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A Day's Wait

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Author: Ernest Hemingway, an American writer. His writing celebrates heroes and explores the nature of courage in this story. In much of his writing he dramatizes the importance of bravery in the face of death and of life’s everyday problems. This story deals with the quiet courage needed to face fear.

Looking at Hemingway´s biography we can find parallels between the story "A Day´s Wait" and the author´s real life. When Hemingway took part in World War I he was wounded twice. When he was in hospital he heard the doctor talk about his health and since he did not know any better he thought he would have to die. His own fear, the behaviour and the feelings in this situation Hemingway expresses through the character of the son. The boy only knows that you will die with a fever of 44 degrees but does not know that he lives in a country with different thermometers.

Title: The title ‘A DAY’S WAIT’ suggests that an important thing is expected to happen till the end of the day. It suggests that somebody waited for something all day long.

(It means that the protagonist had to spend a day waiting for his death (which ultimately did not occur).The title signifies the boy's tiring wait. Also, the story is set in the time span of one day.)

Setting: The story is set in the country in winter.

Point of view: First person point of view/ 1st person narrative, because a character tells the story and refers to himself as ‘I’, and participates in the action. The narrator is limited because he doesn’t know how his son feels.

One interesting point in the story "A Day´s Wait" is the point of view which is very limited. Hemingway use the first-person narrator in this story because this way the father cannot read the boy´s mind and the reader is forced to see everything through the father´s eyes.
‘A Day's Wait’ is written in first person...

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