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A Different History and Where I Come from

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Elizabeth Brewster and Sujata Bhatt both suggest the significance of place in helping to shape a person’s identity in their poems but they do it in different ways.
Brewster suggests that places change our identity when she writes “People are made of places”. This shows that every different place we visit we take the memories and experiences that we had there and keep them in our minds and hearts forever. Whereas Bhatt suggests that when we go to a new place we forget who we previously were and change ourselves so that we fit in with the new culture that we are living in. We know this from when she says “And how does it happen/ that after the torture”. This shows the struggle to keep your cultural heritage when you move places.
In “A Different History” Bhatt suggests that not only does places change who we are but that we change the places that we go to. She writes “he simply emigrated/ to India” which shows us that you can still be the same person that you were before you moved but now you can get the opportunity to learn new ideas and views on things.
In contrast to this Brewster suggests that in some places you will not fit in as it is not the sort of place that you are used to and love to live in. We know this from when she describes the city smell as “smog”. This shows that she feels claustrophobic in the city whereas in her homeland she is used to the “acres of pine woods” which is a metaphor for space to breathe and relax.
Elizabeth Brewster writes “Where I come from, people/ carry woods in their minds”. This shows that the people who live there are open-minded and that their homeland has made such a big impact on their lives that they are always thinking about it and will never forget about it. On the contrary Sujata Bhatt writes “the unborn grandchildren/grow to love that strange language”. This suggests that the new generation will never know what…...

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