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Rachel, project manager always came to the office early for preparing the task as she was checking and responding the mails of client. This section has been done before the co-worker arrived to the office. Furthermore, Rachel was preparing the report before the meeting begins and then after the meeting, she was spending time for discussing the project assignments with other IS project manager, to keep the project in the right track. Moreover, she was monitoring the client manager about the process of work. The result to do that leads her could be organized and kept the task back on the project scope.
Director of system project, purchasing, and marketing department are explored to be the better way and eliminated the waste in order to effective than project plan.

Question 1

The majority of doing project is to satisfy the customer requirements. However the project is a unique and complexity task and non-routine activity, it has to be considered with the time limit, budget, and performance. In this case, project manager would be the significant person who responsible for managing the planning, monitoring and controlling assignments push the project resolves problems and is responsible for all contributions arising from the implementation of the project. Everything can be considered a project. It describes the activities that meet specific objectives and can be used to introduce or improve new or existing products and services.
Thus, project management is the way of managing change. Rachel performed the activities in a day as Project activities, Routine activities and Non-project activities.
The related project activities are include reviewing project reports and preparing weekly status meeting, participate in the progress review meeting, reviewing project assignments with another IS project manager, listening to team members, discussing the problem with…...

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