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A Good Man Is Hard to Find Appreciation

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Phuc Nguyen
A Good Man is
Hard to Find The story is a drama with a cold-blooded ending. It main theme talks about god versus infidel, and sadly, in the end, the one that was supposed to win majorly based on society’s hopes and dreams, which is god, was defeated. There can also be another main theme, which is good versus evil, and sadly, the good lost too, but since a definition of a theme is some idea, ideal, belief, or faith that the author believes in, I don’t suppose this should be a theme for the story. No one should be an evil advocate, or else, the author would be the lowest of all social pariahs. There can be god unbelievers, but there cannot be any evil supporter. I suppose the author is an atheist or agnostic, and she is somewhat trying to impart that idea to her readers. This is really brave and controversial for lady who was born in the old time where freedom of words was not as it is today. There are so many ironic details in the story that attacks godliness’s base. The grandmother prayed for god but she got killed at the end, god couldn’t do anything to help her or her family from that situation. Somewhere in the processing of surviving and praying in the flipping car, she begged for mercy, keeps convincing The Misfit he is a good man to spare her life. This proves that inside of her faith, there is a line that says god might not be real, she knew at the moment there might be no god to help her, it was shaky, the faith, but still, she still used the name of the Christian god to convince the man to not kill her, and that annoyed him, or maybe he is just hostile. He still killed her, but it seemed like the main reason was her talking too much. She was the one who warned the family about the trip, but still, she was the one who brought the cat. Every attack goes straight to the zealous lady. Based solely on that, I can guess the author seemed to...

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