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A Friend (About to Miss)

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A Friend (About To Miss)
This is a real experience from my life. I started my career as Analyst and wanted to move into people management role as I use to see managers managing people in the office and was influenced and really wanted to manage people with a pinch of Human Touch. I never want to become only manager for my people but also interested in their friendship and their personal life as well.
So, the hero of my story was one of my team members named Prabhu. I joined the organization and moved to a role of people manager. The process was quite new and people in my team as well only few were experienced. We transitioned the project and it went live. Now, when we started assessing the people in my team we found that Prabhu is lagging behind. We started stinkers from client as well regarding his performance in day to day activity. He was unable to meet our expectations even though he was 3 ½ year experience in very good organizations. We took meetings with him to find out what are the challenges he is facing which is impacting his performance. Initially he told that since its new domain he is taking some time to learn the process, we set a target date of 1 month for him to learn the process thoroughly. We assigned a SME for him who can take extra care like providing training and reviewing his day to day activities. We assessed him post 1 month and the results were same. We thought to provide him easy task maybe he is not able to cope up with the tougher funds at the first place. He has been assigned the easiest task of the process but still the results were same. Finally after losing all our hope we reached to higher management and HR team. We received response from top management to release him without giving him further chances but HR wanted to give him some more time. Hence, we also started with more training programs for him. We use to come early to...

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