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A Discussion About Depression

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Introduction In this paper we will discuss the causes of bipolar, unipolar disorder that an individual might experience during his/her lifetime. Bipolar and unipolar disorders are categorized into five groups biological, psychodynamic, behavioral, cognitive, and sociocultural. Each type of group can be treated in similar, but different ways depending on how severe the case might be. Individuals who are faced with these disorders will want to seek professional help and advice before it becomes too bad, and escalades to something they cannot control known as mania. Individuals who experience mania have a rough time doing normal everyday activities, such as such as getting out of bed and putting clothes on.

When an individual experiences bipolar disorder it is a state of depression that causes the individual to go through extreme mood changes frequently. Before and while an individual is experiencing bipolar disorder they will also experience manic. When manic occurs within an individual it becomes very challenging for that individual to execute daily activities. Some individual experiencing severe unipolar disorder might become in a deep depression that affects their every activity. Some individuals who experience unipolar disorder at a high level can feel as if it is impossible to even become motivated to get out of bed, and start their day. While the depression stage of bi-polar disorder and unipolar is almost indistinguishable, it is the manic stage of bi-polar disorder that sets them apart (Cassano, 2005). When trying to figure out which of the two disorders you have it can sometimes be troublesome and seem confusing. The main symptom that distinguishes the two disorders from one another is the manic state that happens before the depression stage (Cassano, 2005). When diagnosing the causes of bipolar disorder…...

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