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A Complicated Relationship

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A Complicated Relationship

Once, there was a shy girl who likes to play the guitar. Her name is Gelou. She is always alone. She doesn’t have many friends and if she has, she doesn’t hang out much with them. Every time she’s at school, she always sits on the bench, play a song and sing it with harmony. One day when she was walking at the porch, she bumped into a girl. “Where are looking?!” “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t paying attention,” she replied. “Oh, I’m sorry, too. My day is just bad. By the way, I’m Kelly,” the girl said. “Hi, Kelly. My name is Gelou. Nice meeting you.” “Okay, got to go. See you around. Bye!” “Bye!” That was the start of their friendship. Every lunch and recess, they will meet up and talk about many things. They talk about a lot of things about academics because Kelly is not the type who will scream for her idol or wear make-up just to be noticed by her crush. She’s kind of boyish. Not like Gelou. But even though they are different, they still got along just fine. Suddenly, some popular boys, which are their classmates, just bumped into them. As expected, Gelou wouldn’t say anything. But Kelly is different. “Hey! Watch where you’re going!” “Oh, miss. We’re sorry,” one of the boys said. “Next time, you guys should look where you’re going,” looks at Gelou “Let’s go!” The next day, Kelly didn’t go to school leaving Gelou alone. For the second time in her life. Again, she was sitting in her favorite bench, playing a smooth song in her guitar. After playing, she heard a soft applause. She looked at the person. He was a popular dancer in campus. His name is Jason. “That’s very beautiful song,” he remarked. “Ah, thank you” “So, what’s the title?” “Of what?” “Of the song.” “Oh, I’m sorry. It’s Someday” “Can we sing it together?” he asked. “Of course” And they sing until their vocal cords can’t make it anymore and they laughed together. They talked about many funny stories and more funny stories. When Kelly went back to school, she was shocked when Gelou said ‘Hi’ to Jason. She is puzzled of what is going on. “What’s happening between the two of you?” she asked. “With who?” “With that guy” “Ah, his name’s Jason and he’s the one with me when you’re absent” “Why did you hang out with him? He’s dangerous” “What do you mean by ‘dangerous’?” “He had make may girls cry” “How did you know that?” “I have my sources” “I don’t think so. He is kind” “That’s just his front. He is really a player inside” “Why are you so furious to get him out of my side?” “I really hate popular guys” “Then, leave me and Jason out of that” Gelou left, leaving Kelly standing there. She just wants her friend to be safe. She doesn’t want Gelou to be hurt by the likes of that guy. On the other hand, Gelou was with Jason. She told him what Kelly told her about popular guys like him.
“Oh, I’m not that kind of guy. I’ve been in the States since I was young and only went here in Korea last year. So how did she know about that?” “I don’t know” “Maybe she just has so much hate for popular guys” “Maybe” They are thinking of a solution to make Kelly like popular guys. “Ah! What if we do this,” Gelou suggested. And so they made their plan to work. Gelou really want Kelly to like Jason and other popular guys, too. The next week, the two put their plan into action. As Kelly passes by, Jason approaches her. “Hi!” “Who are you? Do I know you?” Kelly sarcastically said. “I’m Gelou’s friend, Jason,” he introduced. “So?” “I want to be your friend, too since you’re her best friend” “I am telling you this early. I DON’T LIKE!” Every day, Jason will approach Kelly and insist of becoming her friend until one day, Gelou accidentally bumped into Kelly at the cafeteria. Kelly approached Gelou. “Gelou, could you stop Jason from approaching me?” “What’s wrong with him becoming your friend?” “I just don’t want to have male friends. I’m allergic to them” “Why?”
“My father left us when I was young. He was a rich popular businessman. But then, he left us. That’s the start of my hate for guys”
“You know, Kelly. Not all guys are like your father. Some guys are kind and gentle. There are guys who you can become friends with”
“Okay, I’ll try” The next morning when Jason approached Kelly to be friends, Kelly accepted. And so, the three of them became friends. One day, Jason brought along a friend with him. His name is Gino. He is also a good dancer. Gelou already know what Jason is trying to do. He wants Kelly to have a love life. The plan did work. Gino and Kelly got to know each other so the four of them became happy with their lives.

My Experience in Campus

Early in the morning, I woke up and get ready to school. I’m at my third year in college. My name is Mary. I am just a simple girl in campus. I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t talk much and doesn’t hang out with friends much. I am just happy being alone. One day at school, I met a very popular guy named Joey. Well, not really met, just bumped into. At first, I just walked away like nothing happened. That’s because I’m not good with socializing. At night, I will just read a book and then sleep. What I didn’t notice is that the Graduation Ball is coming soon. I don’t really like to go to that party because I am not a party geek. My plan is just to stay at home and sleep all night long. But then, that all changed. My closest friend told me to attend the ball for she will have something to tell me about our school project. But there’s more into it. When I’m getting my punch at the buffet table, I bumped into someone but I didn’t recognize him just because he has a mask. The theme of the ball is masquerade. When he asked me to dance, I didn’t refuse. I love to dance. When I danced with him, I felt like we were in sync. I noticed that we have gotten attention from the other students but I didn’t care until there was a small accident. I tripped, not because I’m clumsy but because some unpleasant girls put marbles on the floor. I immediately left the scene and went home. What I forgot is my mp3 player. The next day, there was a certain announcement. It said that whoever the owner of the mp3 player is, just inquire Joey Parker. And that’s when I realized that the one I’m dancing with last night is Joey Parker. I was shocked. I don’t know what to do. When I passed by the cafeteria, I noticed a long line of girls leading to Joey Parker. That’s when I realized, he was not joking. Even if I know that fact, I didn’t approach him. I’m just there, watching the other girls go there and pretend that they are the one. There was this party in our house held by my Auntie. Of course, I was there. As a waitress. I accidentally saw him I there talking to my Auntie. I saved all my courage to tell him that it was me all along. But then, he didn’t believe me. That’s when I decided to went in my room, get my player and play the song we danced, by the pool. He approached me and said, “It was you. Actually you, all along. You tried to tell me before but I didn’t listen” I said its okay. After that night, we’re always hanging out. That’s when our relationship began.

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