A Gap of Sky

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“A Gap of Sky” by Anna Hope is a short story about a young girl caught in a dilemma between expectationsand desires. It is a portrait of a young girl on drugs and a description of what the city can do to a personwho stands alone without the support and care from other people. The narrator is third person andomniscient, and the narrative technique can be described with the phrase “stream of consciousness” whichis a technique that writer and feminist Virginia Woolf used a lot in her works. This “stream” is veryconfusing, because it describes the situation by every little thought of the persona who in this case is verydistractive and unfocused as a result of ingesting drugs - she changes her focus by the second.Ellie is a young student living in London. She has a lot of pressure on her shoulders because her parentshave made her take a course at the UCL which she is about to flunk if she does not hand in an essay aboutVirginia Woolf. Only, the problem is that she wakes up Monday at half past four in the afternoon realizingthat the essay, which she has not started yet, is due for Tuesday at nine.Her thoughts and actions are hectic and out of order. The hallucinatory drugs she has been taking and thealcohol she has been drinking all night make her unfocused, and as her printer has run out of ink, Elliedecides for herself that she has to go out in city to buy some ink before she can get to write the essay, eventhough all the stores are about to close.Ellie is as far from sober as she could be, and the big city itself is a jungle of distraction to her unfocusedmind. But she has a mission, a purpose, and she moves through the streets beside other Londoners with amission. It makes her feel like a functioning part in a greater machinery.On her way she comes across an iron railing where someone has left behind a black leather glove. Theglove is arranged so that the middle finger…...