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A Curse in Disguise

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A Curse in Disguise
Throughout history, technology innovations have helped humankind improve their standards of living, beginning with the simple invention of bone tools of prehistoric times, continuing on to and beyond modern air conditioners, automobiles, and super computers. Nowadays, when the rapidness of development and research is so impressive, it is easy to think about the advantages of modern technology.
Modern technology has solved many problems that people face and it plays an important role in the development of many countries. For technology has made our life better, quicker, and much easier than it was long time ago. In addition, all the work would be done accurately and infallibly and so the results would be efficient utterly. The best example would be the use of robots and machines in factories to produce high quality output with no time consuming.
On the other hand, technology could be a double sword edge. It is the main reason why people get lazy and they lose the face to face conversation chance in their life. Also it can have adverse effects on a person’s health and safety by working for long hours on the computers for example. Furthermore, many jobs have been lost due to their replacement by robots or machines leading to unemployment. And it is been said that technology recreates the essence of humanity and it encourages us to think of all things in the world as standing by, ready for our consumption. Therefore this definitely affects our perception of the natural world. Nowadays we create technology, but technology also creates us. In conclusion, technology can be an advantage and disadvantage according to how it is being used.

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