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A Different Mirror

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A Different Mirror
Ronald Takaki dissects the role of ideology in the process of racial domination. Chapter two provides an introduction to The Temptest; which is William Shakespeare’s theatrical production that Takaki used to parallel the dominant group’s ideology of different ethnic groups. The summarized storyline focuses on how “Prospero [who] was sent into exile with his daughter, took possession of an island inhabited by Caliban, and plotted to redeem himself” (Page 28). Prospero was portrayed as sophisticated, intelligent, capitalistic, civilized and superior. Caliban was portrayed as savage, uneducated, sensual, and overall inferior to Prospero. The English believe the Irish and Africans mirror Caliban and use that concept to justify the treatment of those groups. The English categorize the Irish as wild, living outside of civilization, tribal, nomadic, brutish, uneducated about God, no etiquette, lazy, idle, barbarous, and beastly. They used this Caliban ideology of the Irish to forbid them from purchasing land, bearing office, being a part of a jury, and marrying any colonizers. The English even took it as far as using violence against the Irish to teach them obedience and duty.
The English described Africans much like the Irish in that they were wicked, foul, Brutish, uncivilized, sensual, beastly, without God, lacked manners, and only capable of manual labor. The English use this ideology to justify enslaving, humiliating, torturing, suppressing, and verbally abusing Africans.
By belittling and suppressing “the other,” the racial belief that anyone not of English/White Anglo Saxon Protestant descent was uncivilized, savage-like, and they required taming.
Q2- Takaki:
The Irish came from a caste system in Ireland. They were regarded as the lowest form of humanity. Before immigration to America, the Irish in Ireland were extremely...

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