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Skin Cancer Prevention

Topic: Skin Cancer
Specific Purpose: To encourage my audience to protect themselves from the ugliness, pain and even death that can result from skin cancer.
Thesis Statement: Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, easily preventable and most curable, if caught early.
Organizational Pattern: Motivated Sequence


I. Attention-Getter: So you put on your swimsuit, grab a towel and head to soak up the sun. But, you forgot ONE VERY important thing. SUNSCREEN. And now you are the risk of the world’s most common cancer! II. Relevance to Audience: According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, one of every five Americans is diagnosed. Melanoma doesn’t discriminate; everyone is at risk. III. Credibility: Since I am a skin cancer survivor, of two different cancers, I feel well knowledgeable and very passionate on the topic. IV. Preview: I’m going to walk you through just how dangerous it is to everyone. What you can do to prevent yourselves from getting this deadly disease and how you can get involved with The Skin Cancer Foundation, to make a difference.

Transition: (“We all know it’s important, so why are so few protecting themselves?”)

Transition: (“There is a simple solution to this problem.”)

Transition: (“First, I will explain what skin cancer is.”)

Transition: (“Of course it is impossible to completely avoid sunlight.”)

Transition: (“Regardless of your skin color you are at risk for skin cancer.”)

Transition: (“So, if you are someone who has a greater risk of skin cancer, you should take the necessary precautions to reduce your exposure to UV radiation.”)

Transition: (“These are all simple precautions you can take to reduce your risk of developing the skin cancer but the question remains if you will take them or not.”)

Transition: (“Now imagine how much would change if people actually followed through with sunburn prevention.”)


I. Skin cancer is a major health threat in our society A. According to The Skin Cancer Foundation, one of every five Americans is diagnosed. 1. Thirteen MILLION are diagnosed annually. 2. Sixty five THOUSAND die annually and NINE THOUSAND of those are in the United States. 3. Between the ages of 19 and 40 only 47% of your life time sun exposure has occurred. 4. And between the ages of 41-59 that increases to 74%. White males over the age of 50 are the highest at risk.

Davis 2

B. The Columbia electronic encyclopedia tells us that basal and squamous cell cancers are non-melanoma skin cancers. C. In January 2009 the Belfast study newsletter did an article titled skin cancer patients face heightened risk. That study found that of people already diagnosed with non-melanoma skin cancer, they were 57% more likely to be diagnosed with another type of cancer,

Transition: Now that we know the history of coupons, let me tell you what couponing is and some interesting facts about it.

II. Couponing is the activity of seeking out of saving discount coupons to save money on purchases. A. As described by Cole Ledford, Ohio State student and featured twice on TLC’s “Extreme Couponing”, “When you walk out of the store with money in your pocket, with hundreds of dollars that you didn’t have before just because you used the sales and coupons to your advantage, it’s like winning a game and everyone wants to win that kind of game.” Poole, Lindsey The Lantern Nov 2012 B. What exactly is a coupon? C. There are several interesting facts about couponing. 1. Coupons are not just limited to the usual paper ones that you normally thing of when you envision coupons. 2. Internet coupons are becoming very popular. D. The basics of couponing are very simple. 1. You find a coupon that you are interested in. 2. You decide the best time to use it. 3. You save money on your purchase – it really is that easy. E. There are basically two different types of coupons that you can use. 1. The first is the store coupon. 2. Second is the manufacturer coupon.

Transition: Now that you have heard what coupons are, let me tell you how coupons work.

Davis 3

III. The actual art of couponing has several methods to it. A. According to couponing expert Kelly Gibbs, also featured on TLC show “Extreme Couponing”, “The nice thing about couponing is anybody can take it to what ever level they want. What ever lifestyle you have you can make it work.” Earls, Stephanie The Gazette April 2014 B. Where do you get coupons? 1. The newspaper is a good place to start. 2. Asking your friends and family. 3. You can get coupons that are mailed to you. 4. Printing out coupons from the Internet. C. Be sure you understand the coupon policy for each store. 1. Be aware of in store sales that might not be advertised. 2. Know if the store doubles coupons. If so, up to how much? D. You need to be equipped and organized. 1. You will need scissors and binder.

Transition: By now, I’m sure you are a little bit intrigued about this coupon phenomenon. We should review some pros and cons.

IV. To coupon or not to coupon? A. There are many reasons people turn away from couponing. 1. Couponing takes too much time. 2. It’s embarrassing to use coupons. B. Let’s look at some of the reasons people want to cash in on the potential coupon savings. 1. Couponing can be done at home and at your convenience. 2. It shouldn’t be embarrassing to know youa re saving your family money.

Transition: We have covered a lot of information, from the history of coupons, what they are and how they work. Allow me to conclude with a couple of final remarks.

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I. Summary Statement: As you can see, there are many different ways for consumers to save money using coupons. First, you need to know what coupons are, like the two types: store and manufacturer. Second, know the rules of using coupons, from store policies, checking expiration dates and finding the best deals. Lastly, know how to get started. Having the right supplies and being organized. II. Thesis Restatement: Couponing has a unique history, a largely misunderstood definition and a fascinating method to it. III. Clincher: The question is: Can it make a difference for you? Remember a $1 coupon is like a $1 bill; you wouldn’t throw that away would you. It’s your money, spend it wisely! Thank you!

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Works Cited

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Copyright 2012, Columbia University Press. Licensed from Columbia University Press. All rights reserved.

Editor-in-Chief: Mary Myers Dunlap, MAEd, RN
Volume 7, Issue 6 Nov 2014

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