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A Good Supervisor

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We all know when we have a good supervisor, but it can be quite difficult to actually state what makes a good supervisor good. Does it have to do with their personality, their insight, intelligence, or their personal beliefs, morals and values? Is it a mix of all these things, and do certain characteristics apply more than others? The first thing we should appreciate is that there are a huge amount of traits that need to be considered. Over the duration of the paper I will be focusing on a few select traits which I believe to be the most important in regards to being a good supervisor. Firstly, a good supervisor must be a good coach. For a supervisor to be successful, it is imperative that they have the qualities that we attribute to any normal coach. This is because a coach knows how important it is to coach their team, or in this case, employees. Successful coaching means working together with your employees to create and modify action plans and objectives. Supervisors must know how to delegate tasks between individuals, and give all the support and guidance that may be needed. On the topic of individuals, a good supervisor must understand that everybody is different, and to be mindful of this fact when dealing with his or her team members. Secondly, a good supervisor must have a positive outlook and be a positive thinker. He or she will think how problems can be solved, while maintaining an air of friendliness, so that they remain approachable, and their employees aren’t fearful or irritating of them. This is very important, because if an employee comes up against a problem, having an approachable supervisor will make solving the problem so much more quick and easy than otherwise. Additionally, a good supervisor's qualities of positivity will make other employees think positively, improving morale. Thirdly, a good supervisor must be an advocate for his...

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