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A Life Expirience

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A Life Experience

As an international students English language is not hard but the hard part of it is how to deliver a speech that will inspire many people.
In this class I learned a lot from it. How to start a talk and how to make people focus with you and how to end one. Me as student who came from a family who worked in the social media and I learned from them how to listen to people and to accept the other ideas weather I liked it or not. In this semester I met a lot of people and most of them are professional in this class, in other hand they have more experience than me. I judged in this class and I went to a tournament to compete with other people. And that’s it self an experience. Losing for me is not an option so if I lost in one time I make sure I came again and try to win with it.

Berkeley tournament is one of the amazing time this semester. When I entered the building I knew I am not the only one who wants to win but at the same time I tried to be calm and make other people think I have a lot of experience on this so I might make them unfocused. In the beginning my first round was a persuasive and I was double entered so at the time I told the other judge that I am a double entered I was a couple minutes late so when I entered the class there was other student delivering there speech I didn’t know that was wrong so the first note the judge gave me is “ don’t walk during speech”. He also said I talked so fast and this is a problem that I face in my daily life because with my first language we talk fast and I always try my best to be calm. He also didn’t like my gesture he said I should put my hands by my side. And also he said I look sharp, I didn’t get it very much but I think he means in a good way. So after delivering my speech I met some people who were competing with me and they liked my idea and they I am delivering it. I was so happy...

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