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A Family Health Evaluation Utilizing Marjory Gordon’s Eleven Functional Health Patterns

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Family Health Evaluation

A Family Health Evaluation utilizing
Marjory Gordon’s Eleven Functional Health Patterns
Grand Canyon University
May 18, 2014

Family Health Evaluation In 1987, Marjorie Gordon developed a list of Functional Health Patterns that could be used as a guide to assess a family’s health patterns, which could be developed into a data base for that particular family. This data base was projected to help in setting goals for the future health of the family. This paper will discuss the healthy and unhealthy behaviors of the Kessay Family, which are all registered members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe in Whiteriver, Arizona. This family assessment will also discuss what was talked about in trying to develop goals for the improved health for the family.
The Kessay family is a traditional Apache family, which includes the mother, dad, and 2 children. The mom is 40 years old, the dad is 45 years old, , and the girls are 14 and 16 years old. The assessment was conducted by asking up to 3 open-ended questions, based on the 11 Functional Health Patterns. Cultural taboos were observed in asking these questions. Some were answered, some were not. Some were answered by very short answers, indicating embarrassment or unwillingness to answer such a rude question. (according to Apache traditions). This writer did the best she could with what was given to her. Health Perception and Health Management: Data collection is focused on the patients current level of health, and on any new behaviors needed to maintain that health. Unhealthy habits are also evaluated, which could include any drug abuse, smoking of tobacco or other substances, or ingestion of alcohol. The father is a seasonal firefighter with the BIA, (Bureau of Indian Affairs), and does not routinely smoke tobacco. He uses it in his religious ceremonies only, and then it is...

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