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International Lending and Financial Crisis

By Alicia Jones

ECON610, Spring 2012, Session 8

Dr. Fereidoon Shahrokh

May 25, 2012


In this paper we will be discussing the pros and cons of international lending practices

and how it affects borrowing countries capital flows and their trading. While some countries go

through financial crisis, international lending may be hard to secure due to the fact that there are

associated risks. Because of these risks, lenders do not want to lose their money on a country

who is struggling and/or in debt. We will also take a look at how the international financial

crisis affects industrial countries and developing nations in which they will not be able to obtain

financing for future or current projects. There are many reasons why international financing

causes crises which one reason is caused by over lending and over borrowing. We will discuss

exogenous shocks and exchange rates and how these can affect the entire world and what

happens when countries with huge debts negatively affect short term debt financing for


Keywords: Financial crises, debt, lending practices. Exogenous, risks


The goal of this paper is to show a broad picture of the differences between how

international capital moves through the investing and lending process, through both lenders and

borrowers. This depends on whether countries are in a financial crisis or not. Capital flows are

directly affected by what is going on financially and current events around the world, certain

situations to include war, and poverty to name a few. The impacts of international capital flows

depend on how foreign investors make their purchases of treasury, corporate and agency bonds.

This can have a huge impact on buying U.S. Bonds because it depends on…...

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