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A Complicated Kindness Analysis

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So go ahead. Fall down. The world looks different from the ground (Oprah Winfrey). Naomi is the main protagonist in the book called “A Complicated Kindness”, written by Miriam Toews. This story is about Naomi, she is a Mennonite teenager living in a community. According to Naomi’s perspective, being a Mennonite in your teens is a bad scenario. Naomi follows through in the present with her boyfriend, Travis, her father, Ray, and the number of flashbacks reminding Naomi of her mother Trudie and sister Natasha (Tash). Naomi reminisces on the challenges in the past and breathes through the settings in the present, changing her attribute spiritually and her way of thinking. Naomi loses and leaves her previous hopes and creates new ones. She becomes more independent. And as she grows, her mindset is also changing. Due to Naomi`s circumstances some of her previous hopes were broken; however, she carries on creating new hopes to move on. Naomi has lost so much as she grew, but she keeps her hope of getting her family back together. Even though her hopes were crushed, even after loosing hope, she thinks positively and shapes new goals and hopes to carry on. ”That sounds good, right? Actually I haven't dropped the bracelet but I will. Soon. I'm pretty sure of that. I`ve got the car. All I have to do is sell the house. A good solid unfurnished bungalow. …show more content…
She makes some wrong twists and turns, but she never lost herself and kept living on. She takes care of her father and the bungalow despite the school and social burden. She is a smart teen who has grown much faster and sharper during her years of hardship. She has changed much of herself, her way of thinking, being independant and creating new hopes to carry on from where she left off.despite the hardships in the present , past and the coming in the future she still lives on with hopes dreams and the skills needed to carry

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