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A Flawed Justice System

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Alejandro Delgado

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February 23, 2012

A Flawed Justice System

When a society has a problem and it needs to be dealt with in a fair manner, the society turns to its judicial system, which lays down the rules of how to go about the case and determine the punishment. There were many different societies that enforced a law system according to their needs and population, and this goes the same for the era. Ben Jonson and Jonathan Swift are two very popular and well respected authors of satire, who have made stories that made society question the judicial system that they carried. Ben Jonson satirizes the judicial system in his play Volpone, a story of an old but sneaky man who manipulated people into giving him things for the possibility of becoming the heir of his grand fortune. Jonathan Swift mocks the way England is carried out politically in Gulliver’s Travels, the story of Lemuel Gulliver who travels by sea to four different lands and learns of their habits whilst comparing them to England and opening his eyes to the flaws of England.

One of the most crucial points in the story of Volpone would be the case of Bonario and Celia, who are being falsely accused by Corvino, Voltore and Corbaccio, who are currently competing for the position of becoming Volpone’s heir. Jonson mocks the system by simply giving full control to the men of power and portraying the avocatores as very gullible men. Before entering the court, the men agree to lie about the case in order to ensure a successful outcome to the trial of Celia and Bonario in the beginning of Act 4, scene 4 “Well, now you know the carriage of the business, your constancy is all that is required unto the safety of it. Is the lie Safely conveyed amongst us? Is that sure? Knows every man his burden?(Volpone p.1396)”. Voltore is the main speaker of the group,...

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