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A Destructive King

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The Moon and the Stars
By: Jed Basilio

The story of how the moon and the stars came to be in this world is quite fascinating. IN the ancient land of Greece long ago, there was a beautiful young girl named Alexis. She had beautiful long black hair and the brightest of blue was cast into her eyes. Although Alexis was known for her beauty, she was also very skilled for her archery skills. Alexis often boasted of her skills and beauty. Artemis was walking through the land on earth and she saw Alexis shooting arrows and was fascinated with such unique techniques. Artemis wanted to make Alexis part of her hunting group. “Alexis I suppose?” asked Artemis “Yes, and who are you?” questioned Alexis “I am but a mere old lady awe of your skill. Will you come with me?” said Artemis “Where are we going?” Alexis curiously asked “You will find out soon enough.” Said Artemis as she revealed her true form
In amazement Artemis had asked Alexis to stay with her and her huntresses. Alexis agreed and went back to get all of her belongings as her life was about to change tremendously. The work began right after and Alexis, Artemis, and the huntresses found Artemis’ secret base under a great big oak tree. Under the ground was a very intricate system of tunnels leading to many different rooms. The whole day was dedicated to training. Although Alexis was tired and worn out, Alexis could not fall asleep and saw that Artemis was awake and found out why they called her the best huntress in the land. Alexis came back to her boastful self and confronted Artemis.
"Aren't you supposed to be sleeping? You need your rest." said Artemis
"You are flawless when it comes to combat Artemis. But I know what I have to do in order to be the best archer in all the land."said Alexis
With the snap of a finger Alexis charged at Artemis. Artemis was surprised as a deer being hunted. Artemis reacted quickly and evaded the attack at last minute. Alexis and Artemis were on the same level of combat, anyone could win. When Artemis was pinned down on to the floor. Light filled up the room as Artemis' brother, Apollo, entered. He saw what was happening and asked for everyone to stop or he would destroy the place.
"Alexis, why would you such a thing? I took you in, fed you, and trained you."sorrowfully said Artemis
"I know that Artemis. I am the best warrior all through the land and you are in my way on the road to the top I must take you down in order to achieve that goal." said Alexis
"I see. I used to think highly of you but now I know you are as cunning as the wild fox. You have to leave Alexis."said Artemis with despair
"You gods think you guys are so awesome because you are immortal. I will prove you guys wrong. I will have my revenge and I will stand on top of your corpses when I overcome you!" said Alexis broadly
Alexis started walking to her home through the cold night and the dark jungle. All the snakes and animals did not bother her. Her anger had taken over her completely. She had sworn revenge and wants to achieve that goal. As Alexis was walking to her homeland she saw an old man in the forest. he looked to old to even walk but was standing up and shooting his bow and arrow. With an old body like that he was as swift as a flying bee. Alexis was curious if he could train her even harder.
"Excuse me. My name is Alexis I am very interested in your knowledge of combat."said Alexis
"I am but an old man coming from war. I am losing my sight as well as my hearing. My name is Hunt, what's yours?" said Hunt.
"Will you train me Hunt?" asked Alexis
"Okay." said Hunt
At Artemis' base there was a meeting adjourned to the betrayal of Alexis. After breakfast everyone was gathered into the training facility.
"As you all know, Alexis, one of our huntresses has left and swore revenge on us. She is very skilled and determines that she will seek revenge on to all of us. We must be able to defend from her attacks. Thank you all!" pride fully said Artemis
"My sister what are we going to do?" whispered Apollo
"Alexis used to be the best. She has sworn revenge and will not give up. We have to come up with a plan fast." said Artemis
Two years had passed and the training of Alexis had made her better than gods, at least that was what Alexis thought of herself.
"Do you really think Alexis will come Artemis? Two whole years have passed now." said Apollo
"Be patient and do not doubt Alexis she will surprise you." said Artemis
As everyone had fallen asleep, Apollo headed back to the Eastern Kingdom so he could bring up the sun. Walking in the trees he saw Alexis running toward Artemis' secret base. He charged at Alexis at the speed of light. Alexis was too swift and dodged his attack. Apollo ran back to the base and informed Artemis of Alexis.
"We have to do it now!" said Apollo
With a snap of a finger Artemis turned into the moon and her huntresses into the stars and cast them into the sky. The god of light had put light into the darkness of night. When Alexis came to her base she found that it was deserted.
"Where are you, you cowards!" shouted Alexis angrily.
She could only see the light high up into the sky. Artemis and her huntresses stayed in the sky until Alexis was old and passed away. So every night Artemis and her huntresses go up into the sky to commemorate the memory of Alexis, a fearsome and strong warrior.

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