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A Drive in Chinatown

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I come from a distant country called Myanmar (previously called Burma), and in our country, citizens of ages 15 should learn how to drive. It is also their first priority way before you move on to what you want to do. In Myanmar, young citizens should go straight to the driving school as soon as they turn 15.
Mainly, there are two tests that you have to answer before you earn a driving certificate. They are the training test, where you have to answer both writing and revising the basics of what your instructor has taught, and the practical test, where you have to drive around the city, even if there is a heavy. It was all easy and regular for me when I first learned how to drive. As usual, the instructor taught me all the basics of driving, and I passed the training way before my classmates. Therefore, I was just a little bit earlier than them to take the practical test. The instructor asked me whether I was able to finish the practical test earlier than my classmates. I replied, "All right, master, I will do my best."
The next day when it was the Chinese New Year, I finished my training test, and I was put forward to take the practical test. The instructor drove his white Toyota Corolla and I sat on the driver's chair, which was on the right. Then I started the car and drove to where he instructed me to. As soon as I drove past the driving school, I thought what my obstacles would be, what my first practical test would be like. I did not even talk to the instructor at all because I am so worried. However, it was completely the opposite of what I had thought of. It was a clear afternoon with less traffic than what I imagined. I was driving around the park, across the highways, and I even passed my home. It was an easy track for me all the way, and I felt rather comforted and relaxed when eventually the instructor told me to drive through the most difficult and complicated street I have ever seen in my life.
The street is a straight one-way lane and there were huge crowds of Chinese people walking on the platforms because it was the Chinese New Year. There were numerous religious Chinese festivals going on in every building, with all the noise from the traditional music. Despite all of those difficulties and distractions, I tried to drive with all my patience and concentration. Then suddenly, while I was almost halfway across the crowed street, I hear a faint siren of a police car. At first, I thought it was just an illusion, but the sound of the siren got louder. In a blink of an eye, a black Ferrari rushed through the crowded street and the police car chased him. Everybody in the platform went straight to their safe places.
"What just happened?" the instructor asked with surprise. I was completely shocked and terrified at the same time. I suddenly pushed my gas too fast that the instructor held the safe belt. Then I steered hastily through the rest of the road. At that moment, I saw the sign which said that the road is closed. There were too many thoughts rushing within my mind. "Should I break into the sign? Should I just stop?" The instructor could not even speak at all. I knew I had to pull over to give space to the police car. I was worried that the Ferrari would hit my car and I would have severe injuries if I had stopped the car.
Fortunately, when I saw that there were no cars in the street, I took a quick left and stepped the platform. I could hear the bumper hitting the hard stone platform and the loud screeches of the wheels as I tried to stop. My car smashed through someone's door. My mind was completely blank. I did not even know what I was doing or why I did that. My instructor was totally stunned that he could not even move. I did not know what was around me.
Later I got back to my senses and went out of the car. I apologized for the owner of the house who was completely mad at me for breaking her door. I could not help myself say sorry to the man, and my instructor who went out after me. After the accident, I noticed many events happening at the same time. I saw the black Ferrari surrounded by huge numbers of police cars. The instructor called the driving school official that there had been an accident in the street and told him to call my parents. The owner was also sad because I destroyed the door.
In the meantime, my parents showed up and checked if there were any injuries or wounds on me. My mom and dad were completely calm that they just took me home regardless of the accident. I am completely relieved because I thought I would have been scolded for making such an accident.
It was shocking and funny at the same time when I looked back at what happened to our incident. I laughed at myself when I thought about the woman speaking angry Chinese. Even if it was the most devastating event, it will still be remembered as my most unforgettable memory of my life.

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