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A Good Man Is Hard to Find

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A Good Man Is Hard to Fine: An Annotated Bibliography

HUDDLE,DAVID. “The Singular Voice of Flannery O'Connor”. Flannery O'Connor Review. Vol. 13. 2015. p30-39.

Huddle describes O’Connor as one of America’s major writers. She writes about issues within southern culture and has spiritual revelations. He compares O’Connor to The Misfit in the story. O’Connor is an artist, a Catholic and a Southern Woman. She uses her traits to build upon the characters of the story. They refer to the Grandmother as a flawed human being. Religion is very important. When the Grandmother reaches out to the Misfit with her religious comment she startles him and he kills her. Even as a villain after killing the Grandmother he is looking for redemption.

Larson, Susan T. “A Good Man Is Hard To Find and Other Short Stories”. Masterplots. 4th Edition. Nov. 2010. p1-2.

O’Connor is recognized as a significance American fiction writer. The story A Good Man Is Hard To Find has a mixture of humor, violence and religious themes. The Grandmother and family set off to take a trip to Florida. The Grandmother did not want to go there, she wanted to go to Tennessee. She used the story of the Misfits escape but the trip was still on. While traveling the Grandmother disrupts the cat which then causes an accident. A car stops and when the men get out the Grandmother recognizes him as the Misfit. He orders the men with him to kill the family. The Misfit is with the Grandmother and she is trying to talk with him and use her religious background to persuade him that he is good and he is a child of god and would not shoot a lady. What she is not aware of is he blames Jesus for what is going on. She reaches out to the Misfit and he shoots her. The Misfit thinks that if the Grandmother had somebody to keep her in line she would be good. At the end the Grandmothers death was her spiritual beginning.

Nester, Nancy L. “O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find”. Explicator. Vol. 64. Issue 2. Winter 2006. P125-127.

In this article it brings a new perspective that has not been presented that is the importance of Bailey to the story. Bailey is the ‘Grandmother Boy’ and the driver of the car. After the accident the Grandmother offers a shirt belonging to Bailey to the Misfit. He puts on the shirt that belonged to Bailey, the one he wore to his death. This made the Grandmother believe that the Misfit was her child. He was raised from the criminal to her child but as she reached to him he shot her. In this article it’s mention how the family really felt about her. She was always with them and tagging along and adding her thoughts when not asked. Bailey was patient and tolerant of her. Even until the end they were very civil and did not express much emotion.

Desmond, John. “Flannery O’Connor’s Misfit and The Mystery of Evil”. Renascence. Vol. 56. Issue 2. Winter 2004. P129-137.

In the Article they focus on the ending of the story. He talks about the Misfit and the fact that he wore glasses. After the Grandmother was shot the cat which had caused all the problems came around to the Misfit. They say The Misfit took off his glasses seeing a better world. When he puts on the glasses that he just cleaned he will be back to the same life but it will be a cleaner life. .

Boudreaux, Armond. “There are No Good Men to Find: Two Stories by Flannery O’Connor”. Explicator. Vol. 69. Issue 3. 2011. P150-152.

In the last article it talked about plots that O’Connor used in her stories. First you have a bigoted women looking for redemption when violence is committed against her. The Grandmother is thinking and worrying about herself but because of the Grandmothers talking she has caused her son and family to be killed.

I read the story “ A Good Man Is Hard To Find” over and over to find that

each time I read it I enjoyed it more and more. There are so many views and

comparisons. There were articles that compared the characters of the story to

the life of Flannery O’Connor. The common theme in the articles I read was

that religion was important and the Old South was the location of where it

took place.

As I read the story I thought that the Grandmother was the center of the

story and then her son, daughter in law and grandchildren were the

supporting characters. In my readings I found different interpretations of the

story or parts of the story that opened my eyes to how to really pull apart the


In one of the readings it talks about how the story is centered on Bailey

the son. He is the real lead person. The Grandmother is dependent on him.

She calls him Bailey Boy. Especially to the end of the story when he is

leaving with the men, Bailey for the first time expresses compassion to his

mother by saying I’ll be right back. He never came back. The men brought

back Bailey’s shirt for The Misfit to wear. Since The Misfit was wearing

Bailey’s shirt the Grandmother refers to him as her child. When she reaches

out to him thinking of him as her child, he react and shoots her three times

through the heart. Is it not ironic that with the way the son talked and

thought, that she thought this was her son and he killed her.

The other interpretation that I found interesting was when at the end of

the story after the Misfit killed the Grandmother. The Misfit took off his

glasses if to wipe away the evil or the bad things so he no longer has to see

them. He needed to put them back on but they said that when he puts them

on he will see things clearer. His life would be cleaner and clear.

The other thing that overall was talked about was the presentation of the

Grandmother. She wears her dress and hat and that is suppose to show

everybody that she is a lady. When the Misfit is standing with her she fixes

he hat as to be sure that the Misfit knows that she is a lady and she even asks

him “You wouldn’t shoot a lady”.

I think that the more I read the story there is so many things to pull out of

the stories. Reading the different articles offers more insight into the

story. Unfortunately due to time it is not always easy to look up and

research the story you are reading. I hope that through this course I will be

able to acquire the skills to interpret readings the way these writers

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