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A Long Way Gone Adversity Quotes

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A Long Way Gone
In the book, “A Long Way Gone,” the main character Ishmael goes through some tough situations and how they deal with it. Ways that Ishmael went with Adversity is how he looks at someone else as a different person, how he comes to having himself with a shelter in different situations.Ishmael overcomes things without them letting it pull him down. One way that Ishmael deals with adversity is how he comes together to make himself a shelter. He has nothing else he can do when he’s walking around, traveling by himself. He said, “That was when i finally came to accept that i was lost and it was going to take a while to get out of where I was.” While other people may be struggling he finds his ways in these woods that he can make himself a better shelter, knowing that he is going to be staying there for awhile. “I decided to make my new home a little bit more comfortable by adding leaves to the weaved branches to make them less hard to sleep on.” Ishmael said. He finds different ways to make his position better
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Ishmael had no way that he could, he knew nobody around where he was except his close friends that Ishmael didn’t want to talk to. Ester said to Ishmael, “Think of me as your family, your sister.” Ester wants to help Ishmael talk about how he is feeling or better, what is really going on in his head. Ishmael said, “But i didn’t have a sister.” Ester said, “Well now you do.” He started to open up to her and talk to her about what was going on in Ishmael's head, and find ways to get to him and have him open up. Ester went to the city and got him a walkman. The walkman got Ishmael to talk and listen and she could help him out. Ishmael eventually thought that it would be good to have somebody to talk too. So he thought of the better and talked to her about what was going on and opened up. (Beah

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