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A Life's Worth

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A Life’s Worth by James Adrian S. Amparado

Life is beautiful, when you have your loved ones and having an experience of wonderful. The love given, and in return much love received and woven. Living the life of love, that is the life that we should have. Knowing the value of the self, the love and to it, makes the life worth it. This is how I value life, it starts by knowing thy self.
This short poem that I made is about a life’s worth of a person. Having knowledge of life running through a person, attaching love and experience to the way of life. One statement made me do it. A statement told by a philosopher named Socrates about life.
The most interesting and influential thinker in the fifth century was Socrates, whose dedication to careful reasoning transformed the entire initiative. He pursued genuine knowledge rather than mere victory over an opponent, Socrates employed the same logical tricks developed by the Sophists to a new purpose, the pursuit of truth. Thus, his willingness to call everything into question and his determination to accept nothing less than a suitable account of the nature of things make him the first clear promoter of critical philosophy.
Although he was well known during his own time for his conversational skills and public teaching, Socrates wrote nothing. Nevertheless, it is usually assumed that at least the early dialogues of Plato provide an accurate representation of Socrates himself.
"The unexamined life is not worth living." Socrates said that at his trial for heresy. He was on trial for encouraging his students to challenge the accepted beliefs of the time and think for themselves. The sentence was death but Socrates had the option of suggesting an alternative punishment. He could have chosen life in prison or exile, and would likely have avoided death.
But Socrates believed that these alternatives would rob him of the only thing that made life useful: Examining the world around him and discussing how to make the world a better place. Without his "examined life" there was no point in living. So he suggested that Athens reward him for his service to society. The result, of course, is that they had no alternative and were forced to vote for a punishment of death.
When Socrates said, “The life which is unexamined is not worth living”, the philosopher was telling us that we should carefully analyse our actions, a piece of advice for which he should be admired. We should not ignore such a challenging statement about life. The philosopher is telling us that we should carefully analyse our actions. The examination of life is the evaluation of events from the past and present. By examining our lives, we learn from our experiences and especially from our mistakes. Although a person who does not examine his life should still continue in existence, examining his actions will make his life much more fulfilling. Without the systematic examination of life, it is almost worthless.
People who do examine their lives, who think about where they've been, how they got here, and where they're going, are much more contented people. No one has all the answers and also no one's life is free from problems. But those who have some sense of where they belong in the society also have a background for understanding how all the elements of their life fit together.
If a person does not examine his life, he may keep making the same mistakes and never change. He would go on in sin and error, not realizing or caring about his mistakes. This would be a tragic mistake, but avoidable if he simply examined his heart and actions for fault, which he would surely find, and pray that he would be able to correct them. Even the best people make mistakes, and the truly great ones recognize and fix them.
One example that I thought of are the people making instant stand on the controversial passing of RH Bill, not knowing or having a full understanding of what it is about. It went through my mind because it also concerns life. The said Bill is a public health program that is meant to provide information and health care that will empower the people in taking control of their lives and choosing the method that will work best for them. There are no force or threat in limiting their family size neither to force them to use contraceptives. The basis is simply informed choice. True that the bill is not intended to solve corruption or will answer the problem of poverty and definitely not legalize abortion. But people make stands without examining the bill. Some take bad judgement and make unnecessary statements of having involving the devil or the likes. They make these statements or stands without full knowledge of the concerns of the bill. Their unexamined stands or statements are not worth fighting.
“The unexamined life is not worth living.” Despite the fact that a man with an unexamined life should still continue to exist, he will not achieve the fulfilment that an examined life will. A person who does not recognize his own sin will never be able to fix it, whereas a man who examines his actions and realizes his mistakes is able to improve upon them. Socrates’ wise words should be remembered and followed by all so that we can learn from the errors we make.

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