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A Comparison of Health Care Leadership Roles in the United States and Mexico

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A Comparison of Health care Leadership Roles in the United States and Mexico
Cheryl K. Haggerty
University of Phoenix - Online
Contemporary Leadership Issues
Dr. Patricia Thomas
September 06, 2010

A Comparison of Health care Leadership Roles in the United States and Mexico Mexico and the United States have each adopted a goal to provide the best possible, health care for all citizens. With this in mind, each country has identified a different approach to reaching this goal. A discussion of similarities and differences are addressed in the following paragraphs as well as an explanation of why different approaches exist.

Similarities in Leadership Roles in the Countries of Mexico and the United States Similarities can be seen in the manner Mexico and the United States governments plan to provide funding for a universal health care plan. Both countries plan to fund universal health care through taxation. The countries leaders have a goal to provide health care for all citizens, regardless level of income or ability to pay. Mexico is unsure how to reach those in remote areas, just as the United States has concerns regarding those who live on the street or in extreme remote locations and finally, both countries are unsure how they are going to provide enough health care providers. This is especially true in more remote settings. Additional similarities are a desire for both countries to have best outcomes as a part of the universal health care initiative. Those needing medical care, in both countries, have become more impatient with the quality of health care offered as well as immediate access (WHO, 2008). That said, expanded health insurance and coverage, according to Frenk, et al., (2009) has allowed improved access, increased access to public resources, better coverage for medications and coverage for more...

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