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A Critique on Blue Ocean Strategy

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Why compete head-to-head when you can modify the rules?

Unfortunately, Blue Ocean has yet to be integrated into the mainstream business processes of most companies. Rather most companies continue to pursue new sources of competitive advantage in head-on head competition. Perhaps because most companies lack the necessary transformational intelligence that is based on constant teaching and learning and the required power of empathy, which bring an increase level of sensitivity to signals changing. The main idea here is to identify change and its associated opportunities in order to become the competitive one and the only one. I am very much agreeing with change and how one can change the rules and not compete head-on. We have to take a look at case by case models of change and understand the quantifiable rate of production. Let’s take for example: the smart car or electric car. If we all agree, it makes sense for the environment to accept a smaller “smart car”, and we achieve 100% adoption as consumers, what happens to the tracking industry and the delivery of our consumptive goods? Are we now willing to transport goods because we have to transport them into smaller containers with less power? Can you imagine a smart car next to a diesel 18 wheeler? Are we willing to sacrifice the safety of our families for the cost of the maintenance of the environment? People are fundamentally selfish and will not voluntarily create a sea change unless they are forced to do so or unless there is no choice. Companies can identify the need to change with the associated opportunities to become the only competition but without government intervention to drive the change at a local global effort, the results are depressing. Blue Ocean is a fantastic way to look at familiar environments in a new way to find competitive edge. Unfortunately, companies for their majority, have...

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