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A Fool's Walkthrough Enlightened Bullshit ~ A bizarre exercise in arithmetic by an illiterate
Revision 5 (The second to be published) (For the few souls that follow the development - go to the bottom red caption of “current revision board” it’s where all the new stuff is logged if you don’t want to go through it all again)

Yes this is an intentional attempt of creating a profound appearance only to sucker you into old BS yet again. Frankly there’s little else going on lately that hasn’t to do with that. If I were to have a disclaimer it would probably be larger than what I have to say. • • In short this material is the log of my transition from reality to actuality. I’ve rounded it up to be a fine bullshit dissolver as well - considering we are swamped in BS as it is, what I’m getting at is quite the rare commodity.

Would that I could, flip the script and get you a hot seat on some fascinating new experience limited only by imagination, but alas we are here making sense of the good old bullshit that is clogging our everyday lives. Whatever you deem to be relevant is directly tied into it. Every topic or endeavour you can think of is covered with a thick armoured wall of bullshit and the few exceptions just affirm the rule. You can pretend it doesn’t exist or write it off as a topic you dislike and subsequently avoid. However you and i (yes not capital letter) and everyone intimately know the benefits of lying and extreme senselessness. However it seems the detrimental effects don’t impress most people enough to be spoken aloud - despite all of it reaching critical mass. Hence my writing here, dealing with it for myself and logging it for anyone who’s willing to direct any attention to it. Everything I’ve said in here is my way of outgrowing the loop of bullshit - and it works for me. I’m going to touch on al lot of different points and it would seem like I’m jumping from one to another all the time. If you manage to see it the way I do, you will behold how it all marvellously comes together. Even, even if you don’t share my associations, each little segment carries its own weight. Overall - this isn’t your standard format so; please don’t treat it as such. The increasing number of “enlightening” materials floating about is seriously stinking lately, even if conspiracy is not in your vocabulary. I figured I might as well publicize a take on social matters in a way that will give conspiracists, neutrals and anti-conspiracists identically unnerving rectal sensations. No secret truth, whispered in shady corners of justice seeking adventures - only the amazing things being overlooked in plain sight. With that said - there are still going to be people that will perceive this material in ways that were never even imagined by me, and people that will challenge me on claims I never made - I’ve done there and been that so to those fanatical units I’ll say not to expect any more attention from me than you would from a rock. I have outgrown needing excuses to exist and have an opinion. This also isn’t some humane generous act of revelation, or any other type of “sweetened” candy giveaway, the least of which is some supposedly profound truth presented to you with the claim that it’s relevant and/or valuable information that you need to believe. This material is based entirely on

self MY self interest. The fact that it’s free, it welcomes public and involves public matters that I care for are simple products of my conscious awareness of social conduct and possibilities - thus my self-interest. In other words - The shit in here isn’t tucked under the rug. If you don’t want it on you - do mind your step. Instead of subtly leading you to a conclusion and playing “which hint you like better” I’m going to spill it all out enough to give you a mouth full. It’s probably patronizing at points, try not to let it get in the way; suffice to say that’s what I’ve got right now with my limited understanding of the linguistic subtleties... and my cosy ego. Mhm, the o’ wise descended masters/gurus/angels routine is getting old. But look what you are getting instead... Me! And a whole truck-load of bluntness and intolerably truthful remarks - everything to make one’s lower back parts itch... Broadcasting to you from the moronically proud concrete&panel apartment building - the type the Germans outlawed when they suddenly realised they value life and health ; ) This is also a tribute to people who’ve have their hearts into spreading truth and digging into the abysmal pit of what we lately call information and all the truth, fact, disinformation, speculation and outright stupidity in it... I do repeat that if you love hunting for subtle intricate suggestions and/or painfully obvious hints - you won’t get much here. There is a plethora of people offering convenient packages of “think this, do that” and if you are looking for it - find an appropriate supplier and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Posing as a chapter: Nameless + Ruthless = Blameless
Seems fitting to start from our “favourite” realities... Despite our confidence reality is what we perceive - it is our limited understanding of what is actively happening. The moment we think that is all there is to it - is the moment great delusions take place in our minds. Because even if we measured it with full success - everything is dynamic and our measurements often suddenly become obsolete. Sadly or maybe happily the current trend is for people to think their interpretation and limited understanding of the world is the ultimate truth of existence. While I can certainly say it’s been amusing over the ages I don’t think it’s good for health these days... Now I ask you to keep an open mind. All of this is for exposure purposes. I advise you to just view it if you will, making decisions upon it and possibly adopting it is not what I had in mind with its creation. Tackling any one’s unwillingness to keep an open mind is beyond my scope of interest, and is usually a futile enterprise so I skip out on what you should or shouldn’t do and suffice with telling you what I made this for. -I made it to find discrepancies in my perception - I also tried to make it usable to others. It seems that we are bundled with notions of “meaning” that are often quite inherent and never examined even the slightest. When you put all those things in written words they often surprisingly show to be quite different from what was initially assumed they were. You can find not just lacks or cracks but entire structures of paradox just sitting in your brain breeding inherently faulty results when used in action. When you operate with them they seem fine, the minute you start looking at them quite a lot of things that you never knew get revealed. Yes, yes of course I also wanted to put my opinion out - becau ... Wait, does anyone still need an excuse to have an ego these days?.. So, do I have ulterior motives? -Certainly... It’s quite the oddity to be raised in the modern urban environment and not have all sorts of ulteriors lurking in your skull trying to attach them self to anything productive we come up with. That is to say that so far as I’m concerned you are to possibly consume any of this by nothing less than conscious

scrutiny. I personally take it as mental martial arts... Don’t think that I would hold it against you if you used it in comedy hour or anything else you could come up with. Feel welcome to go crazy with it - that is why it’s free and I do my best to uphold it to every aspect of “free”. So far as a personal statement: I don’t think anybody or the world owes me anything. I was brought up like most people to expect that shining illusion of a life that television is propagating all the time, and is pretty much nowhere to be found. Our predecessors have their lacks of better judgement we have ours. You are quite welcome to criticize anything if you have reasoning to go with it - you can directly contact me unlike all the gurus and such that are often out of reach for mere mortals and their questions and/or opinions. Unless I get quite popular for this - which I highly doubt - I usually reply, even if it is for saying “I don’t have anything to say to that”. (e-mail is listed somewhere around the document) Now... If you ask anybody about a topic of great social importance the answers might vary, yet here I’ve got a single underlining question that can connect most of them and can easily be used to get clarity on the state of the entire world - just keep asking it to everyone you meet: “What have you done in your entire life that you gained, expected or hoped for no benefit whatsoever, all the while complete random strangers can/could have benefit from repeatedly?” Charitable work to make you appear or position you better in society doesn’t count - Any simple, impartial, unsigned gift to the world, given without an audience to take note of the act. It’s only natural for a world where most of everyone cares mainly about their selfishness to have individuals that are very proficient in it. I for one am getting utterly bored with hearing about illuminati and secret government all the time. I’m not someone who writes them off as a fairy tale but still. It’s more convenient to put it all on conspiracy than to recognize our part in the dominant social activity of “get something for two dollars and find a sucker to buy it for ten dollars” Most of us like being assholes when it suits us. So we might as well admit to it and get it over with. Yes most of us like the idea of selling a bag of horse shit and making a fortune out of the poor sucker that we convince to buy it. On the other hand we hate being that poor sucker that ends up with the bag in exchange for everything he/she has. So long as we participate in this situation on either side its going to keep filling with our bullshit. Let us set aside advocates and various opposition to look at the basic concept again. What is conspiracy other than just a fancy way of saying “ulterior motive at work”? When someone knocks on your door or you knock at theirs to sell a vacuum cleaner, an inflatable bed, anything for that matter, what do you think the primary concern is - the prospect’s (target’s) needs and well being? When someone goes to meet with friends and is late by his own fault how often is that person going to lie that some unforeseeable circumstance held him? Not all people in this world are honest in their communication, labour or intentions. I doubt I can find many that would disagree on that. So how did the term “conspiracy” get grouped in with fiction, fantasy and mythology? It’s ridiculous even the very word holds so much fascinating context to explore. Most times when you hear about conspiracy it goes packaged with the word variation of “elite”. “The elite plan to this, elites want to do that, Mr. and Mrs. Elite did the other thing.” Lets for a moment set aside what they did, are doing and will do and focus on an earlier issue. What does elite mean in the first place?! Elite is simply an attribute of people. All their quality of character and what not aside, there is one simple common denominator. Whenever these people show up in the presence of anyone from the vast majority of occupants on the planet, everyone around them starts dropping their pants bending over to embrace them with open arms, legs and but cheeks. They can’t be royalty if no one wants to serve them and vast amounts of people do. Ordinary people do it on

the promise of wealth, while they are blind to the fact that wealth comes from themselves, and if they didn’t allow it to be constantly stolen from them they would not need to be surfs to those that steal it to earn a small fraction of it back. And what about the so called services they and their employees the politicians provide? All that political authority does can be done by a handful of people for each country and an audit firm with everything being openly accessible for verification by the public. In contrast to an organization that is so bend on survival that it’s ready to rain pestilence and destruction all over the place just so they can have their treasury funded pork stakes and vivid escort services on demand. Not that I blame them. Ever been with a person who can’t make up his mind about anything? Now multiply that by a few billion and see how you feel? “-But it’s their job?” you will say… True. On the other hand we all know how we all like doing our jobs to the best of our ability. And even with all the unspoken perks of their position it’s still a lousy job. Anything you do will never be appreciated for its virtue, as the people you are supposedly doing it for don’t care enough to know that in the first place. If you make a mistake and you are pretty much guaranteed to - there is always going to be someone to whine about it and ask for your beheading, although he or she has zero effort invested into the attempt. You are in one of the most predatorily oriented competitive businesses with various pretenders just waiting for the faintest opportunity to take your seat. Aside personal gain, every improvement you strive to achieve is simply accepted as granted, as if you owe it to society. How can they not think most of the people in the world are cattle, when legions of us still have the delusion to think that going to school and work is all that is required for a civilization to function and prosper? Government this, government that… overt or covert Government people do things the same reason you and I do, because we can and because we want to. And politics is simply a great position to socialize expenses and privatize gains from. After all public government is just another organization for hire. And since it’s a buyer’s market the highest bidder wins. “But my taxes…” -Our taxes are not payment for services rendered despite what they give us as an excuse to extort it. They are labelled our obligation. It’s a “Give me that much money or I’ll mess you up- well figure out what to do with it approach” rather than “These are the openly verifiable and debateable plans we intend to implement and spend this amount of money on- lets now collect it from everyone that wants/will use the service” So when some private individual or a corporation wants to buy/bribe services from government they pay upon delivery. They don’t just throw in their money to be squandered unaccountably. There are various ways to modify government so it fulfils its mythical function of serving the people. In fact it’s already serving people, but not those that many of us would want. I will give an example of this just for the sake of illustration; I happen to think that government as a form of activity in general - exactly corresponds with our general state of social abilities abroad. One of the long since obvious solutions would be to impose their own rules to them. Introduction of failure standards goes a great length. When the majority of employed people on earth fail at their undertaken task they get a penalty. We’ve heard more political promises than anyone can count. To how much of those anyone was held accountable is a matter of tragical comedy. They might not get reelected but they are definitely not held accountable for their actions. A simplified version of this is for every social worker undertaking a task to sign and sworn statement of what he is doing and what shall follow him with failure. You will see a very different picture if a politician who made a costly mistake or embezzlement from social funds to get stripped of all privilege and ownership to be left living on standard social security and struggle on a standard day job like those he stole from. But on the other hand how many of us really like to be accountable for anything? Whenever you push the political dilemma far enough you get to a chicken or egg point. How could ordinary citizens actively participate in important social matters while they are struggling to survive at their jobs? Well, if the majority of social conduct wasn’t ripping each-other off on a global scale we would have enough time to contemplate, be

well aware and participate in vital proceedings. It’s a matter of cutting out the bullshit and not beating each other up for scraps. Where we are in now is more or less like this - There is a fortress with an embarrassing abundance of riches and wellbeing that is constantly fighting off anyone that wants to get in. And as soon as anyone manages to fight or sneak their way in - they instantly man the walls and keep fighting off the remaining attackers. And if you’ve seen some cute little bullshit package like zeitgeist or any of the other so called enlightening materials - you would have certainly heard the idea that we have enough for everybody. We obviously don’t. If we did have enough, the guys that are holding the grips wouldn’t be constantly trying to get everything else there is. Whatever they have - it’s obviously not enough for them so the argument is obviously pointless from here on and we get to it’s true from of “but they have much more than we have”. Considering I have yet to meet a person who thinks he or she has enough or had too much hence had to give some of it way, then I think the world’s wealth distribution is quite amazingly corresponding to the general mind set of humanity today. Why I don’t loathe elites, politicians and all the other colourful characters that take charge of “conspiracies” and the likes? They’ve only done what our collective stupidity and apathy have invited them to do. The only way I see for this not to end in flames is a realization that we are all involved. Not massive riots but a simple reconciliation. What have protests ever achieved? Massive pillaging, burning your neighbour’s car or bakery shop, for what? For anti riot forces to come and punch a hole through your teeth for stirring civil unrest?-Ok you’ve been exploiting us for so much time. But we know better now. We refuse to cut each other’s throats while you rob us blind.

Of course they are going to use every means necessary to screw you up, when they know you plan to give them nothing less than the gallows if you had the chance. Be honest. If someone tried to punish you for being smarter or luckier than them wouldn’t you screw them up too? “But they used planted provokers in our protest to provoke violence on purpose!” What !? A thousand head strong crowd dedicated to reason peacefully can’t contain a few undercover agent punks that are doing their best to provoke an outburst are you kidding me? And could they really provoke a fight if the crowd didn’t allow themselves to let the frustration get the better of them. Oh, were you expecting the television to show you footage of peaceful riots where protesters personally hand provokers to the police, so they can actually protest what they came for and not get into a skirmish with the cops, thus not allowing politicians to use the social pressure to manipulate the laws to the common loss yet again? If they advertised that, who would participate in the kind of events that television is allowed to show us - the violent and/or mindless ones? And justice? Oh come on… How many people actually care about that? Whining when you are a victim is easy. Problem is for all the people I’ve met, seen or heard about there are hardly a handful that wouldn’t pull the same kind of shady business if places were reversed. All virtue aside - most of us like taking shortcuts so long as we don’t get caught. That’s why the world is a mess. And if your mundane task is to cheat a hamburger’s worth of money, someone in a better position is legitimizing ownership to the rest of the solar system. Principle is the same and most people just whine because somebody had a better chance or more wits and managed to do better than them. It’s a simple exercise - imagine now you worked you entire life to expand your financial “security” and secure as much authority as you can. (Not that you are actually working to comfort orphan pandas, but still). So money printers with all the necessities for them are among your insignificant possessions, you also have various minions all over the place, just waiting to do your bidding. Now some lunatics shouting “death to the new world order” say they have this brilliant peace idea for you to share all your privileges with them (you know - the product of all that life long, dynasty long - tediously intricate backstabbing). Not only

that but they offer to reward you by impaling you on a cactus if they found you morally or otherwise guilty about anything. So, if you handed them the power - can you imagine they would find something upsetting about your past - you know in the time you, lied, cheated, stole, bribed, murdered and so on to secure or protect your privileges, yeah - mostly from these same people... How exactly do you see yourself relinquishing resources and power so the misguided that didn’t bother to burden their brain cells and believed your lies can benefit? Are we talking about the same people that like to beat each other to death for bazillions of stupid reasons that even satire wouldn’t touch with a stick? The people who didn’t mind exploiting the poor and unfortunate so long as their dish washing, sewage cleaning, building, crops harvesting and whore houses were filled with immigrants who paid with their blood, sweat and tears to provide for their families? All right - you probably own some of the big corporations and companies benefitting from modern day slave labour, but where would you be if nobody wanted anything to do with you if they knew you had anything to do with it (and we all know how the system works for that particular). Suddenly the civilized peaceful victims of your tyranny are happy to buy cheap pieces of electronics - who cares if that cost Chinese boy or girl it’s health, breathing in toxic fumes at the factory they are spending their lives at. And suddenly these annoyances start pointing fingers at you, saying you poisoned them with fluoride or whatever. What did you do really? You had a slow poison, and you figured a way to sell it. What are you to do that some key people figured it’s no problem to turn a blind eye to the poisoning of nations so long as they were getting their cut of the benefits? And is it toxic to the brain? Who knows really - you don’t drink that shit to know, other than that your chemist might have given you a brief over the phone while you were having a blowjob from his daughter or granddaughter... So does it reduce brain function? -Yes. - That’s fantastic!!! The dumber they are the harder they’ll figure out your involvement in all this... And you just saw an interview with some fool whining how GMOs and such are not tested sufficiently. If only your lab technician were there to say there are none more efficient ways to test these things than do it on the world’s population - It would have been priceless to see the look on that person’s face. Over all poisoning is a win-win on all fronts. So, having that exercise done - Need I remind you that these people haven’t just grinded power for one life time; most of them have inherited quite a lot from ancestors that were dedicated to pretty much the same thing. Now, try setting your imagination to feel the weight of their perspective and their inheritance. All the shitty “make me proud by doing (insert action/s)...”, all the shitty morals, and just because it’s not the same “suck dick” package as the BS our middle/lower class parents gave us - I don’t think it’s any easier to shake off, maybe even harder. With that I also don’t think anyone can get much closer to these people’s perspective without actually living it. All of this is not because I sympathise. But can we seriously mouth of in depth of how they operate if we don’t ever try to see their side of things. Of course I do think there are better ways of managing a world. This is to keep a reminder that it’s not just blowjobs and cookies with these guys and gals. I’m dedicating this little revision to the all the delusional ones who think that a private jet and the funds to boot it, somehow magically solve your personal problems - In fact, it don’t do anything for your shitty personality issues. And this isn’t just me sitting at a vantage point in the bushes, giggling at other people’s failures. This is the voice of experience. I actually take pride in saying - I had and somewhat still have a personality that has stinking shit to work out, especially in these times where almost everybody thinks their honorary Stockholm flight is overdue by a decade.

And the “peace keeping forces” are pretty handy. Also a nifty phrase that one... When you decide to rob people of their ways of housing clothing and feeding, all you have to do is offer to house, clothe and feed the army and the police in exchange for them to rain jack hammers on all those suckers you left with no housing, clothing or food. They are predictable - just like everybody else. When

presented with the choice to save their own ass or join the ranks of the newly found homeless fighting for liberty. How do you think the predicament of justice versus what to eat tonight is going to work out in their minds? Or you think they’ll suddenly go out of character and join the people in the streets, considering most of them joined enforcement for social security reasons, not because they are justice loving humanitarians. In fact most of them are more arrogant than your average criminal they chase after. Petty criminals at least don’t pretend to have moral code, and why bother when that shit always goes out the window every time it matters. Psychologists have time and again illustrated how the ones that are overeager to speak out against monstrosity are among the easiest once to turn into monsters. Ah but, heck we might as well keep our delusions till the very moment we are standing at a murder scene. And there are many ways to kill someone; the worst kills take a lot of time to settle in. And what is enforcement any way? Be it police or army - aside from control measures they are simply the tax collectors for crime. It’s remarkably brilliant. As you would expect your casual crime operation does not go to the report for regular taxation. However we all know they pay their dues to enforcement over the table or under the table - doesn’t matter. It’s usually them that harass so called whistle-blowers that state things like “I’d lose my pension if I speak out publicly”. And those usually revolve around activities that traffic a lot of people to the mortuary. You see at least these guys have the dignity to state that if they did go all righteous and public about what they know; the people that have opposite interests (and that is usually al lot of people) would go about using their various influences to destroy their life. It’s easy to see how that persuades them to stay at their job, keep maraudering and preserve their status. Instead of spilling the truth out, ending up unemployed and unemployable in the hopes that the community they served would take care of them. You know these same people that lie to each other every day, would somehow hire a person that was honest about the business he/she is in - especially when 90% of business on earth depends on telling ANYTHING other than the truth. Now imagine you were the owner of a tech store and you had this person applying for a job with you. Would you like him telling your customers that 90% of your goods are cheap ass rip-offs with branding on them, which are going to cost your customers more service expenses than your initial asking prices? That or tell your customers the only reason you are marketing a certain brand is because you signed a contract to promote their garbage despite you and it’s manufacturers knowing that it is the worst on the market and that your customer is better off buying another brand from the competition, because your contract doesn’t allow you to trade with the better brands? What? You are all of a sudden going to admit that it’s more profitable for you to sell garbage than anything else because of privately negotiated terms? Whatever your reply in the context of my log would be... We all know you would hire the person that best persuades people into “What we’ve got here is great! You really should buy it!” And the truthful hero would get a hypocritical pat on the back for his heroics and be left to figure other ways to feed their family. Reminds me of an interview I saw about a doctor trying to start an investigation about the spread of autism. They buried him in lawsuits before he even started. And he described how comforting it is to him to receive mail with people saying “we are with you”. He said “Where are you exactly, I don’t see you anywhere?” hahah, yeah they are definitely fighting for the cause with a few sentences to dull their conscience from their complete absence of involvement on the matter. When I think of it I can’t really recall any achievement of well organized public demanding something from government. It’s usually small activist groups that go berserk and ruin their life before anyone notices anything. Need I do examples? Yes there are certain people with the backbone to come clean any way. Look at them now? Do you see that masses parading them like heroes? No, their lives are a hybrid of judicial and mafia cable soap operas.

You can’t help but marvel at the system even though it’s designed to fuck most of us over. Most people given a couple of hundred million dollars or euro in cash or assets I bet are going to start following these thought patterns like Swiss clockwork if they aren’t already. For - you see, removing the billionaires, politicians and whatever secret societies from the world will not eliminate even half the daily marauder business going on around the planet, so we might as well all start improving our selves individually. As for TOP SECRET and whatever? Who cares about that any way? If most of us got served huge piles of relevant and big secrets and all of them happened to be true, most people would shit their pants, that is if they believed half of it to be true. I dare say most of us wouldn’t even stomach what’s in our local police departments’ basements, need we talk about any of the darker places. Here are the funniest things I can think about the law and justice. Everything you ever need to know about justice is conveniently packaged into a single phrase, which is: The “Attorney client privilege”. What it means in simple terms is that - by the law itself if you have the law license, you are obligated to cover up any kind and number of crimes with what are usually considered to be crime activities so long as you are getting paid. That little predicament speaks about justice and law quite enough. Those self sacrificing, dedicated, bright and passionate people that make sure justice is the standard are primarily the stuff of the film industry. In actuality most of the capable and proficient law people are bound by the law to cover up crimes - that is screw the law. You know with various designer ethics excuses like - guilty people should be treated the same way as innocent ones - defend their innocence at all costs - even if it’s none existing and you have to invent it to defend it ( : And people say they are afraid of anarchy. It looks to me as if we are far worse than what we would be in anarchy. (And I do know the actual meaning of it, not the one they use on television to frighten people into authority) A very amusing thought of mine, is that if lawyers suddenly became obsolete and joined the Hollywood writer’s association we’d suddenly be getting a streak of the most daring and clever movies ever made. And if the first one was a bit unusual this next one is as simple as it gets. People learning law are learning a few years how to read it. Meaning the way law is written is SPECIFICALLY/BY DESIGN disconnected from common terminology and interpretation. That’s why you need an attorney to interpret most of it if you don’t have the appropriate education. That makes the law an isolated field to begin with. So if the law was for our collective benefit then why persist in the effort to separate it from the people? (I’m letting that one go unsaid on purpose) Another pivotal point of bullshitting is the term “brain washing”. Drilling routines into people’s brains is as old as anyone could remember and yet manipulating people’s thinking on a larger scale is something that’s still being debated as totally, categorically, finally, ultimately impossible and/or unthinkable. Despite that when you think of it people are far easier to manipulate on a large scale than a small one. A rather simplistic way of measuring brain washing is exploring the cumulative active contradictions and hasty assumptions in people’s notions. There is a practical universe of content in that exercise but I’ll refrain from claiming a high ground of self explanatory wisdom and give some example. Not that the attorney client privilege wasn’t a great example of a designed and well played (rigged) acting contradiction that is supposed to be obvious to 5 year olds. Let’s turn to the everlasting promise of “adequate education”. Confront most people on the topic of public education and you will eventually hear that they do not receive what they are owed or promised by government. But let’s see about that shall we...

Most time when officials talk about education they promise “adequate education”. Let’s not just go by on automatic and stop to look at what that what promise holds exactly, especially the adequate part. It means nothing and everything at the same time. How is that? It’s a trick phrase to get out of responsibility. The word adequate depends on the judgment of the person using it. In common meaning adequate is defined as: "Sufficient to satisfy a requirement and/or meet a need." As people are different and have different requirements and needs - the phrase is mainly used to appeal to whoever it’s being spoken to as most people don't take into account and verify if what’s adequate for them is the same adequate being addressed by whoever is speaking about it. As we know education is standardized, centralized and none flexible to suit each individual on a personal level. Thus it can only be adequate to the needs of those that set the standards for how it operates. Considering that the people having complete authority over public education are NOT using its services to educate themselves or their children it’s reasonable to speculate that the main priority of "public education" has nothing to do with the interests of the many that are undergoing it. Otherwise the top authority on education would not use private schools that most often operate under their own set of rules and practices and are very limitedly accessible to open public. Thus what adequate refers to goes unsaid and could mean anything unless the person who says that also explains what he/she considers to be adequate. The line of thought can be followed about “good” or “better” education. Which also mean nothing unless specified and hardly ever are? “Good or adequate education” might as well have been delivered already. It’s said nowhere that it isn’t good for the ones offering it, and it’s specified nowhere that good education has to be good for the ones that are supposed to receive it. But it’s just words you’ll say. Words make up thoughts, thoughts make up actions and actions make up lives. Casual wording is no less relevant than a signed business deal that’s binding you by law. Whether you are bound by a unfair contract because you failed to take note a fine print or you are mislead verbally into believing you are about to receive something that was never out to be given in the first place - you get yourself at a significant loss, along with various other consequences especially in important areas of life. I would argue that there is another aspect to education. There’s a supposedly obvious psychological aspect to it. Force a child to do something it does not want to for over a decade and you could easily repeat the process for the rest of its life - not to mention that in effect you’ve broken most of the connection that a child has to its parents regardless if that ever reaches conscious acknowledgement or not. There’s but a few kids that feel well in school and most often school authority only addresses internal struggle if they are liable for legal penalties. Otherwise kinds can get grinded down to become depressed, suicidal or needlessly aggressive and psychopathic only on the accounts of their school experiences and the sorry excuse from their parents that “Oh we’ve been to it, you will get through it too”. Yeah sure, your parents have emotionally abandoned you - so you should do it to me too. Well you know what? Suicide has been done by a lot of people for quite some time - why don’t you try it? In psychology there’s a discussion about the breakdown of the family core - which has quite the debt to it. But it’s for their own good some will say. Various groups will argue that what we are undergoing right now in the world is for our collective good as well. I’ve seen the arguments. Nobody can really show for how can a collective group (what we refer to as an institution) that perpetually trains to REPEAT, FOLLOW, OBEY and FIGHT is anyhow preferable to a true learning concept of SELF-DETERMINE, COLLABORATE, INVENT, CREATE and SHARE. And we see quite a lot of kids being punished for even attempting to explore beyond the fixed boundaries of what’s constantly drilled into their heads. Most

people can’t differentiate that education and learning are not the same thing, never were, and by the looks of it won’t be any time in our live times. Now the old saying that education is everything can be well illustrated in China where there is open slavery even today. There most children study for about 12 hours a day, five to six days a week and when they go home they need an extra few hours to finish their homework, because there it’s very serious. Chronic headaches and other overload effects in children vast in numbers, can be testified by those immigrants that have managed to escape the iron fist and are not afraid to tell you quite a lot about it. For that much education by the all time favorite quotations about it you would think that China would be heaven on earth and not a nation in which you can buy a human life for a cup of rice and see infants working day jobs as adults the very moment they can walk and be trained to perform tasks. Chinese violence can often outshine what is happening in Africa. And we don’t even have to touch the topic of barbaric censorship and removal of anyone trying to raise an internal voice about the onslaught. It of course can be argued that anything could be used to and turned toward many purposes and I do agree with that. But the point is how many of us actually look beyond the supposed purposes of many things right into what and how those things are being used. Reminds me of the pre packaged saying about: “Don’t look at words - look at actions”. Where in actuality looking at either of them can be just as misleading. What few people are talking about is looking at results and not just the ones we want to look at - but all of them. You see intentions and actions only go so far. Whatever you intended or done is less relevant to the result produced by that. You only need look at any problematic area of social life and if don’t ignore looking at the things you don’t like along with the things you are indifferent or approve so you get a good idea of what is ACTIVELY happening. For another thing education is supposed to make you intelligent. There’s a profound experience to be had with the meaning of “intelligence” as well. Lately throwing around the variations of intelligent is supposed inspire respect and it does in many people. How far does the practical application of intelligence go however? Intelligence without wisdom is hardly commendable. For you see intelligence is the ability to efficiently acquire and process data. A person who can draw you the plans for a spaceship from the top of his mind or do complex math is considered to be very intelligent… Same could be said about an advanced physics scientist. But how far does their practical application and wisdom spread in the broad spectrum of life? Even a parasite is intelligent. Intelligent are also people that work in bio-tech labs for creating seasonal and special viruses for killing people or selling the profit based drugs we get swamped with daily. Either way intelligence doesn’t in any seem to be related or guarantee that the intelligent subject isn’t a menace to life itself or has any semblance of balanced judgment or reasoning ability that supposedly goes with sentient individuals. Crunching data and being a specialist in but a few of the countless fields of life can hardly be counted as mark of greatness to be looked up to. You might be more intelligent than the entire city you live in, you can still be a delusional wreck that can’t tell his head from his heals when it comes to various meaningful aspects of your own life, and we are even not touching constructive co-existence with others at this point. It’s like thinking about government in wholesale; most of them are as naive and foolish as we are. An outstanding example of this would again be our favorite satire suppliers - the Americans. It would take you less than an hour to find a former or current government official on tape saying something like “We voted in a law that almost none of us even read”. That re-occurs allot when it has to do with the recent wave of nation raping laws. Also often goes along with statements like “we were told to” or “It was repeatedly suggested to us that the world or our heads would explode...” Yes, there are people that very well know what they are doing but, still there are allot that are just as naive as the average guy.

-You admit you are a representative of a nation and voted for 5 kilograms in paper and ink of law without even reading it!!? Because somebody told you, regardless who it was?! What are you 5 years old and don’t have a mind of your own? Oh, wait even 5 year olds have minds of their own, what are you then? I’d say in some cases it’s an amazing parallel of how the unsolved bullying problem from school is transferred into the adult world don’t you think? Most people don’t even have to be coerced or bribed into submission. They fold under verbal remarks from their supposed superiors - exactly how they were trained in school. And if someone does use any violent force, they are not equipped to handle that either. The bullying phenomenon I would go so far as to say is even cultivated by the authorities around the world especially in children’s environments. It’s quite beneficial for them - keep the core of the issue unresolved indefinitely and you can always use it to apply pressure whenever necessary. There is also a parallel that ties directly with war - when you look on war as an authority tool for securing power, this little line of thought crosses into incredible associations and inner connections. It’s just dazzling. Then get before your very eyes the vision of how the overlooking of conflict at any scale plays out in shaping the world as we speak. And for those of you that still subscribe to coincidence - you are probably reading this ahead of your own schedule, either way it will probably take me more pages to touch on the basics of this association alone, so I leave it at the idea basis. Solutions - a laugh. Most of everything is centered in convenience. If you are reading this you probably have a computer. Do you take note of the constant updates for its software and hardware? Those that have been using electronics for a while can start listing the improvements they lived to see overtime. Now take that simple concept of improvement that you KNOW and have seen at work and apply it to people’s minds. While updating and upgrading computers, mobile phones and gadgetry thousands of times throughout a single life time can the same be said about our minds? How many people are working to improve their thinking and actions? How many actually DO it, and not just think it? Everybody demands that technology does more and better all the while most somehow think that going through life with the stone-age thinking that they’ve been observing for centuries is going to somehow produce wonderful new results that it never has before. And that’s just the general view. Down that road are such phenomenal pre-historical stacks of bullshit that most people dare not even look at. Wisdom as far as I am concerned is the sensible application of dynamic interaction. If at one point in time was wise to get into the river and bathe it is later wise to get out of there not to drown. The brain is so amazing that you can live out your entire life without one single focused moment of consciousness or wisdom. That’s what the owners of the planet are betting and working on. The perpetual “prove it to me” attitude by most of us is hardly ever intelligent or wise. Nobody is obligated or should be inclined to prove anything to you. If you need proof to keep an open mind then there’s hardly anything I can say about you that won’t be perceived as in insult. When someone dares you to prove it what is usually meant by this is “Do all the hard work of making it presentable and easily accessible to me so I can maybe understand it and practically hand me the benefit while sparing me the trouble of burdening my brain cells with activities like thinking and exploring. “ It reminds me of the constant struggle to get OUTSIDE solutions. “Don’t criticize they say, GIVE US A SOLUTION”. Many people are so hooked on outside solutions that they are left incapable of solving their own problems. And there is no shortage of individuals and groups overeager to tell you what to do and think. Or did you really expect the predatory minds sets that CONTROL most of the earth to hand you down the ability to bypass and obsolete the maze of bureaucracy and fundamentally handed down self limitations in a public news cast? The actual definition of "proof" is = "Means used toward altering belief".

Nothing can be truly proven or disproved. Most of what proving does is attempting to change a target's belief - and none of that has any obligation to actual accuracy, despite what we’ve been told over and over again. Every conclusion is accurate on account of the measurements and concepts it was made upon. Tracking ALL of their accuracy back to ACTUALITY - content, context and everything is quite difficult in the average way of thinking, and it hardly ever gets done. That’s how improvement works. You find better tools and better settings to come up with better results. And that’s why I never feel bad about being wrong, I’m learning after all. At least for me that’s a big reason stay open to as much possibilities as I can - the effects of fixed limited conclusions have always taken a toll on me. You all know what happens when an illusion brakes under its weight. …please don’t send me any “what should I” emails. I'm not buying or selling faith so what you do or believe is not something I’m looking to get a parking space in - unlike most people. I have enough of my own bullshit to deal with. And don’t think I hold that position on some moral premise. Let’s get to an exotic topic like what they label now “super powers” say like “telepathy”. Why don’t many people have telepathy now? An easy question to flow up is - How many people want the ability to communicate genuine content? Not many. The rest like to lie, complicate, convolute, dress up, sugarcoat, avid, maze, ignore and whatnot. Quite a lot are terrified by the very notion that someone can see their true identity and character. They have nothing to use if for except steal someone’s secrets or money by reading their mind secretly. If it’s true that will shapes reality most everyone wants to hide and isolate, and there is little need abroad for an ability to see and communicate genuine thought easily and clearly. This might be self convenient logic on my part but either way I’m in no hurry to get any of the all time favorite super powers that never seem to given a rest by the trumpets of television and so on. Aaah the great struggle of normal people trying to be extraordinary people and extraordinary people always suffering their gifts wishing every two minutes they were normal. Visiting the abominable notion of normality I think irrelevant here as those of you that have the interest and are still viewing this material can’t really be complying with the convoluted standard of normality while even looking at anything that is challenging imposed and self-imposed standards. Not that fanatic groups aren’t listening to heresy to attune themselves for violence, but well I’m not here to dodge every account of fossilized brain matter. Suffice to say that the very notion of normality is defiant to selfawareness and if you truly tried to measure it with accuracy it turns out nobody can fully comply with it. We’ve all been at a point where we can’t recognize that a whole is being constructed of various smaller elements. Subtract the poisonous, manipulative, deforming and dubious elements from everything you are against and you are left either with qualities that are indifferent to you and/or desirables. It’s then we realize the inheritable delusion of wholesale thinking that is being overlooked all the time. What many people never even get introduced to is that today’s demonized political and financial systems could just as easily have the opposite effect of what we are experiencing right now. It’s a matter of using them accordingly. Those are not things handed down by a deity. Those are things that have are constantly being, developed, enforced and modified to reach their current state - in other words they are made this way they didn’t just happen on their own overnight without our participation or lack thereof. It’s a small re-emphasis of the needs for dynamics. While most of us are around arguing which number one nominee for ultimate system between, socialism, communism, fascism, democracy other isms and off-course the new fashionable additions. The guys that are now manipulating them are training like always to be capable of disassembling each of them at live point and re arranging them any way they like. There are so many pseudo-enlightening materials that are increasingly yelling for adoption with various pre-packaged systems that it’s just mind numbing. The guys working in sub floors to where

there are no bus stops are getting ever more proficient in getting yours and mine current fashionable philosophical pet of faith to do their bidding. And while we are bickering which of the ideas born decades ago is more adequate for NOW, these guys have streamlined the process by being the primary supplier for our new potential pets. It’s in fact such an old approach that it isn’t even interesting any more. While we are trying to revive corpses of old failures in new hopes we are being thrown replacement illusions as the old ones inevitably break under the wakening burden of their toll. And as for the augment with that waiting to get out human benevolence - that one is as inconclusive as science and religion combined. You can simply get it to go either way. Here is a less used statement. “There have been a lot of stampedes over discount prices; lethal brutality over near empty shelves. And that’s just when people want electronic pieces of trivia for the holydays. How many of them you think we are going to pump up the humane behavior in a real crisis?” Now it’s been a mere second after that question and most people would already have multiple points to the opposite opinion, some of them no less symbolic than what I said. A nuclear explosion starts by a few atoms going a certain way. It isn’t much different from a total social collapse due to overwhelming bullshit being stacked one sand grain at a time. Yes some of us produce it by a truckload each sleight of hand, but those never compare to the amount that billions of people made while thinking it can’t go that badly or that if others are doing it somehow makes them entitled to do it as well. All the misery we are in isn’t just the power and control addicts we see. I for one am getting bored of hearing of our owners’ demigod powers and whatnot. If they were so stupid and predictable that every loud mouth that ever got his hands on a few random conspiracy articles would be able to keep track of them - then they wouldn’t be in power would they. One thing is for sure. Whether multiple groups are fighting for the throne or not - most of them have long since had the capability to eradicate us completely - even without destroying the planet. The many liars, cheats, thieves, marauders, killers and various psychopaths they employ aren’t all that interesting. Most of them don’t last more than four years before the stench of them arouses serious unrest even in the comatose society. At this point the discussion of liberty, price of it and the willingness to pay it is easy but meaningless. Which topic of nostalgia is prevalent today? Mostly of people that open up their memories or photo albums to see that but a few decades ago entire neighborhoods did gather round socialize to have a little fun and touch on topics of importance all the while everyone pitching in with willingness. Ah the good old times. As if some godly power suddenly changed the rules and the next morning it was impossible. It’s never an attribute of I or WE changed to be more selfish and aggressive. But a constant whining of TIMES CHANGED. I’ve brought up this many times especially with elderly people that tend to blame it on the young or on technology. You can hear on and on of how it was. But usually all you have to do to instill dreaded silence is to ask “With whom” then you get a few names and a few pictures. And what I say is “Ok some of these people are still alive and are right across the street - they still have back yards” So why aren’t you doing it anymore? Then people either shut up or start a fountain full of buts. But this but that but the other thing - the greatness that once was is now being reduced to pitiful disgust and brief spiteful verbal exchange by the mere sight of those same people they once had these great times with. One guaranteed ways to make people loathe you is putting a spotlight on their unwillingness and often complete absence of participation in the needed changes they are constantly whining about. Change this change that, change politics change the other thing. How many ask oneself - how much have I changed however? Why are we having such stubborn violence with life’s constant dynamics? It reminds me of an old quote that’s goes like - “Radical ideas threaten institutions, then become institutions, and in turn reject radical ideas?" If we take on exploring this it would appear that change is almost always forced

down rather than actively developed without resistance or struggle. One certainly mint reminder of our modern delusions is the pharmaceutical insanity developing all over the world. This easily has the potential of surpassing even the depleted uranium babies minus all the visual horrors. And for those that are aware of it seems to be only getting worse. Suspiciously enough while the new medico/pharmaceutical/profiteering science is getting supposedly ever better and more advanced the health of the world is counter proportionately dwindling. Not only that, but the psychiatric profession is aligning to cover for the pharmaceutical nightmare. Some of the horrid drug side effects like autism are conveniently tucked under various other excuses than the drugs. Not only that but the entire field of psychology is re-shaping to be used as a iron fist measure ready to silence people. According to the an addition of the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders). The manual identifies a new mental illness called “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD. Defined as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior,” symptoms include questioning authority, negativity, defiance, argumentativeness, and being easily annoyed. While I’m not here to deny that there are people obsessing on defiance. How far is this from stretching it to silence unwanted opposition? Not like we haven’t redirected inconvenient social matters to asylums before. Oh but I’m exaggerating … Whether or not I am is irrelevant, I assure you that Hitler did not exaggerate or think much when presented with the idea to forcibly medicate those who opposed his views or parents that didn’t want their children attending his new schools. Not only that but taking children away from their parents after fining them for non compliance. The repetition of this isn’t very far behind the currently dominant social “it’s either black or white approach” that we see every day. And don’t get me started on the constant building of a policing tyranny around the globe. Do keep telling yourself that it’s for your benefit. We are likely to see how that goes anyway… You think I’m reaching out too much? Need I remind you of all the nifty political guy giving cross interviews with people who have the guts and the intelligence to make a laugh out of their lies? Getting branded, lunatics, madmen, conspiracy nuts, terrorists, cultists and what not - for saying things “I’m going to store food in my basement because I don’t believe out almighty leaders can/want to keep food available on the market shelves for much longer.” Put a psychiatric panel of “educated” numbskulls with a paycheck to look after. Put it behind a political person and you’ve got free fast one way tickets to the crazy house, for the really inconvenient people putting up a resistance. You know because killing them wasn’t such a fine approach. Let me get straight to the shit exploding point. It’s annoying of hearing how anyone’s solution for whatever is infallible while we’re all flawed in some way. Isn’t it annoying to stumble through all those desperately marketed pre-packaged thoughts struggling to pass as wisdoms? Why does everyone have to imply or openly argue that their ways can't, won't or wouldn't be distorted/bent/manipulated/corrupted/etc by the same groups and/or individuals that are currently affecting the behaviour and state of billions of people at an ever growing success rate? Another point here would be that allot of us would probably never mature if we don't eat all this bullshit right in the face.

And by mature I don't mean get an ID card and be permitted to buy beer because your body has reached a certain astronomical measurement of AGE. When conscious participation is absent on a large scale - what do you want? Sun shine and bunnies? No - you get what we have now. Have fun while you can tough, most don't live enough to appreciate it. Especially in this modern day and age, where people wear out their bodies in but a few decades and old people die even more infantile and clueless than they were born. Obituaries of children constantly competing with those that have passed of old age...

The easiest way to gain enemies is to say the word change. Say “change”, add any noun next to it and you instantly qualify as a target for murder by someone somewhere, it’s just a question of speaking it to the appropriate person. Everyone is looking for confirmation... At least those of us that have grown under the standard of contemporary society and its abominable banner of "NORMALITY" (Which funny enough nobody can actually articulate and/or define precisely) It’s just an updated jumble of dynamic bullshit. It’s frankly amazing. It probably has a higher succession rate than any parasite nature ever developed without humans “helping” it along. It’s when you notice it - that any thinking starts to get off the ground. You'll see if you haven't already that the majority of notions in your brain are ancient third party garbage with unverifiable sources and content. The beliefs most people fight over aren't even their own. It’s a clever maze of false arguments and self serving misdirections. But I really got to hand it to the brain washing efforts, there is some seriously awe inspiring shit in there. And truly, isn’t brain washing a just a precious gift? It’s a tremendous help. The billions of ragged consciences have to be silenced somehow and we keep getting frustrated when we have to do it ourselves. How else can we go by living out our lives, when however ragged a conscience we might have - it’s constantly whispering or yelling to us that if we keep doing what we are doing we are to eventually drown in a barrel full of our own shit. I can certainly go to bed and sleep well with that thought - but how many people that you know can stomach it? Establishing the primary languages. Ah... language, the constant piss pool of struggling vernaculars. The primary languages of this planet are not English, Spanish or the rest the average guy would start listing. These are just cultural decorations. In communicating people use many languages even in a single decorative one. Knowing the grammar of your current local and cultural decorative doesn’t mean much. You may speak the words but if you don’t know the other forms of language there won’t be anyone that would want to listen or actually hear anything. The main language of today is hypocrisy, there is basically no other way to communicate with various people that speak only IT in spite of knowing various national vernaculars. It’s so big that if you suddenly and completely stop being a hypocrite all together - most of the social environments you can go to on earth would muster unprecedented initiative to eradicate you as a menace... And the language of bribery - if you don’t speak that there is a vast majority of individuals that wouldn’t participate in dialogue. None of them truly compare however with the ancient languages of fear and terror. We can still see them employed every day, stretching back to times beyond memory. And I’m not speaking of a newscaster making a fuss about some rambling militant guy in a turban. The deployment scale of these communication forms is so large that staged/self-inflicted and actual terrorist attacks combined slip out of your mind on account of insignificance. It doesn’t take that much thinking to figure out that the most valuable resource on this planet is the human resource. Money and economy are just well sustained tools - instruments to manage the human resource so it can’t dare step anywhere near autonomy. I really do not know why people have

such a hard time looking past currency or ownership for that matter. Without people’s participation currency is irrelevant so are most things being struggling to be passed as an inevitable pillar of society and life in general. In fact we’ve so vastly practiced stubborn ignorance and intolerance that we’ve failed to see how a great many human activities today are obsolete and struggling from inevitable collapse. Why do you think is this trumpeted “depopulation agenda”. They don’t need so many human resources any more, allot of the work can be mechanically automated and is too sophisticated for the average guy who needs five years of training to do anything other than being a grocery vendor. Considering how much effort went into limiting our thinking capability it’s easier to just kill us off and enact new programs to train the children of the survivors than to re-educate us into being useful in the new social order they have in mind. It’s happening in front of our very eyes and most of us still think that’s anything but that. And don’t worry if they ever needed more they just have to turn up the sexual references being broadcasted nonstop. Must we create turmoil almost every time when change is at the door? Even the staged and faked history we get to learn today is over saturated with long and in depth knowledge of our destructive tendencies. It’s a simple matter of figuring out what we shall see. Do we only look at things that are cooked up for our eyes and ears? Or do we start looking also where we haven’t look and where we don’t want to. There’s no shortage of distraction, division and diversion and frankly nobody that has invested effort into it has really failed to notice those elements of habit and propaganda. If something is too complicated start by what you can and work your way up. That or enjoy swimming in bullshit, in all shapes, colours, sizes and flavours. And about overemphasized new world order... Sovereignty is a blind stubbornness that can surely lead us to destruction. Now this in no way argues the idea of some elitists or a secret society that like playing god are entitled to our bodies and our minds. But really, how long will we insist on the delusion that borders and sovereign nations are anything more than a costly whim of ours? How many supposed autonomous nations today can exist without the collaboration with others? How many nations are built by the blood sweat and tears of the exploited individuals that the supposedly civilized ones always look down on? Close the borders for all funds, resources and people to see the feudalistic notion of sovereignty drain from people’s brains while they are dying of dependencies to other people. Yes it once was that every man was for himself with his spear and the hunt for food in the forest, but we should sort of be past that mind set by at least a couple of ages don’t you think? And if we can’t work our mutual shit out as everybody wants to be king, then how really do we expect that some folks wouldn’t be trying to take charge of it all? Leaders are there to LEAD, and THEY DO. It was never part of the deal that they lead you where you want to go, that’s just a non attributable suggestion of advertisement that is beneficial for them to perpetuate. Most of us just want to know how much we’d get paid for sticking our heads in the sand seven days a week. I thought of covering how money is directly tied to liberty or how it’s a rigged game, but it seems there aren’t many people left that fail take notice of that lately- especially with the increasing shortage of funds for most people. It’s like the funny paradox that a lot of people don’t trust their own kin these days, but have this almost unquestionable religious faith in politics, economy, currency and those that define the rules of

how they operate. How many other explanations you have for the masses swallowing empty promises for ages now? But mind control some will say... Sure, why not blame all our weakness and unwillingness to mind control. Are you really willing to state that all your life is a product of mind control and you are just an empty shell filled with the desires of others? Actually most of us just play out the stubbornness of avoiding opening our consciousness, and when we are too weak we retreat from our delusional reality into sheer fantasy all isolated in fear and suspicion. I really don’t have the slightest intention in judging how well that’s working out for us. For most of us it’s enough to keep having spectacular lack of vision while exercising our constitutional right to vote: In other words supposedly pick who of the self promoted thieves to mess with us. What’s with the ”us” thing? It’s always has being us and there always will be us. Earth is just a big and complex organism that we are part of. Though we can distinct every participant down to the atom and further it’s still - US and we are still ALL connected, be it rocks, people and everything else. Denying that is what creates THEM. Except for distinction THEM is primarily where we throw all our bitterness at. Rather than facing that we can’t all be the same most of us choose to find trivial excuses to beat the difference out of each other. And why do we do that? -Particularly because we are scared shitless about facing our selves. It’s laughable. When we bring our selves to uniformity we struggle tooth and claw to preserve our individual identity by doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING no matter how ludicrous or insignificant. And on the other side when some of us freely express our identity then others try to strip it bare or punish those for expressing or even having an identity. We’ve been doing this back and forth for ages and obviously many of us haven’t learned from it. We just prolonged it enough that the time has come to adapt to OUR NEEDS as a LIVING PLANET or perish in individual selfishness. I once thought fixing the world? Yeah - would that I could. But now...? Within and without, around, above and below us is wisdom and knowledge of countless lifetimes. We are billions and most of us live alone in their hearts and minds. We’ve long since had the tools to make our lives whatever we can imagine. Instead we’ve done what we have now. So who am I to argue what SHOULD for anyone but myself. Reasoning has been underappreciated for a long time. How else would open ridicule and smear jobs can turn away people from subjects of common interests of VITAL importance. “He said that”, But he’s gay and a he likes to wear pink skirts. So 2+2 is 4. But 2+2 is not 4 if someone you don’t like says it or if the numbers are written in pink? You can think that and have the nerve to expect anything than chaos in your life? Money, money, money, money - all I hear today is that there is not enough money. That we have to conform to having less. Funny. In fact there is more money now in the world than ever before and tomorrow there will be more. What I don’t hear enough however is “Where did all that money go?” Who took it? Why they took it? What are they doing with it? How long are we going to let infinitely greedy lunatics set the rules for how money works? All that money didn’t just evaporate into nothingness. We might as well eventually examine money and tweak out all the loopholes that are allowing it to be stolen from us. But money is devaluating? Oh yeah sure... Money is or to be accurate should be labour. So there is no way your money could evaporate like we’ve seen in the occasional massive robbery usually called inflation or whatever is fashionable at the time. For you see. The only way your 8 to 18 hours of work a day can devaluate into a handful of dirt is if some authority figure pulled of an artificial scheme to rob you blind. Yes labour has no fixed value. Because today you might be the only technician on the block, but tomorrow you might have someone competing with you. But either way there won’t be a spaceship having an emergency landing to fill your area with five thousand technicians overnight the way we’ve seen money devaluate from enough to buy big house to barely enough to buy a toaster all in twenty four

hours. This is so hilarious that in practice if we’ve allowed government to pull that off they can literally accept it as a license to rip us off any way they see fit on a daily basis and they already have.

How does that tie with The Illuminati, mass fluoride poisonings, chemtrails and far more nasty covert acts? Conspiracy is a product of behaviour. I am not here to dig into what someone of the Rothschild family did or said on day whatever. Or what kind of virgin some Rockefeller likes for breakfast - the HYPOCRITE! I’m not at all trying to undervalue any event. Yes there are hideous crimes against humanity as a whole, lurking in the midst of the truth and bullshit, which people get to label as “conspiracy”, but this material is focusing on core drives just as pressing as those issues. Such as the fact that wilful ignorance along divide & conquer are still rampaging through the world like UN spread diseases in Africa and just because such groups are using it to their benefit can hardly land all the responsibility on them. The majority of information channels are based upon power structures. If they give up POWER and CONTROL they’d be left with NOTHING. After all that’s what most of the people in there have struggled to “secure” for the better part of their lives. Truth is most of them are just afraid of looking beyond the familiar like the rest of us. The so called “elite” rely so much on “control” that I bet most of them don’t know and don’t want to imagine a world without it. Same as the people who don’t want to imagine a world in which there isn’t anyone to tell them how to conduct their lives. As the so called elites go - even if they opened their minds and see beyond oppression they still can’t shake the thought of the millions of people who’d want retribution for all the misery they’ve caused. Can we seriously expect them to open up about it at a news bulletin? Have you really expected the prime minister of INSERT COUNTRY to go live and say “We really gave a stage pass and helped everyone that could pay us enough to get inside the taxpayer’s guts - Yes we did that vigorously but we are sorry now so we will start working for society’s better future - amen.” Truth is ALL OF US responsible for what our civilization has become. . We have either contributed by acting on it or standing on the side lines watching it happen since we are more afraid of uncertainty than any and every genocide you can think of. One step further would even tell you that we’ve WANTED/NEEDED this to happen. Yes, yes some humanitarians (as there’s a lot of that just want to appear that way) show us videos from time to time of, cruelty and misery but it’s not all that relevant. A large portion of our attention is at money and we don’t think too long for those poor bare bone hungry dying kids in Africa or whereever. True that most of us get emotional when we see footage of these things but emotion wares out and our attention always directs to our priorities. Although pitiful it’s absolutely necessary that we go through this. Yes the majority of societies are a mess and the sheer thought of it is bad enough but looking at it every day is worse. It’s all a part of the learning process. Whatever anybody tells us we usually skip right past it and carry on our automated response. That’s why everything is strictly personal; nobody can grow instead of you. It’s a thing that each and every one of us has to do on his own. The age of peace and prosperity isn’t here yet because we aren’t ready for it and I do mean laterally. Yes some change obvious, but we never fully comprehend it until it’s upon us - for all we know it’s the only constant thing humanity has ever seen. Transition is mostly uncomfortable; we have to recognize the fact that uncertainty scares most of us out of our frigin’ minds. Not sure why ego comes to mind but it should have to do with the fact that the word itself is being thrown around a lot nowadays. What is the ego any way? Many talk about it, but so little tangible meaning comes out. I have a feeling that very few of us have a faint concept of it. It’s all right to be confused - I am, you are, and pretty much everyone you know is, after that there’s other bunch that’s trying make you feel as if you are grinding little children into paste and selling them as hamburgers when you start developing a bit of self esteem that makes you feel right and is generally beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are - you KNOW intimately that for starters every piece of our entire known and unknown existence is interconnected somehow and no amount of bullshit, concrete, authority or whatever barriers you use to isolate will change that. I think the ego is just the sum of illusions we persist on keeping which is sort of a constant state of denial. But that has its positive side too. It acts as a shield. For everything there is a weakness actually more than one. Be it time, guilt, metal, disease or whatever. Ego just gives us illusions to keep us from breaking under the pressure of what we can’t yet bare. Attention is the most powerful tool we have. Whatever you devote attention to is the thing you master. That is why people who want your attention away from certain activities invest so much in distracting your focus. So my message to the world... (Laugh) Isn’t it really tempting to say or think that? “Hello world” Wanting to fix the world or expecting to communicate to it at only your convenience? Come-on I have to do better than that… So this is my message for… Well… Whoever wants to have it really: When you get that urge to be the solo righteous warrior - that glorified television solo justice dispenser is when you know I’ve been indulging in too much bullshit. As I slide into that private area let’s look at it on the general perspective. If we started publicly exposing more of that holy-moly personal experience of ours instead of our genitals we’d be having less and less “misunderstandings” in that area as there’d be more genuine information to learn from. Sadly as I see we mainly have been learning from the pretend to be but are not really working out manoeuvres. We still make a mess of things with excuses like “It’s just business”. Why is it so hard for anyone on record - be it a scripted or not to speak this line of dialogue in it’s true form, like - “I was happy to stab you in the back empty your pockets and leave you to rot, what’s the big deal about it?” Solo works great on TV. I hate to break it to you but much of ANY standing achievement in our world is made by cooperation. Lately I haven’t been learning all that much new things more than I’ve been putting it all back together in ways that effectively make more sense come out of it. Truth is also a funny concept. There is your truth, my truth and various other truths. What is ACTUALLY going on can hardly fit in the so called reality of anyone I ever met including myself. And it gets even narrower if you labour under the notion that there is the socially tested ultimate TRUTH, which can only be repeated and never be challenged. Then we stop thinking and start repeating little things like words that grow to become sentences, patterns, systems, life styles, belief frenzies for the masses and before you know it we’ve built an enormous illusion that has so many inner contradictions it’s hard to believe how it can operate for days, years even life times for some people. Then we take this funny little reality of ours and try to impose it on others so we can bullshit ourselves that it’s true. Now tell me if it isn’t poetic that government and the average citizen are so alike. Since I’m a citizen end I’ll speak from that point. So most of society in effect dreads sincerity, truth, responsibility and change - What does most of authority do? Its hides anything they wish either that or throws a lot of bullshit into any responsible topic so they becomes senseless until they repulses people. I say them since I don’t dread truth, at least not on a level that I am aware of. So the average civilized person tries to shove near all responsibility to a governing part and what does it do? People that form authority also dread responsibility as much as the average citizen, they have gone to unbelievable lengths to make sure there are convenient cracks in the entire structure of the social system that can

channel that burden of accountability away, well at least for a little while. No one can escape from himself. What do they say when a majority makes someone account for his actions. Here is a nifty phrase - they HOLD HIM responsible. Meaning - by default it’s accepted that we avoid responsibility. Ain’t that great...What do we do when things get crazy, well we either get crazy with them, we run and hide or we pretend that nothing’s happening in hope that goes away till next time? What does government do when things get crazy? Pretty much the same thing, plus they scramble their gadgets and bodyguards and fly off to a happy secure location leaving us on our own as we do leave them on their own with the entire part of “leading the world we live in”. And that’s really the least of it. Whether you think of public, secret or whatever government or authority it’s just the same. For one thing government people are admirable. They have the nerve to pull off all those things we dread even thinking about. And poetically they are terrified of becoming like us and we’re terrified of becoming them but in effect we are so alike and none the less connected. So if you consider this - When will government stop being such a charade? Well… when our lives do. Or you’d rather believe that Mr. secret President and his friends are something of demigods with super powers and one of these elites for instance singlehandedly went to say IRAQ and rolled up his sleeves and personally murdered everyone he needed to get the benefits and whatever other strategic advantage we are not aware of. No that was done by those of us who think that carrying a gun and shooting a bunch of people would make our lives better. As amusing as thinking that getting yourself raped will make you a virgin. And do you think that he needs the oil for himself? In the end who is using the bloody oil? Both - the supposedly innocent citizen and the supposedly guilty authority figure. Would our head explode if we reconcile and reconnect? Or you still need an authority figure to protect you from those NOT PEOPLE over there past that fantasy called borders? That works poetically too. You decide that past an imaginary line drawn on paper by greed and stubbornness are creatures living, breathing, feeling and thinking that don’t deserve the same “freedoms” or shall I say “privileges” that you do if you even deem them human beings and funny enough government fancies to put that’s same type of border between itself and pretty much everyone they can. To be fun WE supply them with the authority to do it. They deceive us no less than we deceive our selves. The fun parallel doesn’t stop here and you know it. Lets talk secrets, yes most can’t stomach the gore of it so relevant things tend to hidden with an effort from the public. But where does that lead? To all sorts of spinoffs we don’t like to stomach either off course. You think that creation of weapons is justified? So being allowed to invent and produce creations with a sole purpose of murder and destruction and which can - shoot, explode, fry, freeze or evaporate all kinds of life forms (people included), in an instant is how far from giving yourself an excuse to put all sorts of slow poisons in most everything the average citizen consumes in ways it can benefit you - especially when you got a monopoly on legitimate murder and theft to protect? All they do is YAP any way. I’m sure that if YOU and I you were government we’d find that “BLAH BLAH BLAH, politicians never make our lives better but we keep voting and participating in their charades and this system” quite irritating. We can’t kill them all, who’d be left sweating to clean toilets and do work we never done in our lives? So many years of research and so much toxic garbage produced can’t simply go to waste, wouldn’t hurt us if we toss some of that into public food and water supplies - it could make us some profit too if we play it right. They breed like rabbits and … well … most of them dread thinking so we’re doing them a favour if we throw some brain toxins and all sorts of other cocktails hampering them from realizing the hole they’ve dug themselves into, not that we didn’t help them. Whoops ... Hope I didn’t step anywhere on your toes ....- or not ... Isn’t it really amusing of how people still look at the world and say silly things like “it’s not fair”. Everything is exactly as it should be as it’s always been. At some points it gets so poetic that some of your back parts start itching don’t they?

Do you know what the true issue with politics is? -Regardless if you replace the endorsing celebrity, CEO and staff of a butchery it is still remains a butchery doesn’t it? They much rather make everyone who threatens them "suicide" than stab themselves for the good of the people. How many would really do that? Some individuals, yes - But how many large and organized social groups? Then how many bureaucratic institutions? If you recognized that such sacrifice could be made would you do it in the name of nameless communities that don't even understand that and don't care enough to know - would you make that sacrifice and how many people you think would? Can we seriously blame these guys for the constant railroading all the while we insist on fooling ourselves daily? And how difficult is it truly to poison many nations? All you have to do is find a suitable chemical compound that has a desired effect and poisons gradually but not noticeably fast, bribe a few authority figures to say it’s safe without ever doing any extensive research on it. Put up plausible speculation and some advertisement at the industries and voila - you are done. If it’s something that can be used by the food industry say it preserves food a little longer, the instance you make it cheaper than what they are currently using for the job, entire sectors would start flocking on your door step demanding to buy it. Some official signed on it, saying it’s OK - then the ones using it can’t be sued or held accountable for it. If it saves them money they will be overeager to use it. How do you think all the nameless substances ended in our food? E951, Z872, X214 and the other blah blah blah number number number substances. I don’t see most of that stuff growing on trees do you? How did these get there? Simple - somebody (one of us) wrote a plausible document with all the inconveniences and civil war inspiring truths left out, then one day a bureaucrat (one of us) read a piece of paper that says a chemist (again one of us) gave the green light on some formerly unchartered substance (you know the only detail being these people have to be with the appropriate job titles at the appropriate institutions - and yes it may not be three people but commissions and so on but you get the point). Typically by the time the public is aware of the full extent of the truth and demands action the people that enforced/legalised the decisions (the middle men that signed off) may easily have died of old age. And usually the people that cook up sensitive/critical global plans are dead of old age before the plan/s get fully deployed. Count in the bureaucratic standard that citizens have to go through mind numbing hassle to tweak even insignificant government legislation and you get certified poison that is legislated quite cheaply in terms of effort and can only be negated with a ludicrous body count and pretty much unprecedented public initiative. It’s a tyrant’s dream come true and we can equally share the credit for it. You think I’m exaggerating again aren’t you? Let’s remember a dear old friend: -The “evil” pack of cigarettes... A sad and outrageous thing that all the corpses can be hidden under the label “trade secrets” until the death toll reaches hundreds of millions, but that’s the world we made and/or tolerate for ourselves. And I assure you that a bold caption means little to the untold numbers of smokers that have died and are dying in their own vomit to secure that warning label trend. Whenever I try say or do something about it in a community I’m dismissed as “Uneducated”. As if me saying that two plus two equals four isn’t valid unless I got a math diploma from a prestigious university hahah. Such a grand spectacle this crazy world is. It wasn’t so long ago when countless “respected”, “accomplished”, “intelligent” and other “to be looked up to” types of university stamped heads were defending cigarettes by tooth and claw. Peoples fighting over it for decades, corpses piling up, debates raging, regular court skirmishes constantly being twisted by carefully designed propaganda, bribed figures speaking wonders all the while the marketing march and constant advertisement lies never ceased in their efforts to pump up revenue streams. What did it all come down to? Writing a few captioned words on packs? How many people stopped smoking, after the mind shattering struggles it took to FINALLY get admitted officially and for everyone that cigarettes are bad for you? As far as I can tell not many people abandoned cigarettes on account of this so called “news”. Did we learn anything

from all that long and costly denial? Not much it seems … For one thing the tobacco industry re-invented itself and built a profitable “give up nicotine” industry around it. Who is to guarantee that the same “sell all you can first, admit to truth only if you are forced” isn’t repeated in various other situations? And more importantly - do you dare make that gamble where and when it matters? If agreeing that it’s common sense for poison not be inserted on its own and best be kept a secret - why then is there such a persistent belief that no one would ever do that? Especially when having so much vastly documented instances of being ruthlessly cheated just so someone can capitalize on our blind faith in authority and/or prestige. I for one am always amazed by this suicidal tendency. And it’s hardly much different from the way any murderous legislation gets done. There are many instances in history where unjust laws in act today have been rejected. Supposed victories that are generally short lived, and after the proposal has been (temporarily) withdrawn or/and the (expendable) politician or civil servant has resigned or was removed, the various interests resume attempting to pass the same legislation, until they finally find the precise moment where not enough people care, pay attention or are left without bribes and let it slip below the public radar. Even in our messy world it’s well-tried that thoughts become things. No less than the machine you are using or was used to process my recording. Before it came to be it was just somebody’s idea. Do you think that Donald Rumsfeld (the person pointed for the general push of ASPARTAM into the market) is to blame for putting poison in our food, drinks and cosmetics? Really? Do you see a Donald Rumsfeld or whoever single person manufacturing, delivering, including into products and bringing it to the point of sale to the end consumer only by him or herself? And what about that other awful garbage we’ve been hearing about? And the pollution the hysterical people hooked up to media trend of global warming are so excited about? Can you find me a CEO to haul barrels of industrial waste and dump them anywhere? No all that shit is done by us. Well maybe not all of us - but definitely most of us. The only way that crap can reach you is through all the “don’t give a beep” people. Those of us that either don’t know what they are doing because they don’t care or do know and still don’t care. And why can they do it all? Because the rest of us don’t care enough to really participate in the process... So be assured, even the war that killed some people you didn’t know or give a damn about - it’s all going to sooner or later bite you. Because regardless of the how many destructive activities don’t affect you directly you can be sure of one thing, as long as we spread and tolerate the principle these actions are laid upon it’s going to haunt us until we get over it or it gets over us. How many people today can actually communicate without dancing around their true intentions and getting lost in the endless stream of various fears? False pretence usually goes to misguided consideration, to false assumption, to false conclusion, to mislead action and finally to our every day existence swamped with the fake bullshit that surrounds us in every direction to such a point that not only we hardly trust anyone, but have trouble trusting our own self not to mention our closest kin. So think of the taint. Imagine your favourite meal. Now imagine someone dear to you serving your favourite meal. And now fully visualize how that person brings a spoon of dog poo from street and spills it on your favourite meal just by the force of habit (he/she didn’t do it on purpose - kind of)… How would you remember the situation? That someone took the effort to make and serve your favourite meal or that it was covered with dog poo?

So long as the social sewer pipe exists our civilization can’t leave this state of “however you want to label it, but it isn’t pretty or nice”. What I’m talking about is that publicly well known practice for discarding people down the toilet to rot. No matter how much you dislike someone the very instant you stab him in the back and leave him for dead or turn a blind eye when someone does so you give permission to others to do it to you. The ruination and destruction of publicly inconvenient individuals no matter what the excuse, has gone for so long that we’ve arrived at the point where entire nations could be flushed down the toilet, and they are. Remember that stinky old homeless person you’ve seen? You don’t like being around him do you? If he disappeared how many people would notice or care. As irony often has it - he might have discovered some great suppressed truth that got him killed. If the entire community, relentlessly persisted in finding out what happened to him do you think they won’t? Not that there would ever be a need for that if we ever cared enough for him to at least let him wash and sleep in the basement and feed him with the food we waste any way. The list of active contradictions and stupendous irrationality is quite amazing. It’s a miracle we are still alive. Aren’t you getting bored of hearing about the various versions of the “elite’s plan to destroy us or bind us”. Regardless that they have capabilities that would dazzle most people. It’s quite obvious that all these recent self proclaimed candidates for ultimate truth of the century are usually packed with plain old bullshit. That goes for me as well. The only thing I claim is that you won’t find me as a candidate to be your saviour or shepherd. I’m no angel or genius either. In all likelihood I’m probably deluded on some of the notions I’m operating with, thus spreading BS myself, through my conviction. If you want to be told what to do - go to your party chairman - that’s what you pay him for. The whole over glorified business of good and evil looks to me like I’m being told to choose between drowning and dying of thirst. It’s just masochists and sadists mutually satisfying each other. I imagine countless other things of more interest than being an aggressor or a victim. The more I look into good and evil to more I see it to be amazingly ironic business. The moments you start finding balance within yourself the more illusions start evaporating. One thing I can testify to is the fact that I once had the typical concepts which automatically discarded various other options while they are not mutually exclusive, but often parallel. The very moment I opened my mind is when my transition from delusional reality to actuality started. And there are ever so many ways to do that. I for one was happy to lay off the in depth conspiracy swamp. Why? Because most of the bits on that topic are either fact portrayed as fiction or the other way around and it rarely ever gets to motivations. At least for me it’s not that interesting that someone committed a crime. What is interesting to me is that most people that were caught performing a crime are rarely sorry they did it, but rather sorry they got caught. Right in there is a great exploration of modern human psyche and prospects for improvement. At least I find it a great alternative to getting over saturated in all the juicy details of some “elite’s” new variation of the Ponzi scheme. We’re all in various ponzi schemes already, and probably have been for thousands of years. The monetary system is a ponzi scheme, authority/politics is a ponzi scheme, the market is a ponzi scheme, the news outlets are a ponzi scheme and not to mention the truckloads of religious ponzi schemes. There are a very few productive activities in this day and age that we haven’t converted into ponzi schemes. And unless we get to the motivational and reasoning parts of it, subscribing to the deliverance of self proclaimed truth seekers isn’t going to improve our daily affairs in a notable way. It’s the same BS - we get promised the heavens all the time and we give them a free ride for all our productive effort and time in exchange for that lie/illusion. One way to sum Ponzi schemes is to say that they are the product of delusional wishful thinking that sooner or later gets disrupted under the sobering effect of accumulated personal loss. Yes I know the financial terms for it. But they don’t seem that interesting to me.

Look at how little respect we have for our free lunch? “Ah but there is no such thing”?! Well, let’s just say that there are certain parties abroad that have significant interest in people believing that. But your generous host - The SUN - doesn’t seem to be a judgmental character. (Yes there are claims that it’s a living thing and probably intelligent.) Back in the day when people weren’t so full of themselves among other things, there were significant amounts of gratitude being expressed for the sun, for you know - it keeping the lights on, powering this little circus we got running for ages. I don’t have to be a sun worshiper to say, most people regard the sun as a pile of horse crap. You know - useful to fertilize the crops when you need it but, better not get in my way unless I asked. A little too abstract perhaps...? People don’t even smile at it any more. Let’s turn to an easily recognisable encyclopaedia of collective foolishness - our food. Look at what it’s turned into. Pride of the profiteering bio labs, and all time favourite cancer and disease friendly, industrial/chemical science art... Yes it has really taken off to an art. And I don’t mean the parts where you aesthetically arrange a dish. I’m talking about the cute things that say “with material” and there is none of the specified material in there. Meat products with no meat in them, Eggs without chickens (yes the Chinese grow them in labs now...), fruit juice with no fruit in it and those don’t even scratch the surface of the synthetic chemical cocktails we get to call food these days. You see - twenty years ago, there was just plain food, and our little show took that and turned it into what it is now. The gaps between what it was/ is/supposed to be are so big and obvious that the market had to take what was plain o’ food twenty years ago, label it BIO food and shove it in the luxury goods bracket. Yes yes, I know half of it is yet more merchandise struggling to pass as the real thing but we all know that. Pretty much every activity in society is a mess, who will suddenly believe that people won’t lie and cheat when it comes to doubling the retail price of their goods for putting a green sticker on them and claiming its the nectar of the gods. I can go on but you get the point. Now after been exposed to so much criticism you might have a negativity building up as a usual habit response... I know, I used to get frustrated about this. Truth is there is also a lot of beauty in this world, most of us are just a bit prone to get our minds wrapped around the shit for the greater part of time. Getting obsessive over these things isn’t very helpful. If you are having trouble of coming up with a bright side of the pesky predicaments you can always go for a special appreciation of irony. It seems to never run out on human kind. I manage to find awe inspiring emotions even in the sheer depth of moronic endeavours - it’s quite amazing if you find an according way to look at it. For me it’s contributing to inner peace. I use beauty as way to balance the offset from various unnerving effects that come with knowledge and understanding. And I think most of us do need some inspiration when moving from the universe of “What I tell myself to supposedly sleep better“ to the universe of “what is actually happening”. Unsubscribing from any lack of self esteem is a good start and you don’t need achievements to do it. The current social system is designed so there can’t be enough achievement for everyone. You are bound to feel unworthy, it gives confidence to shepherds to extort taxes or labour leverage from you. Some of them are working very, very hard to preserve that situation. How else would our daughters be French servicing the “upper” classes if they didn’t have luxuries to boot? (And no I don’t call it French love, I don’t quite get how “love” ended up in that term, service seems more accurate to me) And please don’t send this material to painfully stubborn people; I can do without the emails of the emotionally whimsical with unprompted automatic self-defence-prejudice outbursts to anything remotely threatening to suggest alternative possibilities to their beliefs. (Funny enough that also happens when these options aren’t even contrary) In my reflections of my learning experience it seems to me that I only learn new things once I come up with at least a basic idea of it by myself. It’s probably tied to the concept that you can’t learn much about something if you haven’t even acknowledged its existence,

much less the possibility of its accuracy. That’s what drove me away from standard conspiracy. Most times you end up in a preaching tedium. That’s also one of the reasons for which I swiftly and decisively crushed any temptations to market this presentation, and don’t think because it’s crude at this point I don’t have the ability to spin it into a neat and sizeable socio/philopho/political pseudo intellectualy/wise ball of yarn and make it appear at a bookstore near you. There are no easier targets than hypocrites to sell bullshit to and we are not running low on supply as it seems. I mean really, all I have to do is dramatically throw rotten tomatoes at authoritarians and market it properly, and by the time people figure out I’m just giving food to their resentment so they can pay me - I’ll be booting up luxuries and travel money for sunny places in no time. Some of the “truth seekers” do that for a living and it’s not that awful of a job. You mouth off all day. If you mouth off enough, the important people send a lackey to hand you, your list of things you can’t mouth of about without getting hurt. If you are mouthing off real good, they cut you in on some time share. You think that doesn’t serve them? While people tune into “liberty fighter” broadcasts and send them donations they relieve their stress in some way, and usually wash their hands of uncomfortable things like - participating directly into the whole “fight for liberty”. Or you think if everybody on the planet sent money to say... Alex Jones or David Icke we’d be liberated the day after? It’s all very nice to acquaint yourself with the blueprint for the construction site, but when nobody wants to roll on his sleeves and get into the dirty business of actually building it - you can read the blueprint all your life, the thing won’t magically construct itself in your sleep. And almost nobody is stupid enough to build something for EVERYONE while most of that EVERYONE are sitting on their ass and discussing or arguing about it. The ones that do try figure out fast that they can’t carry the world on their shoulders, when there are few souls far and between that truly lend a hand in the effort. Most times we just let em die, and put their pictures in school books saying how great they are. Somebody analytic could say that parallel to it all - this it’s a whimsical emotional reaction on my part. Ah why not, it’s annoying looking at the same judgmental error stretched throughout history. So long as my interest goes I've tracked it its roots at a personal convenience - the choice of billions and to go to great lengths in avoiding our own mistakes. If people easily admitted they made a mistake, they would eventually turn to self improvement, to either correct, balance or not repeat it again. I figured that, for a change instead of getting sunk in the echo of the “normal” opinions of others I might as well put out a piece of my own. How does self improvement translate? We wouldn't be quick to believe supposedly obvious lies by people we know are lairs simply in HOPES of whatever. We would reject our own behaviour that makes us believe things that are primarily based on our desire for them to come true for the sake of convenience and not any actually fitting tangible reason or explanation. And no, that won’t bring a sudden paradise about, but at least we will be moving in a different direction. Seems to be something that hasn’t happened for a long long long time. It’s also boring hearing how some royal family or blood line is to blame for all this. Blaming actually gets quite irrelevant when one ventures beyond appearances. The sheer depth that goes after the surface is quite amazing. That’s why I would remind people who have any concept of it, to spare the disappointment. This presentation was meant to use exactly the surface itself. The primary reason I find it noteworthy is to display conscious instruments that are accessible without any specialized knowledge or training. You don’t need secret and special tools to start working with yourself and achieve results in your chosen direction. The very fabric of outside manipulation can be used against itself. Most of what I’m saying is meant to affirm that we don’t need to wait for a supposedly “right” occasion to start improving our selves. Most or probably all of us are quite capable at any time. That and - every time I check people that are blowing the trumpets about justice or freedom - they usually have "constructive/synergistic co-existence" around the same priority level as those "evil" rulers they are running their mouths about.

Now, I don’t suggest that I’m superior to all of this... My character flaws are quite visible in this material. I’m also not saying I would do a better job of ruling the world. I’m just getting annoyed by all the constant ranting about the new world order, illuminati and whatnot. Everybody knows the price of the truth. Sadly enough there are fewer and fewer people that can stomach the truth or deal with it. How do we solve the problem? One bullshit at a time - the same way we created it, but backwards : ) Dissolve it - don’t create or accept it. That is not an easy price, and believe me I know the difficulty. I get tempted all the time to go about telling lies and selling garbage for the proverbial monthly pay check. Instead I sit around here unemployed because most people can’t look me in the eye or reject me the minute they understand they can’t humiliate and harass me for the monthly salary. If it wasn’t for my generous wife, taking the burden of feeding me and keeping the internet on for so long I’d probably be cheating your ass out of your money since a long time ago. Why? How many options are we offering for people these days? Yes there is exotic stuff like sungazing, but note when I say that sungazing and the likes are very easy, it’s draining your brain of bullshit that is the burdening task, and that’s more or less a prerequisite. Try talking to average people about it, they will laugh you out of the room, all the while they don’t have one shred of knowledge or experience with it. It’s like hands-free for cell phones. In a point in time people weren’t equipped to understand it. Remember when it was new we all used to think there were a growing number of lunatics talking to themselves. That is before it was common knowledge they had small speakers in their years and microphones in their clothes making telephone calls. Keep this in mind if you feel compelled to send any self contained form of attacks or praises - I don’t mind and I don’t bother. I see most of us dislike been subjected into slavery - but boy do we like having slaves... As for fear... I take fear as a sign that something other than the planned and monotonous routine is happening. It serves as a reminder that I’m in a moment of uncertainty and that usually translates as an uncharted opportunity if you keep you consciousness turned on. And so far as routine repetition goes it weirdly reminds me that almost every place where global social matters are discussed there is someone whining about American Presidents or that they’re not enforcing their immigration laws. (This is not a racial hate vent - it’s a prelude to a quite relevant space affairs point which is next.) Imagine that - immigrants ruining America. Wait what? Weren’t immigrants the ones who colonized America? The people that came armed and massacred the natives to rob them of their land and riches? The descendents of these people that now keep the children of the survivors in amusement parks and point “hey hey, look at the guy with the feathery hat” to their children the way they would point to a circus clown. Immigrants rejecting immigrants - isn’t that cute. What will they think of next? Tough I don’t see them whining when they cross the border to Mexico to indulge in all flavours of sin, a dime a dozen or when their companies and government has a stake in most conflict and disarray in the world. But now they have been brought to struggle for survival like the rest of the world they don’t seem to like it any more than we do. And one other thing, one of the people I gave an early draft to wanted me to touch on the topic of the “secret space program”. What is there to talk about? We have space flight capability since who knows when. In the least do you think our current owners would somehow limit their greed to this planet? One prevalent - guaranteed reason to have a space program is to go collect/farm/mine/steal more stuff. And why be it hidden? (Assuming there is such a program - and not only I think there is) What business do civilians have in space? Unless they start popping up shopping malls and cafeterias on space tourism routes, why tell the chumps that are effectively paralysed on earth? They only need people that are to be of some use, and that’s the military minions taking charge of the educated brain matter that needs to build and run these things. Practically it is the same institution; the military does

properly enlist even people who are likely to never hold a gun so long as they are useful in some way military engineers, scientists and so on. So far as we don’t know they might already have space fearing descendents in that community, who would know? -The millions of people whose entire attention span is focused at making money and beating each other to death? Official space affairs can only have so much failure if it was planned. There is no way for so much failure to be tolerated by government on any matter EVER - unless it’s exactly as requested. What purpose would it serve other than convincing people that space is out of reach and too difficult to explore - thus ensuring the earth quarantine and the puppets to keep at the perpetual grinding against the privately controlled monetary and justice systems. Do you really dare believe that the groups who managed to keep their show (politics) running as a premiere event for the past couple of thousand years are going to find space difficult to reach or get discouraged at laughable technical difficulties? Telling people that earth is no longer the limit would require - extra preparation in slave control, and that seems to be unnecessary so far. “But the alien civilizations and whatnot...” -They don’t matter. We are barely wiping our ass back on earth, the last thing we need is privateers spreading our selfish stupidity across the galaxy. (Not that they aren’t already) We can barely tolerate our human neighbours, why do people think bringing aliens into the mix openly is somehow going to magically alter our lives and fulfil our dreams. Remember how America got started? A bunch of people got sick of being ripped off by their royalty and they decided to flee and/or a bunch or royalty decided to expand. Some conquest, murder, pillaging and genocide later, there you go the new land of opportunity. Trouble is the new occupants didn’t leave their old mentality in their old homes. Most of them didn’t notice that the same powers that were ripping them off at home were basically paying for most of the whole party that was the colonisation and internal affairs in what became America later. So the various immigrants - newly self proclaimed Americans had it going for a while, but a few generations of infantile social conduct and hubris later they are back at square one, struggling at multiple day jobs like immigrants and blaming it on the Mexicans and whoever. So now they are enjoying all sorts of legally illegal, illegally legal and completely ludacris rackets extorting their life’s essence just like “the good old times”. How is an expansion to the open cosmos to work much differently you think? Or you rather believe the punks now flying in space somehow represent the finest humanity has to offer. I say they just happened to claim first dibs. But, well... You can’t really get anyone other than the authority obedient drones to perform secret tasks can you? Most of us still badly need mental diapers - I don’t think space travel would mean a lot. People are certainly going to think that, but will it truly? Or you think Joe and Jane the average civilians would have what it takes to build a self-dependant and autonomous home/colony in the cosmos without being debtors or subjugated to the current powers that enforce their will on earth? And that’s just for starters with the assumption there aren’t similar alien powers that thrive on subjugating others... For one thing - our dictators would be losing slaves. Many people would take the gamble and try their luck switching allegiances to “new” alien masters in hopes of getting things our earth rulers didn’t offer us. Mark my words that when inter-planetary and inter-stellar travel become available the mere mortals that would be allowed the privilege would be asked once more to bind themselves into life-long debt for these “opportunities”. Basically the keys to our dilemmas lie in our mentality - which is somewhat irrelevant to the particular location our bodies are currently occupying. The same pretty much goes for whether our eight o clock news is limited to our four continents or has an Alpha Centauri segment. Looks to me this is already a big enough part of my struggle for clarity. If you really need more you can ask questions, though the rest of my brain isn’t that interesting. If you must, then - STEP RIGHT UP - I’ve got plenty of shit for everybody... : ) If you have other inconvenient and unsettling facts in mind, or something involved to add or subtract also feel welcome to drop me an email, so I might include it into the next revision of this little whatever you want to call it. You can reach me at:

razor.kofa which is at Unless my appreciation for controversy gets tons of response, you are likely to get an answer. As one of my hosts was saying - I will not be indulging in praises or flaming. I am not here to gather your “like” or “dislike” points. I’m happy this turned out as improvised as it is.


So I take this opportunity to thank you for your praises, rejection as well as indifference and relieve myself from doing so by email. «
M’yeah, kinky me - dodging all self-contained compliments and rotten tomatoes. Damn, I almost slipped up and made an excuse for it.

The Whistleblower Sweet-Pot!
I invite thou, who have information to divulge. With me you can divulge anything in the most unassociative manner you can think of. Since I’m not in on all the action - feel free to contribute. As you’ve seen so far, I don’t need proof, I don’t need specifics and I don’t need details. Nobody is going to threaten you for healthy un-intrusive speculation, which could easily be the guesswork of anybody. Just be sport and point a finger to controversial topics for me to tangle. It’s awesome - you can divulge everything without divulging anything! If you are to submit ANYTHING and want to be mentioned for your contribution (please specify how). If you choose to spread my little pdf - I also advise you to think of how associating yourself with this would impact you in your social surroundings, you’d be surprised at the extreme prejudice this can evoke - that is the one thing I’m going to ask you to trust me on ( : I have two messages asking specifics on certain conspiracies. As I told them, I’m also going to pre-emptively say that here: - I think most of that business is dead end stuff. You sooner or later backtrack to core issues, and once you get those and work some of them out on a principle basis - you can use what perceptiveness and keen sense of basic bullshit dissolving you manage to develop there, take it to your favourite conspiracy topic and have it start making much more sense than it once did with the consumption of various internet or private articles. Besides the details on those things are always sketchy and blurry, while the behaviour patterns haven’t changed much for millennia. Yes, it’s all very fascinating when you are snapping out of the common fool loop, but when you get to the point where it starts making sense, as me you are likely to find that dwelling on it is not as productive as initially thought. As I’m running low on new thoughts and new plagiarism (did you really think me that dumb to say this was all my singlehanded brilliance and I wasn’t influenced by anybody or anything?) this is

wrapping it up for the current revision. I hope you weren’t expecting me to advertise some moral inhibition of a popular variety... Me saying - I’m not an angel wasn’t a modest prerogative. It means I have no problem using you as a meat shield in a crossfire - and also I’m not likely to lose much sleep over it - if it happened. You’ve probably seen posers and truth seekers say how they carry the burden of truth and are on the hard mission of spreading that about the world. Here is how I feel when I try to share what I know. - I feel like I have this large portable stereo on my shoulder with a hundred watts of speaker blast and every time I open my mouth feels like bombing the tunes on a frigid librarians with atrophied legs. And if I tried too hard to unleash the beat on them, somebody would “accidentally” drop a 10 ton political manuscript on my head from the next floor. Wow, I’m actually surprised I managed to go through all this with a minimum reference to sex, seeing as how they turned up the sex microwave on us. Thank god I don’t have radio and television, as everyone on the block is hinting, suggesting, speaking, yelling or signing what they want to do to the proverbial blond. It almost seems like regular broadcasts will run pornographers out of business soon LOL. Let’s just say I’ve grown wise enough to keep my stereo way from those that find it unwelcome. Pretty much in the same way I’d shove a sharp object in someone’s forehead if that persona relentlessly irritated me with loud music that I don’t want to hear. So, I leave those of you who are reading, listening or watching with an extent of my finest thoughts and emotions. And I do mean it - it’s not the whimsical tradition of the nameless hypocrite who thought that copying modelled pleasantries at the end of a speech or dialogue is somehow going to even remotely substitute actual benevolence. Believe it or not I wrote all of this smiling and I hope this material was of some use to you - reasonable, practical, satirical or any other. Cheers.

Current Revision Board and Author Notes.
(He is the new stuff marked for the few souls that have an interest in the progression of this, if you read everything prior to this you don’t need to reed on) Legend: ~~~ = marks separate segment changes. For the grammatically obsessed I have no markings for improved spelling. Not that I try too much.

Revision 5 tweaks start mark. ~~~ “Now some lunatics shouting “death to the new world order” say they have this brilliant peace idea for you to share all your privileges with them (you know - the product of all that life long, dynasty long, tediously intricate backstabbing).”

*The original didn’t really do justice. These people haven’t just grinded power for one life time; most of them have inherited quite a lot from ancestors that were dedicated to pretty much the same thing. Now, try setting your imagination to feel the weight of their perspective and their inheritance. All the shitty “make me proud by doing (insert action/s)...”, all the shitty morals, and just because it’s not the same “suck dick” package as the BS our middle/lower class parents gave us - I don’t think it’s any easier to shake off, maybe even harder. With that I don’t think anyone can get much closer to these people’s perspective without actually living it. All of this is not because I sympathise. But can we seriously mouth of in depth of how they operate if we don’t ever try to see their side of things. Of course I do think there are better ways of managing a world. This is to keep a reminder that it’s not just blowjobs and cookies with these guys and gals. I’m dedicating this little revision to the all the blind fools who think that a private jet and the funds to boot it magically solve your problems - In fact, it doesn’t do anything to solve your shitty personality issues. And this isn’t just me sitting at a vantage point in the bushes, giggling at other people’s failures. This is the voice of experience. I actually take pride in saying - I had and somewhat still have a personality that has stinking shit to work out. ~~~ , ~~~ I’ve added a pre-emptive thank you to all people meaning to send kudos or bashing, this way I can focus on other things than dwelling on approval and disapproval scores. As one of my hosts was saying - I will not be indulging in praises or flaming. I am not here to gather your “like” or “dislike” points. I want this to remain a sort of an improvised bullshit dissolving pamphlet.


So I take this opportunity to thank you for your praises, disapproval

as well as indifference and relieve myself from doing so by email. «

If you have other inconvenient and unsettling facts in mind, or something involved to add or subtract feel welcome to drop me an email, so I might include it into the next revision of this little whatever you want to call it. If you are to submit something and want to be mentioned for your contribution (please specify how), If you choose to spread it I also advise you to think of how associating yourself with this would impact you in your social surroundings, you’d be surprised at the extreme prejudice this can evoke - that is the one thing I’m going to ask you to trust me on ( : *M’yeah, kinky me - dodging all self-contained compliments and rotten tomatoes. Damn, I almost slipped and made an excuse for it. I have two messages asking specifics on certain conspiracies. As I told them, I’m also going to preemptively say that here:

- I think most of that business is dead end stuff. You sooner or later backtrack to core issues, and once you get those and work some of them out on a principle basis - you can use what perceptiveness and keen sense of basic bullshit dissolving you manage to develop there, take it to your favourite conspiracy topic and have it start making much more sense than it once did with the consumption of various internet or private articles. Besides the details on those things are always sketchy and blurry, but the behaviour patterns haven’t changed much for millennia. Yes, it’s all very fascinating when you are snapping out of the common fool loop, but when you get to the point where it starts making sense, as me you are likely to find that dwelling on it is not as productive as initially thought. ~~~ , ~~~ *Adding on how you can extend the school bully issue to global war. There is also a parallel that ties directly with war - when you look on war as an authority tool for securing power, this little line of thought crosses into incredible associations and inner connections. It’s just dazzling. Then get before your very eyes the vision of how the overlooking of conflict at any scale plays out in shaping the world as we speak. And for those of you that still subscribe to coincidence - you are probably reading this ahead of your own schedule, either way it will probably take me more pages to touch on the basics of this association alone, so I leave it at the idea basis. ~~~ , ~~~ Trends, trends, trends.

The Whistleblower Sweet-Pot!
I invite thou, who have information to divulge. With me you can divulge anything in the most unassociative manner you can think of. Since I’m not in on all the action - feel free to contribute. As you’ve seen so far, I don’t need proof, I don’t need specifics, I don’t need details. And nobody is going to threaten you for healthy un-intrusive speculation, which could easily be the guesswork of anybody. Just be sport and point a finger to controversial topic for me to tangle. Divulge everything without divulging anything! ~~~ , ~~~ Addition to the secrets space program point... Do you really dare believe that the groups who managed to keep their show (politics) running on premiere night for the past couple of thousand years are going to find space difficult to reach or get discouraged at laughable technical difficulties? ~~~ , ~~~ *New ending.

I’m running low on new thoughts and new plagiarism (did you really think me that dumb to say this was all my singlehanded brilliance and I wasn’t influenced by anybody or anything?) so this is wrapping it up for the current revision. I hope you weren’t expecting me to advertise some moral inhibition of a popular variety... Me saying - I’m not an angel wasn’t a modest prerogative. It means I have no problem using you as a meat shield in a crossfire - and also I’m not likely to lose much sleep over it - if it happened. You’ve probably seen posers and truth seekers to say how they carry the burden of truth and are on the hard mission of spreading that about the world. You know how I feel when I try to share what I know? I feel like I have this large portable stereo with a hundred watts of speaker blast and every time I open my mouth feels like bombing the tunes on a frigid librarians with atrophied legs. And if I tried too hard to unleash the beat on them, somebody would “accidentally” drop a 10 ton political manuscript on my head from the next floor. . I’m actually surprised I managed to go through all this with a minimum reference to sex, seeing as how they turned up the sex microwave on us. Thank god I don’t have radio and television, as everyone on the block is hinting, suggesting, speaking or signing what they want to do to the proverbial blond. It almost seems like regular broadcasts will run pornographers out of business soon LOL. Needless to say I’ve grown wise enough to keep my stereo way from those that find it unwelcome. Pretty much in the same way I’d shove a sharp object in someone’s forehead if that persona relentlessly irritated me with loud music that I don’t want to hear. Revision 5 end mark.

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