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A Long Way Gone Essay: A Biography Of Ishmael Baah

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Rationale: In this essay I will be writing a biography about Ishmael Baeh a child soldier from Sierra Leone that wrote the book ‘A long way gone.’ I have chosen a biography because we were reading this book in class for a very long time and that’s how I got interested in the life of Ishmael. In my essay I have tried to get on a personal level with Ishmael which makes the essay more interesting. I’ve done this by writing in a lot of detail. In my essay I also talked about the child soldiers that are active now, because of the main topic in the book ‘A long way gone.’ This essay is aimed at people that read on of the books of Ishmael or are willing to read a book of him, with this essay they will understand the writings of him better because they know more about his personal life. The challenges I got during this essay was the research about Ishmael because there wasn’t much information available of him from after he left Sierra Leone. I solved these problems by searching for newspaper …show more content…
More and more of these are armed conflicts, you would think that this would be a reason to have only experienced shooters in these conflicts. Nothing is less true, every day children are used to fight for either the government or the armed forces which are fighting the government. But what actually does make a child a child soldier?, UNICEF defines a child soldier as “any child- boy or girl under the age of 18 which is part of an armed force.” Today there are thousands of child soldiers around the world. In these conflicts they are not only as a soldier but they are also used as suicide bombers for religion causes, spies, lookout and many more tasks where children are

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