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A Fashion Icon Legacy

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Chapter 6: The Dual for North America
* England, France, and Spain (Old World nations) were all competing for the North American continent. Native American peoples were also competing. * 1688-1763: Four wars convulsed Europe and the New World for domination. The American people were unable to stay out of a single war. The Seven Years’ War in Europe, sometimes as the French and Italian War in America, set the stage for America’s independence. * France was convulsed during the 1500s by foreign wars and domestic strife, including the clashes between Catholics and Protestant Huguenots. On St. Bartholomew’s Day, 1572, over ten thousand Huguenots were butchered in cold blood. * In 1608, after finding Jamestown, the permanent beginnings of a vast empire were established at Québec, a granite sentinel commanding the St. Lawrence River. * France earned the lasting enmity of the Iroquois tribes, hampered French penetration of the Ohio Valley, ravaging French settlements and serving as allies of the British in the struggle for supremacy on the continent. * The government of New France (Canada) fell direct control of the king after commercial companies had failed or faltered. The people elected no representative assemblies and they didn’t enjoy the right to trial by jury as in the English colonies. * Landowning French peasants, unlike the English tenant farmers who embarked for the British colonies, had little economic motive to move. Protestant Huguenots were denied a refuge in this raw colony. The French favored the Caribbean island colonies, rich in sugar and rum, over Canada. * European valued beaver-pelt hats for their warmth and opulent appearance. French looked in North America in pursuit of beaver. * The French trappers and their Indian partners trekked across the Great Lakes, Platte, Arkansas, and Missouri, west to the...

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