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The autobiography untitled A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah explores his time as a child soldier for the Sierra Leone Armed Forces during the country’s civil war. During the course of the book, Beah recounts his time of being brainwashed into being a child soldier after his family and entire town is brutally murdered by the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), while Beah is away with friends to attend a talent show. After years of committing violent crimes with the rebel army, and abusing various drugs such as “brown-brown” during his teenage years, Beah is removed from the rebel army by UNICEF and taken to a rehabilitation center where he heals from his time in the army and begins to opens up to others and learns to forgives himself and the people …show more content…
One example of Beah’s author bias can be found in his usage of vocabulary and tone though the autobiography to make the reader for more sympathy for his plight. Examples of said author’s bias includes, “ My childhood had gone by without my knowing, and it seemed as if my heart had frozen,”(Beah. Page 154) and “ The most difficult part being in the forest was the loneliness. It became unbearable each day,” (Beah. Page 70.) As the reader you understand that Beah most of suffered considerably during his time in the army, but instances in the book seems as if the author is trying to gain more sympathy from his audience. While Beah doesn’t seem to challenge his reader’s beliefs or knowledge of events that happened in Sierra Leone or show favoritism, Beah does show author’s bias by being one sided in his telling of events during the civil war. Beah only shows the soldiers in the RUF as being evil monsters who only destroy and pillage villages and commit mass murder. But he never provides much evidences that the RUF were anything but “savages” because that would make readers sympathetic to the rebel army. Although A Long Way Gone does tell the story of what happened to Ishael during the civil war in Sierra Leone in a mostly well rounded way, there is signs of an author’s bias that the readers and myself can pick up

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