative but nor is it portrayed positively, reading the poems you could get a feeling that the narrator is condemned with death as he does not describe death with any negative connotation and it does not seem as if they we're meant to become immortal but because they are not…...

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