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A Corrupted Goverment

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A Corrupted Government and Abducted Students: How Can We Ensure the Safety of Mexico’s Citizens and Others?

AP Geography Stefania Grazzianne 1/28/15 Mr. Butler 2B Word count:_________

Tears fall on banners and printed images of the many students that have gone missing over the past few weeks in Iguala, Mexico. Families and friends have gathered round to grieve for who they have lost on September 26, 2014. Earlier that year, forty-three college students have gone missing for the past months and weeks after protesting against the government for its unfair reforms in education. For the past months, these forty-three students have not been found and still remain missing. Some have been found dead; burned up or shot. It results that the Mexican government has strong ties with a large criminal gang association, and permitted the criminal association to illegally abduct the students. As the people of Mexico are roaming the streets, protesting in rage, the government is refusing to do anything to stop or prevent such events as this. One must believe that Mexico is in desperate need for help and support, and thus needs outside help to stop such events from happening-perhaps step by step, the government will crash (overthrown) . One must agree that the United States must step in and help the citizens of Mexico find peace among its country. This essay will explain the following question: How can we ensure the safety for Mexico’s Citizens and Others? Mexico is seen by many as a paradise or resort for vacationing at during the holidays- its tropical rainforests, white fine grained sand beaches, take breathing sceneries, and exotic wildlife is seen as a perfect get-away spot for one’s honeymoon. As people from around the world has seen the beautiful and calming side of the country, many have not bothered to pay much attention or concern to the unfair reforms, violence and poverty situations going on in all parts of Mexico. There have been shootings between small drugs cartels unfolding dramatically on open streets, abduction of children and students from drug associated gangs, and unfair reforms pf laws for the past years. For over the past 7 years, the people of Mexico have had to tolerate their presidents and their government with its empty promises and un-reachable goals. On December 2012, the successor of former President Felipe Calderón, Peña Nieto, came into office as the country’s new president and had promised his people to fix all troublesome situations and problems that are occurring in Mexico at the moment. He had told the public that he would uproot drug cartels, create reforms that will benefit the country, and have Mexico grow in the economy throughout his years of presidency; although people from outside of Mexico see him as a promising leader, his people are the only ones not applauding (supporting) for him.
They have heard many of their former Presidents promise the exact same compromise, and not one has made a benefit useful to/for mexico. Too many times has the government convinced Mexico a sea of growth and wealth, only to have its country fall into bankruptcy, corruption, and management. In 1994, President Carlos Salinas de Gortari entered Mexico into the North America Free Trade Arrangement or also known as NAFTA._________________________________________. The First Federal Republic of Mexico was established on October 4th, 1824. Since then, Mexico has been ruled by many wealthy and powerful politicians; many were seen as dictators for their unfair and unreliable rule over the country. Every politician that was elected as the new president of Mexico

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